Produce weed in 43 days

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Nobody here is doubting you can get a strain that flowers in 42 days. What is doubted, by me, is that a 2" indica can stretch to 4ft whilst in flower.
I may just be an average grower... to which i must thank you for the compliment... but i know how to keep my plants healthy and grow fine every time. I've also got experience in shared root systems, similar to the one the professor is using, also experience in DWC and in soil. I also have experience with SoG and initiating stretch right at the start of the flower. I've grown multiple strains and never have i seen a plant stretch 24 times it's own height. Not only that but i've seen countless other grows, supply cuts to commercial growers and never have i heard such preposterous claims.

Some more average pix... hope your monitor can take it ;)



stays relevant.
I'm going to be honest here... After a few minutes of reading the thread I felt like I was being set up for some product demonstration. This individual claims to have come here to offer insight, and new ideas on growing... however nothing has been delivered... I think it's great that you've worked with all of these famous people, however I do not see how that, or the fact that you have faced charges correlates to being knowledgeable in regards to growing. Experimental theories such as those that you offer are not WORTH whatever you plan on charging for your DVD, or whatever you DO charge for your consultations.

I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but there isn't anything here that you could possibly offer us that isn't freely available here anyhow. What you've demonstrated is your ability to write a sales pitch, brag about 43 years of experience which may or MAY NOT be true, and respond with sarcasm when someone questions your credibility.

I'm kind of surprised that there are so many people willing to throw their money away on ideas... If this "Professor" had the capacity to produce as he claims then it would not be in his best interests to ever give away his secrets... selling them only makes me perceive him as suspicious as he has not offered anything that IS groundbreaking in terms of information.

Those of you ragging on fdd2blk are foolish... Fdd2blk has DEMONSTRATED time and time again that even with as little experience as he claims to have, you can still produce an excellent crop, with immaculate quality. You don't need fancy DVD packages, bullshit seminars, consultation fees, etc.

I think fdd2blks position comes from concern for our community, as shysters, cons, frauds, and dog & pony shows pop up on communities such as our own quite regularly offering magical elixirs that increase your stamina, will attract women, and will make you live to see 100 years old! If this professor had anything to offer, I wouldn't have read through 11 pages with my face in my palms.

No offense, but Professor Marijuana is no different from the Video Professor you see trying to sell DVDs pack with information that is freely available anywhere you can click a search button. The industry knows how gullible people are, and use the dream of being a huge successful grower to rope people in... Fact is, you can attain the skill of a grower (even with 43 years of experience) in as little as one year if you focus, read, experiment, and network. Think of all the money you can save to invest in proper equipment that you know works because you saw tried and true results on Rollitup. for FREE.

allen bud

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thank you growteq for presenting a inteligent argument about the prof..i will have agree with youon these points and the thread should just be dead


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sales pitch or not its obvious hes talented at growing those buds are probly the worlds biggest or atleast close anyways , i for 1 will by hes dvd if he ends up releasing 1
not even close
ive seen bigger
those were sativa buds,which make buds that look huge but not heavy
Skunk, cute buds. Do they know what they want to be when they grow up? Listening to you I suspect they must be about oh, six months old right? Can't grow anything quicker than that, certainly not 43 days.

Never seen so many people who refuse to believe there is greater things that are posible. I will share some wisdom from the Professor, "You're Right" you never will be able too. Until you shut your mouths and open your ears, AND MINDS, you will forever be stuck where your at.

I know some cannot grasp this concept, "I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY." True story people, just wanted to help a bit. All you do here is bitch and make comments based on nothing but your egos. Rocky Mountain High, why don't you come meet me at the RMCC and see what you think instead of just throwing shit at the wall. Come speak to people about me, then come make your comments.

Christ this is unbelievable, but unfortunately expected. This is the biggest problem with pot growers. Give it to me free, but only after I bitch at you and call you a liar. What horse shit, anybody seen a "Visa or Master Card" sign? Send your check here? Been offered a product or told how to purchase it? Your so busy telling everyone what they can't do, and wanting somebody else to do your homework that you can't see the posibilties if they hit you across your face.

Colorado fellow growers come to the RMCC and meet me, just a regular guy.

NLXSKI, it has not been my expierience that plants stop growing 4 weeks into flower, guess I'm just lucky. They get bigger, taller, fatter. It's not NFT, I don't like NFT because a power failure can kill off a crop pretty quick, look closer or would you like the model number, address of the wholesaler, and a discount coupon from me. Don't worry I'll pick up shipping charges.

