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    I posted a photo of what I was talking about earlier...

    Here it is.


    Only filter will be on opposite side of filters as shown cause I have no roll non the side picntured.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Ok, I see, but your last sentence still has me scratching my head haha
    You dont want straight outside winter air coming in the hot hoods like that. Can makes bulbs go boom.
    What if you were to just keep the room exactly how it is, and just add the other fan on the inlet and have both fans run from the same thermostatically controlled outlet?
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Good lord Red.. Sorry about that, haha... I definitely see what you mean by that last sentence. That's a shout out to auto correct... Hate that shit.

    What I meant to say was,

    "Only the filter in the sketch will be located on the opposite side of the room (left side instead of right), because I don't have room on the right side.

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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    I figured either auto correct or mountain dew haha
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Lol no more MD for me for a while man... Can get me loopy at times.

    When I had mentioned pulling the cool air through my hoods, I meant the cool air from lung room. It is not as cold as the outside air, but still cold.

    This venting thing and moving things around is exhausting me severely. You think it would really hurt to pull that air through my hoods?

    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I also believe my issue, well a lot of it could have been having the small inlet I had. I am running out of duct, cutting and rearranging.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    If it were from directly outside it will be too frigid. If the lung room is warmer (and can work as a temp buffer) then it might be ok? Thats gotta be your call though. If it pops the first bulb in the series of lights, you have your answer haha
    Are you still running the 4 HPS right now?
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I just got done doing some "intense" and "extensive" thread investigations on Google. I have found that a lot of people have asked about pulling frigid winter air through their hoods, with tons of people saying they have been do I g it for years... The only issues I have found in my investigation, was that the first and sometimes second good can start building condensation on the outside of hood and glass and dripping down onto plants, which this can't be good when they develop buds, obviously.

    I have not seen any reports of busted bulbs, but I can see that as a concern. I do have backups if it happens.

    Most recommendations was to have a fan with a built in controller on it "which mine does", and pull it at a lower speed if you begin to see condensation form.

    I think your right Red, all I can do is giver her a try and see what happens brother.

    The lung room is maybe 10 degrees warmer, my whole setup from the cellar to the (grow room) is insulated very well.

    Nah I'm not running the 4 lights right now.. I am fixing to head out and set it up the way I guessed it might work like we are currently discussing, and just see how it does. I'm sad man... I was just explaining to the wife how much my grow area, plants, and how things are running affect a my over all moods and basically my personality is based from my operations and the way things are going... Lol which right now is not good.

    I will get photos of my girls tonight, they are getting big... Too big. Gonna have my hands full and a lot of training ahead. I just have them under 2 hoods dialed down to 600 watts right now still at 24 hour veg (maintaining on standby) until I get this thing figured out. I have been up since 10pm, lastnight (36 hours) straight and I have to get this shit together lol.

    psychadelibud Well-Known Member


    Where you at bro? What do you know about venting, maybe you can share your ideas as well... With lots of great ideas, I can combine them into one to make one hell of a perfect idea.


    Keep in mind though, I have to work with what I have. My funds are low at the moment, been paying out bills, lawyer fees and some other personal things and has cost me several grand.

    I think pulling the cool air through my hoods is my best option for now. Then when I get the funds after harvest, I will go head and buy all new bulbs, new 8 inch hoods or maybe even 10, etc...

    I know the cold may put some quick ware on things but its fine, I will switch out immediately after harvest.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    How many oscillating fans do you have in your room moving air around? Im willing to bet if you open up your inlet size and run it like I said it will work. Up until a cpl posts back, I didnt realize you were trying to pull all of that through a 4" opening. And to boot increasing the lights/heat while doing this. Get some oscillating fans moving some air around in there and open up the inlet. Your forgetting it was working just fine until you added more heat from more lights. Now you need to move more CFM....and it aint gonna happen with a 4" inlet.
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    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Just got everything set up like I had mentioned earlier. Still have not opened up the inlet yet, doing that now. But I am finally maintaining temps in the mid 70s, so far anyway. Lets hope that lasts. Much better than 90s.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I don't have any oscillating fans in there yet. I just have one temporary box fan, just because the plants are still in a group in the far end. I plan on putting oscillating fans up soon..

