Questions on Rapid Rooters for Hempy

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    xdeeman New Member

    Thanks to this forum I started my very first grow. I have successfully germinated an auto in a Rapid Rooter and just today placed the 1.5" seedling into my Solo cup with 100% perlite.

    I also assembled a Timber Grow 200w kit and the new plant is under this light. The seedling seems healthy so far!

    1. I read once before but can't find it now, that you don't directly water the rapid rooter during the hempy waterings. This seems a bit strange. I guess it was suggested in the post to only water the Perlite. Does this sound right?

    2. I assume it's okay to use tap water for the first 2 weeks, correct? I can get away from Distilled water, right? I have City water. I think I have an understanding on when to introduce dilluted nutes but want to verify I can use city water now.

    3. With the COB Timer lights, I have the dial all the way down for now since the seedling is less than 2 inches and the light is about 14" above the seedling. Sound good?

    Thanks all!

    OldestCityOG Member

    It won't make a difference as long as you have a good set of roots when you drop the RR in, and I use RO water right from the start, just add a little cal mag, that's one of the most crucial parts of your grow, don't give it chitty water

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