Purchasing help


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So I've been a patient since 3/19
I've been able to afford to go to the dispensery literally 2 times.
I make 18k a year before taxes.
I gave up on my doctors who just kept throwing pills at me and wanted something better for myself...
I cannot afford. Pa mmj.
Cant get insurance to get it.
Can't get a discount because im not a senior or a vet.
Pa prices are triple than anywhere else.

I literally cannot function without something.
I have neuropathy. Fibromyalgia in my hands and extremities And Degenerative disk disease in my lower back..

I simply cant function to work more. To make more. To be able to buy this... I don't want to live off the system and get ssi or disability.

Im trying to do the right thing... And its literally killing me.

I really could use some help.