    I like the ones you put on the wall, but don't really wanna invest in those specifically unless I can find a good deal. I will likely just buy cheap ones from Wal-Mart and throw in there. Thought about maybe putting two window fans, one each between the two studs and each one blowing opposite way of one another.

    On another note... Got these in the mail today! Fuck Yeah! (Freebie on the right ;))


    Got lucky when 3 packs of the Skunk 18 come back into stock last week. I sure as hell didn't pass that up, these are likely the rarest beans you will ever see! Been wanting to compare it to the Kentucky Roadkill.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Nice freebies what seed bank?
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    A 4 inch tube is good for around 50 to 75 cfm, a 6 inch is good for around 100 to 125 cfm , 8 inch around 200 cfm, 10 inch around 400 cfm, these are rated at standard pressures of around .08 to 1.2 IWC

    max420thc Well-Known Member

    You will need to calculate how many cuft is in the room, set up a fan to operate on a tstat to evacuate the room at a given temperate , the amount of volume of the room can be removed around every couple of min will help keep the temps down , this will not work well in Kentucky summer heat but will work well in the fall through many of the spring months,
    Regular outside air will work about as well as co2 injection, .the trick is to keep slow steady air moving through the plants,
    I have found the best way to do this is angle fans to allow the air to diffuse and bounce of walls and ceilings ,,
    This is often neglected by many growers as air flow is super important to proper bud development. Matter of fact it is critical.
    A fan low to the floor , on the floor blowing under the plants will create a venture effect helping suck the air coming from above the plants through them recirculating the air in the room.
    There are two types of air movement needed in a room.
    Air rotation, how many times the air flows completely through the room and air change over. How many times the air is replaced by outside air in a given period of time. One a hour or so is sufficient for air change over, I like to see complete air rotation through the room at around 1 to 2 times per min.
    If you can duct in high volume fans with prefferable metal duct work. You can focus and utilize all your air flow to where you want it.
    In a 4x4x4 area for example (normal growing space for 1000 watt bulb) 68 cuft, a 6 inch duct aimed into that space at 100 cfm would move air almost twice per min through that space,
    Each ton of cooling the blower moves 400 cfm of air, or enough air to handle 4 lamps ,
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    here ya go bud I got 64in of headroom iam running open 1ks,get on it bud or u gonna topping 10 days into 12-12,to bad u gotta filter be real easy setup without filter, photo[330].JPG
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    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    Riot seeds has roadkill for $250 a 6 pack lol fuuuccckkkk that. Your stuff looks legit though how much a pack?
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's outrageous... Yes these are the most legit skunk seeds you can possibly have... Why? Because these came from Uncle Fester back in 69. This is where the roadkill originated from. They were 80 bucks a pack and right here is the seed description...

    "....1969 Skunk#18 IBL Open Pollination- Original Skunk#1

    2/3 Sativa 1/3 Indica

    These are Original Skunk#1 line derived from 1969 stock via Inbred line, passed to Thai after his uncles passing In Eureka, CA. Pre Skunkman Skunk#1. And also go by a few other handles, Such as Uncle Festers Skunk#18 IBL(from the keeper), Professor Beatnik Skunk#18 IBL, Hells Angels Skunk, Cali Skunk, we choose one truer to form being 69′ Skunk#18 IBL which is when these Skunk seeds were said to be derived from.

    Number 5 and number 7 female are the RKS leaners from our open pollination run and will be hunted down further, they are included in this open pollination release. Id say the RKS pops up in 20% of the expression. The number 20 male was dead on Match to the 5 female so something to keep in mind very animal musk scented with good acrid chemical touches. Number 5 female was tops in the true bouquet and super musky acrid chemical eye and nose burning skunk musk funk, dead on, and then theres the other great males were present. Extremely pungent onion chemical fuel male Number 20, and the frostiest sativa dominant number 8 had the Cheese musk heavy as well on a totally different build highly on 7 female but more animal musk on the aged cheese funk.

