Pre registration for the greatest party cup grow off of 2018

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by whitebb2727, Jan 21, 2018.

    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    Topped the God's AK-47 and Locktite today. Dehumidifier is still half full after a day and keeping things at 30% RH. Definite improvement.
    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    3 alive and doing well. Got us a super stretcher (3) Moved her in more IMG_20180305_192722.jpg
    1< 2^ 3>
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    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think my soil cups have the same issue, compounded by low temps.
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    Big Green Thumb

    Big Green Thumb Well-Known Member

    Low temp here too, and zero humidity. Perfect the combination for bonzai sized cannabis plants.
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    Unit Farm System Supply

    Unit Farm System Supply Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Lookin nice. Keep it up bro:blsmoke:

    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    How's everyone doing? Looking good! Anyone's showing sex yet?
    Got 3 OBG's (OriginalBlueberryGlue) on the right & 2 PurpleChems on the left. Both prob crossed w/ a hermied LA Woman#2 from my last pheno hunt for LaWoman.
    They were Germed in a paper towel & planted into 40% Coco-Loco/ 60% Biotanicare Aeration Coco w/ a lil RhizoForce into 16oz cups w/ 1 , 1/4" drain hole.
    Light is a 40w, 4k , UtiltyTech shop light.
    So far their feed has consisted of CloneX & B-1 ThriveAlive green. Will be using H&G A+B w/ BatGuanoComp tea next. image.jpg image.jpg
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    SonsOfAvery Well-Known Member

    Just a quick update on my entry plant guys. I've decided to go with the BC Diesel as my entry, and up potted my other 4 seedlings to help fill out my flower tent a bit.
    We had pretty bad weather here in North/east of England last week, temps down to -5c and a ft of snow! So managing my temps/humidity etc has been hectic.
    I'll post an update pic tomorrow of my BC Diesel.
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    DankBudzzz Well-Known Member

    Coming along

    Attached Files:

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    3GT Well-Known Member

    These fellas are loving the 100f+ days (lights off) and 75-80f nights (lights on) so lots of foliar sprays but no humidifier. I would be scared to mold up my box haha. IMG_20180306_233138.jpg
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    We got bush .....

    The pack leader of my 3 cups has started to get her pubes ....
    I started Dr. Earth ( 3/3/3 ) liquid solution on them since last post , it kicked things up .

    I stopped foliar with Maxigro and begun using Dr. Earth ...
    I plan just to use this til end , it says I can run it as is. So we will see.
    Since my medium is light ( peat based ) , it only holds so much moisture.
    So it is hard to overwater them.

    She is pushing about 4-5 nodes . The others near 3 . The Bagseed is slow as shit.

    I am also seeing some mutations in them too , but not really gonna cry as long as they move on.

    Main girl :

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Her sisters :

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    Transplanted the Sherb to her final pot. I still wish I could have kept her in the comp, but I am really happy with how she has been growing since she's been able to stretch her legs. Probably my last update on her til she starts throwing flowers. 20180306_213213.jpg As a bonus here is the Orkle I damn near killed that made me decide to drop out of the comp. She is still looking rough as hell but she has made an amazing recovery considering what she looked like just a week ago.

    Kushash Well-Known Member

    Beautiful female praying and growing at a rate that makes me a bit insecure now lol.
    Best plant so far IMO.
    I feel like the tortoise now, slow and steady.
    Still have 10 green coltyledons on day 14. Needed to find something to boost my confidence as the rabbits go flying by lol.
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    Big Green Thumb

    Big Green Thumb Well-Known Member

    Damn, dude. Those plants are much, much bigger than mine.

    I tipped over one of my cups yesterday and the plant came completely out of the coco/perlite, so I grabbed a new cup, filled it with nute water, put an air stone in it and made a little hydro cup. Gonna see if she lives and if hydro is all that.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    I think maybe it's the warming pad under the tray keeping her legs warm ...
    Cuz I never get this kind of growth normally with cups out on a table.

    I only did it this way because of night temps - lights out. My room heater ( timed ) took a shit and was too lazy to go get one from walfart. But seems I will pop cups this way from now on. Strangely , I get faster growth sowing a seed straight into cup soil than in a cube or rooter plug sitting in tray and dome.

    3GT Well-Known Member

    I just turned my pot up to 75% with 8 EB gen 1 strips 3k/3.5k/4k on a 700ma driver so probably 90w over 2sqft :/ hoping they love it and I don't return to sad babies.. They seemed relaxed @50%/60w2sqft

    Maybe im too stoned and they're going to get stressed by the intensity

    Kushash Well-Known Member

    Funny you mentioned that. After I saw Budzbuddha's plant one of the things I did was lower the light an inch lol.
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    3GT Well-Known Member

    Haha now we've just got to get them as happy as his ;P

    IMG_20180308_010624.jpg IMG_20180308_010516.jpg IMG_20180308_010737.jpg first picture is of a monster cropped clone a friend gave me that I reveged and am now flowering haha. So many damned nodes stacked and there's 3 nodes at each stack not 2. Still no signs of sex for me and my Hempy is speeding up now after her first over watering.

    Edit; just bent this bitch and I think she looks funky. The roots are a mess on this one and I may cut her open and repot before she sets to flower. The N tox also didn't help that she arrived with in soil. IMG_20180308_021335.jpg
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    SonsOfAvery Well-Known Member

    Ok, so here's my lil beauty, sorry for the delay with the picture. Finally got a camera sorted now :-)

    Is the little dish it's sitting in a problem, too big?
    I've only watered once since it broke the surface and not to run off.

    Attached Files:

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    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    What is the reason for the dome thing? That looks way to developed to have a humidity dome on it to my eyes.
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    3GT Well-Known Member

    Looking nice and healthy there man! I think you should take it away as *if* its full of water its an external res :/ just wait till it stops dripping if you've got run off then sit back on deck?
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