Quiet. The Neighbors Can Hear You (Sound Control Thread)

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by one2threeBUDS4, Oct 21, 2008.


    one2threeBUDS4 Well-Known Member

    there are many threads about odor control but one thing that is often overlooked is sound control. sound from buzzing ballasts, inline fans, wall-mounted fans, hydro pumps and/or many other things could be a contributing factor to someone finding out about your secret garden. worst part is that you wouldnt even know that they know! so if anyone has any ideas for sound control post them on here...

    one2threeBUDS4 Well-Known Member

    one thing i have had recent problems with was an inline fan that shakes or vibrates. this can cause hoses connected to your lights to shake loose or even rip, eventually causing an air leak which will defeat the purpose of having an air cooled system. it can also cause loud vibrations which is the reason i created a housing for the fan;

    this is pretty much what it will look like when it is done. the bungees help reduce the sound by 200% so if you can hang it you will be much happier. :clap:

    first start by measuring the fans height and add an inch or two then cut the wood for the box. if you are using 6" hose then cut a hole on two of the boards that are 7" in diameter, these boards will be the end boards.

    next set the fan on one of the boards and mark where the holes are on it, then drill them and mount the fan to the board (do it now, makes it much easier).

    once you have done all of above go ahead and connect the hoses.
    also you need to cut or drill a "V" in the side of the board where you want the power cord to go through.
    after that you can go ahead and put together the last couple sides and you have a brand new silencer box for your inline fan.

    XReddiWipX Well-Known Member

    Due to my location, I'm lucky enough not to have to worry about sound issues... But, I had to see this post!

    Bad-Ass suggestion! :)

    I would have never thought to suspend it like you did!
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    one2threeBUDS4 Well-Known Member

    Thnx for the response ReddiWhip..
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    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    my fridge freezer hums louder than my grow room ;o)

    Hedgehunter Well-Known Member

    great thread,cant understand why it only got a couple of replies, iv just got my new 6' inline and it sounds like a fucking jet , thought i had every angle covered but this noise could fuck my grow op , i need to sort the noise as me and the gf sleep right next to the room....:confused::-?
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    JohnnyPotSeed1969 Well-Known Member

    I have a 6" inline that moves 435 cfm. It was pretty loud until I hooked it up to my carbon filter and all all the ducting. That did wonders for the sound on its own. Probably not much help, but you should remember that in an apartment, there is no insulation on the inner walls separating rooms. However, there is insulation in the walls that separate the different apartments in order to cut down on noise, so it's probably not as loud as you think it is next door.

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    Kenbud Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the thread. I just got my 6" inline fan and it seemed really loud when it fired up. I am going to try the box idea.

    one2threeBUDS4 Well-Known Member

    hey hedgehunter try the box it will work rather well.. you can also add insulation to the inside of the box to help reduce noise. i also live in an apartment and sleep right next to my room>>>>>>>>>

    thnx for the response Kenbud.

    JohnnyPotSeed\... as i said i think it is an issue overlooked by some growers and it could be resolved as easy as this housing..

    if anyone has any other ideas too reduce sound feel free too post...
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    JohnnyPotSeed1969 Well-Known Member

    There is always that egg-crate foam mattress padding too. You can easily line the adjoining wall with it for cheap. Disperses the sound waves, preventing penetration through the walls.

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    Gr8fulGreen Well-Known Member

    You can easily get acoustic foam, the type they use for studios. Some is very decorative, so having it covering walls might not seem so obvious. One could always just have some musical instruments or sound equipment sitting nearby as well. Should anyone be in the room and ask, its easy to just say its so you don't disturb the neighbors with your music.

    one2threeBUDS4 Well-Known Member

    johnnyPotSeed thats a good idea! and gr8fulGreen is on the same page!
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    one2threeBUDS4 Well-Known Member

    kenbud did u try the box?

    beennoobed Well-Known Member

    how did you mount the box in your tent? how did hang it? whats that black ducting near the box?
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    Spicolli Active Member

    Hanging by bungees does wonders for vibrating fan noise. I've got that covered, but now the loudest part of my closet is the air pumps. Anyone have a good suggestion for getting rid of that annoying hum?
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    Hedgehunter Well-Known Member

    just thought id check this thread...AND lol! without reading it i came up with the eggbox foam idea a few days ago, its doing 2 jobs , light proofing my door frames and helps with noise, keep this thread going anyway
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    Crispy Active Member

    Great stuff one2threebuds4!! +Rep!
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i "stickied" this. thank you. :)

    one2threeBUDS4 Well-Known Member

    it is actually hanging beneath a rack on the outside of the tent since i am limited on space inside the tent.. i first built the box for a grow 'room' i had but have moved and now am using grow tent.. the black ducting is just some insulated ducting but normal ducting will do just fine..

    thanx crispy

    thank YOU! :wink:
    john cutter

    john cutter Active Member

    Hey guys, I just moved to a new apartment this weekend. Went from a place with no worry about noise issues and now I am getting nervous about this new place.

    My main concern is the humming of my ballast. I want to build a box for it and line the inside with foam. My concern is that it will get too hot. Earlier today I placed the ballast inside a cardboard box with towels wrapping the box, took care of the noise, but it quickly got too hot.

    Any ideas? will a properly constructed box get rid of the heat issue?

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