    Number 2 is raw white onion chemical and the dankest rich soil humus as rich as any ground coffee but not coffee. Stout hybrid 50/50 look. Has was i call “Onion” tail leaf. Early on she is pure raw white onion chemical. Very acrid and then it evens out by finish into a wonderful bouquet. Heavily double serrated individual. Very quality plant with extremely thick cola formations. A good 10-11 week flower. Yield is high. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Node spacing is tight.

    Number 5 Female Afghani Dominant heavy “stretch” monocola look. Old Musky acrid chemical eye and nose burning skunk musk funk. Elongated Claw reaching leaf, golfball ghani stature and very Acrid. Purple leaf and darker Skunk look. Half Double Serrated type individual. Yield is high. Calyx to leaf ratio was average compared to the other phenos. Node spacing is average.

    Number 7 female. Purer mexi sativa expression. “Chemical Spray” dominant. She is pure burning acrid chemical strong as Trinity in her chemical burn and it doesnt let up. Stomach churn, nose and eyes burn. They have true linger and permeating quality and its inside the plants grease, not just the flower scent. Full plant double serrations. A good 12 week plus flower with early Mexi scents heavy. Elmers glue trichome, extreme calyx and very tight dense build. Yield is above average. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Node spacing is average.

    Number 9 female is colgate trash juice, damn near rotten scope mouthwash. Stout hybrid 50/50 look. Green Acrid Chemical astringent with a touch of rotten rubber. Not pleasant stomach churn quality. A good 12 week flower. Yield is above average. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Node spacing is average.

    Number 10 female is brand new vinyl, clear bouncie ball rubber and pure chemical terpenes. Sativa, Colombian dominant Mexi extreme Calyx stack Pheno. Extreme dense and caked with pure goop. Fully double serrated individual. Yield is above average. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Node spacing is tight for her 12 week flower.

    Number 11 Female, and Number 14, are on the cheese path and each is highly acrid chemical on top of that funk.

    11 being that yellow auto interior foam insulation, dead on and super tasty, if you like those sweet chemical noses. Also huge football buds. The plant was extreme thin leaf double serrated sativa. Of all the females she was the biggest throw down, least tight nug structure but still absolutely dripping and a huge kief producer. Extreme coloration. By finish she was that same profile auto interior foam, with an added black hash burn finish extremely reminiscent of the 89′ Uk Cheese just more chemical oriented. Calyx to leaf ratio extremely low. Node spacing average.

    Number 14 being the truly gamey animal chemical cheese funk. Stout hybrid look and one of the frostiest of the group And thats saying something. Good classic noses to this gal at points where astringent bleaches, to onion chem spray, and finishing on the final profile once dry. A good 12 week plus flower. Calyx to leaf ratio is quite low. Node spacing is average.

    These are pre release. Keepers selected from a 4 pack seed run and repopulated. Felt this is something needed doing with the current focus on Skunk1 genetic but also the Fact of the originator of these seeds ripping folks off and not keeping his word to many members in our community for no reason whatsoever, especially when his genetic selection is solid.

    He is Master Thai Organic Seed garden and our open pollination recreation was never to harm but rather to preserve the experience for everyone. This is his uncles line, preserved via seed stock and kept mother for us to enjoy and thats what i intend for all, not to rip anyone off like where these originate. Like i always say, we let the genetic speak.

    So there is a few underlying circumstances that have lead me to give you the same shot that I have for Magic. The Main is because it is what the genetic and the plant derserves and so do you.

    So Please, ENJOY!

    The Nature Farmer...."

    I wanna see how this line compares to road kill of all skunks, the Kentucky Road Kill... I know there will be some pheno hunting to be done but that's fine by me ;)
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    The nature farm
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