Quiet. The Neighbors Can Hear You (Sound Control Thread)

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    This would be a great thread for anyone to read "before" they spend their hard earned cash and end up disappointed! Lots of great information, Lord knows I have wasted a tons of money on fans and ducting.
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    Hi guys. Is there a nice recipe of materials to build room so it is quiet? Sandwiches like - wooden plates + rockwool + foam etc?

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    What's a double stud wall?

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    Is there a big difference in rockwool or fiberglass? Its messy to work with fiberglass..
    And could I replace drywall with osb wood sheets? Or drywall plays a good role here? Why would glue be used? Screw it all together, thats it..

    As I understand, different materials, different material densities are the key of succesfull sound absorption. So thats why gypsum, fiberglass or rockwool and wood is used, etc.
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    Not sure if any of these have been posted yet but I have a few suggestions.

    1. Anti-Vibration mats work great under any vibrating components or assemblies. In my experience, even if you don't hear it from your side, vibrations may be more audible on the opposing side of a structure.

    2. FURMAN makes excellent quality power conditioners. Surge protectors only filter out voltage spikes/drops above a certain threshold to protect electronics from damage. Powder conditioners "condition" the supplied electricity and reduce RFI/EMI. I have personally never used one with a Ballast or CO2 injection fuzzy logic controller, however, I do know that "noise" in terms of electronics is generally caused by non-linear loads and both ballasts and fuzzy logic controllers are non-linear loads. I used to have a Furman M-8X2 Merit Series and it worked wonders for reducing electronic noise from my PC and Studio monitors. Power conditioners definitely "work" under the right circumstances, so this might warrant some further research.

    3. While not a direct noise-reduction tip, download TrueRTA. This is a free software which will allow you to analyze the frequency of any given sound. This will help you pick out the most efficient materials for sound control. Different materials interact differently with different frequencies of sound. Very dense materials are great for reducing low-frequency sound & vibrations but will not be as effective against high-frequency electronic noise.

    4. A more intensive approach for larger scale setups may be active noise control. Using a similar software to the one above, the frequency is analyzed and an opposing frequency is generated with a pair of loudspeakers. This is the same way "noise canceling headphones" work. For large scale use (ie. an entire room) it's only really suitable for lower frequency noise that is repetitive and predictable, so depending on your sound source, it might be an option. It is commonly used in commercial airline cabins to reduce the "drone" of the turbine engines.
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    So, the trick is not to attach first layer to second? And to do so, second layer of wall needs to be attached to ceiling and ground?

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    It is such a nice feeling when the extractor fan goes off after a long grow.
    That sound can grind your soul after a while.

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    For me that was the Air Pump. I made a nice 2" solid wood box for it, one that had the pump
    on a "hammock" made from t-shirt cotton cloth. It worked as well as could be expected....actually
    it did a decent job.

    But there a range of frequencies that seemed to escape all the same. The very low frequencies.

    It was like you could feel it as much as hear it....

    I was happy to make it through a cycle without the Woman getting cranky. :0)

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    I have a vortex s-line 6 inch and an I power filter. I hooked it all up with insulated ducting it was 2 bucks a foot or something. It is very quiet but I may put it in anew insulated box. I also have a controlled for the fan which helps alot.
    If you would find it flowing g from the ducting is too much build a silencer with a box and foam like others say.
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    You will never get it absolutely quiet,but you will be surprised most of the time the noise from my room is from the Compressor,or Fish tank pump in tent .if it's not that then more than likely the ossalating fans,But the heating in my house is louder,Don't go listening for noises from your room after a smoke ,or you will be at it hours ,If your Exaust fan is making the Noise then check for the duct not been on fully or holes ,But more than likely it sounds a lot quieter than you think ,

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    Yeah with mine it is the oscillating fan.

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    Having only a very simple indoor setup now; i did have an odd fan sound issue recently. I had a number of simple clip fans (clipped to tent poles) in a grow tent. When you were in the room below the grow room the grow itself sounded loud. If i then left the room below, no sound in the hall and hardly any in the actual room with the tent :)
    That gave it away as something (probably a fan) setting up a sympathetic vibration. Placed a piece of foam rubber between the 'guilty' fan's clip and the tent pole itself and ta daa! ..no sound in the downstairs room. Moral of the story; always give out Good Vibrations!

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    Now that it's legal here fuck the neighbors! My house hums 7 months a years but I do remember when it was a crime.
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    I still like quiet instead of hearing a constant buzz, fan or especially a pump with trickling water.
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    My effort in making a stealth grow was in consideration for those on the floor above me who probably don't need some noisey penetrating Cuban embassy electronic hum sound day and night. I try real hard in that regard, in the hope that others will too.
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    A good neighbor!

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    Vivosun from amazon 190cfm i have 2 off them and i cant even ear a noyse and my cob led are even more quiet I only ear my small fan for air mouvement door closes no noyse . When i only open the light and my 2 vivosun my room make 39db and with the fan on 42 db lovit and I cant dimme the vivosun to 31db 100cfm each
    No box just duck tape and insulating 15202634912351929144429.jpg 15202635296621484800611.jpg

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