Pre registration for the greatest party cup grow off of 2018

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by whitebb2727, Jan 21, 2018.


    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Screw. Ill host one myself. Feel free to enter this one as well. I don't have lights but I can put up prizes.

    We will start Feb 14 2018.

    Has to be a 16 oz solo cup. Generic allowed so is foam. All parts must be contained in the cup. Any amount of drainage holes and can be on the side to make a hempy.

    Five cups are allowed and choose one for flower.

    No external watering devices or reservoirs.

    Has to be led. 12/12 from start.
    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Can a 16oz Dixie cup be used?
    **Just saw its allowed**

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Yes. As of now I got seeds I can put up. I'm going to talk to a light manufacturer. Maybe two and see if I can get some lights up for prizes.
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member


    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Right there is What I'm talking about. What is the difference in a steel, plastic or foam. Nothing. I bet you solo cup program could recognize that foam cup. It came from the solo cup section.

    I got over a 100 16 oz cups but they have 5 holes in the bottom. I was going to ask if u could plug 4 and just leave the 1/4 hole in the middle.

    I figure you would say no. You know cause there is no ryme or reason. You just like the power of saying no.
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    JohnGlennsGarden Well-Known Member

    Hey, mr white,
    If you're going to switch up some rules. . . why still led only?
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Why Would You Buy Cups With Holes In The Bottom. As A Matter Of Fact I've Never Seen Cups With Holes For Sale On The Shelf's At My Local Grocer :joint:
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Oh And The Cups You Posted In The Other Thread Doesn't Have Hole's. I Mean Who Would Buy Insulated Coffee Cups With 5 Holes??
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    3GT Well-Known Member

    Hempy cup in hand and I'm in :)!
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    i'll play in this one too
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    I grow a garden. I start my tomatoes and such in solo cups. I seriously show you a pic of about 100 cups I put the holes in the bottom.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    0121181950.jpg That's just one bucket of cups. Lol. Like I'm buying cups with holes.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    See. Just power tripping. Put your ego aside for a sec and just think. Why would I have cups with holes? Because I grow in them.
    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Screenshot_20180121-184451.png farvas cup

    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    :bigjoint:How about a sports cup?
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Oic You Grow In You Mommy's Basement :shock:
    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Yea Little bb Why Stick To The Led Only Rule And Why Havent You Answered Mr. Glens Question? I Know The Answer To The 1st Its Because He's Affarid Of Brother @Buba Blend :hump:

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    I'd like to watch along
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    OneHitDone Well-Known Member

    I'm in
    16 oz cup, 4 slit hole bottom, gurgle top fed remote 30 gal res, 1000W Super HPS with red/blue led sunset/sunrise controller
    18/6 2 weeks, 12/12 to finish
    Starting 12 seeds now plant to cups 2/14 - I'm good?

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Sorry dude. Own my own place. Draw a pension because I'm a disabled veteran, own rental property and work for myself.

    Yes. Its in a basement. My basement.

    So what's the difference in a plastic, steel and foam cup? You are not allowing one just because you can. I bet your program would recognize it. Just ego and power trip.

    You are the one that got bent all out of shape after ing someone else to get thicker skin.

    As per your original rules it just said nothing outside if the cup and one hole.

    Its all good man. No need to get tore up man.

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