Homebrewer, I like House and Garden for nutes. I think it's a good complete package although I have only been using it for about 9 months so a bit more testing. I was using Botanicare Pureblend Bloom for soil in the hydro systems prior to H&G. The soil blend has a bit more punch. H&G is a bit more but what's a hundred bucks meen on a 40k crop, spend the money. I believe in buying the very best products available, always. I don't buy cheap and I don't buy used, there's a reason they're selling it. Put your dollars into the very best your budget allows.

WhiteFlour, the Brix meter is a vabulous tool for cannabis growers, can't do your readings under floro's though, it throws the reading off. You'll know there's a problem long before the plant has time to show you. Best thing in cannabis growing for years. Bitch getting the drop to be honest but well worth the efforts.

Skunk, sorry if I misunderstood. Believe what you like but I produce 3 ounces of trimmed, dried but from 2 inch clones weekly. Use clones that are from the more mature cloning sites from stabel strains of pure indica and you can as well. Frickin try it instead of saying it can't be done.

Somebody mentioned the amount of light. The plants in the pic are under 2,000W HPS with a Sunsystem Magnum XXXL hood which is a great hood with a big foot print and only 9" thick with 8" venting. I have used as much as 3k over the same space using differant hoods. Light, Strain, Rootball, three largest factors in yield.

BigBid, we have a drying room for curing. Cool with constant airflow. When buds feel dry they are then sealed in air tight containers to sweat, then hung to dry again. This process can repeat several times depending on water percentage and bud density. Go slow, and keep air moving to prevent mold from forming. This will give you the smell and smoothness we all desire. Break down buds that are to big to prevent molds. When the stem snaps it's ready. We then vacumn seal and store in a chilled room until shipping. Good question.

BigBux, I use C02 until harvest. Not at night of course.

Noxzious, simply, Thank You


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LOL!! I havent asked you for anything Professor. You do not have anything I need. Peace.

By the way, you mention how the same thing happens on all the forums you visit yet you assume it is the fault of the forums. Maybe it is time to look at your posting style and at least accept some of the blame.


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I haven't read this whole thread and I don't plan to. However, if you would care to give more of an explanation to this I'm sure everybody would gladly eat their words ;)


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a grow journal would be perfect. ;)
Dame Professor I like you but it seems like you do have something up your sleeve because I made a thread for you to personally go to and answer questions about your method and you just stay with this BS I invited you a couple times to come so you wouldnt have to deal with this BS but nothing. Maybe your new here and you dont know to click on the link I put on the reply but here it is --- --- click on the link and check us out there we're waiting Professor. Dame I apologize for all this drama I never seen this before on this site Good luck with everything.


Yes^ and most likely hydroponic growth and early finishing strain like top 44 which finishes in 44 days.
Yeah, i bought some top44 seeds from weedfarmer and it took way longer then 44 days. it took me from may to october to fully grow it outdoors and i only got 15 grams off it. wasnt worth it. bunk weed.

then again this was outdoors in california. indoors now...


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prof-thx 4 responding.
i think ppl r way to quick to state as fact what they only know a little about. the prof has decades of experience and those who r quick to criticize without the same experience show that they r threatened and thats fukin sad. and for the last time-2-4” sativa clones induced to flower can easily hit 3 ft in hydro. and what is this its still vegging if roots arent big enuf even in 12-12? ive never heard that and think its a dodgey way for u to try not to lose this argument.


Again, hello my friends, wife of the professor again. I know you think us advertising maniacs rolling in dough, but once again, I wish.

In the spirit of debate though, anything that gets people in a pissing a good use of time?

Forget it, I give up trying to find something of no annoyance.

Peace, truely my friends, before your minds fall to pieces.


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professor u interested in starting a grow journal to show us how its done from 2in to 4 foot ?i think u would get a responce from it.


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Everybody that comes up with some crazy claim always says people are just disbelievers and they don't deserve to know how and never come around again. If it is so possible then ill be the first to congrats :D


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professor thank you for all the contributions you have made to the MMJ WORLD i hope all the hard ones are behind all of us. you and your queen have led an unbelievable life i have and will always dream of such a life kinda like these jealous children dream they could possibly know more than you have probably forgot IMO!!! PLEASE KEEP ON TEACHING US HERE PEOPLE SHOULD GO BACK TO SCHOOL TO READ YOU ALREADY TOLD US THANK YOU AGAIN


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well i believe its possible if a random growing is saying they can get to 3 foot from a 2inch clone that it wouldnt suprise me if someone with 40years can get that extra foot of growth.
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