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Discussion in 'Massachusetts Patients' started by Jon021781, Feb 4, 2017.


    Jon021781 Member

    Ok ive only been to neta 50 8th and then just double for a 1/4. Or 40 for care prices the same and how about agi or.whatever. im trying to find what one has the best price if you have the price.lists.for them that would be awsome i want to go to patriot care because its closest but if neta is cheaper ill just go back
    Afgan King

    Afgan King Well-Known Member

    Damn in denver I can get 100$ oz that are pretty top notch honestly high grade organic goes for 200 an oz and they get broken down pretty close to evenly like a 1/4 oz is 55 of high grade organic or 35-40 of non organic

    Sailormoses Well-Known Member

    I have yet to find a dispensary that I am willing to fork over good $$ to. Went up to portland ME and they were ok but in Mass? no thanks and I'm a med patient. The product is so so and the price is to high.
    Afgan King

    Afgan King Well-Known Member

    Ya I purely smoke organic unless it's my own. Blessed to be in a state with fire weed all over just gotta know where to go.
    Emily Rose

    Emily Rose New Member

    If you're still looking for better prices around here, I'm a caregiver at a local dispensary and I can offer you $200/oz per month for some REALLY high quality stuff. I'm also looking for a patient right now too!

    I used to be a medical patient when I lived in San Francisco and this is definitely the best weed I've been able to find anywhere in mass so far.

    I'd be happy to send pics if you're interested!

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    when its your own do you make sure its not organic?

    albert111 Well-Known Member

    i have some good medicine 2
    200 oz ma

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