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    kapzanass1 Member

    would love to see more information on cfl grows...

    bichito Member

    Hi all!im newer in this forum,and i very interested in indoor.

    I have sawn that whit HPS we can harvest arround 4 oz per 100watt,in a great,but real case,but,what about Production in CFL?

    Im looking for the best ratio,because i cant use a huge wattage.Thanks!

    mowgly Active Member

    nice one
    thanks man
    the cfl hps battle is hard this days lol
    took me a couple of month to decide between them

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    I plan on using CFL for the veg portion of my garden. How many watts per square foot do you recommend? I plan on topping/Fimming to have four-six stalks each plant. I've read 1500/lumens per ft squared for seedlings so how does that translate when going into week seven/eight of veg? Not that I'm there Im just wondering.


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    Can you still grow buds from your plant with minimal CFL light? I ask this becuase its my 4th week and have recently discovred that the bulbs im using are only 10w i repeat 10WATTS and they seem to be very healthy for there age :S im using two of these shitty bulbs and im growing two plants

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    you'll probably end up getting really fluffy buds. It happened to me. But my now I now...and knowing is half the battle.:blsmoke:

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    thats great mate thanks for the help!!!
    midnight tokr

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    this is all awesome information for me,thanks alot. just one thing i bought a cfl but i cant seemto find out if its a soft white or not. ive looked everywhere on the packaging and on the bulb itsself. its a 42watt=150 its says its a t4bulb with 2700 lumes, i just want to know if this is agood flowering bulb. sorry if this was alrdy answered but ive looked everywhere on the bulb and package.

    dew-b Well-Known Member

    try looking on the back of the package lower left.or it might say what it is on the front. where did you buy them? maybe go to the web site of the compinty that made them might have the specs on the bulb there.screw the bulb in if it looks real white then its daylight. read this it mighthelp https://www.rollitup.org/view.php?pg=faq&cmd=article&id=587

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    You know what I just love? The fact that some of the best information available on indoor horticulture comes from the stoners. :P If only the guys who are supposed to be curing diseases loved their job/hobby as much... lol

    Excellent post, quality info. +rep

    BuddhaBud Well-Known Member

    hey you said getting too fluffy of buds can result from the distance of the light - is that just from having the lights too far away?

    thanks, great forum

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    I am looking for info on my first grow with all the hype about what watt to use I still cant find a good brand. I have serched may light stores on line and in person but with the mixed reviews and the paid reviews its hard to find the best bang for your buck. Ge made a good light if you get a good one out of the box but seem to run in the highter price range. I guess I am rambleing on but the question is still the same what the the best brand to get other than just cheap?

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    What is this light system called? and where would you get one?

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    me personaly after askin a bunch of questions i just made my own light set up an my girls are growin niiiice
    i think to get better results wit the cfl's u should get a reflecter it directs the light better an put mylar every were...:joint:

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    I am using ( 4 ) 85 watt/350 watt CFLs. So far so good. Planted via seed, white widow, kandahar, big bud. Starting 7th week, plants are bushy w/massive roots. My only problem is that the plants are not getting very tall, uhmmmm.......

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    How close are your lights to your plants? I know closer is better, but sometimes if you get them too close the plant wont grow because they dont have to try to reach the light source, it's already there. Prime distance for such large cfl's would be about 3 inches or so. Hope maybe that helps.

    Coreyhulick Active Member

    the closer the light the bushyer just move them a little higher and see what happens

    Easy420forme Active Member

    how much wattage per plant should I have... One bulb per plant? Two bulbs per plant? assuming a 26W lamp. ty

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    easy 420 I have 3-4 26 w per flowering plant I also run 2 40w regular shoplight 4' flouos and a couple (now) 55 watt 300 equiv. cfls and all I can say is the most you can handle heatwise would be good. I am still adding lights to this the more the better. I should say the 4 foot tubes and the 55 watt "big" cfl's are run above and inbetween the plants not on each would like to have that on each though. So to answer your question I would say when it is time to flower you will want 3-4 at least more is better if you can deal with the heat. I use the 8 1/2" reflectors that cost 5.83 at wally world with y connectors very easy to do and you can get them CLOSE, Good luck sorry for the rambling

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