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    Chillyn New Member

    Does anybody know the official policy of taking a pre employment drug test and having a medical marijuana card? I'm confused by the law because it says the employer can't ask you about your medical marijuana status but the drug labs I've called says that it has to report the positive to the employer and basically it is up to them to decide if they will allow it. But the law also says they can't discriminate against you for it either. I've gotten different answers from just about everybody. Can somebody clarify how this works?

    Is it easier to just get fake pee? I'm a little nervous about that because I've read tests coming back inconclusive with products like quickfix. Anybody have any experience using synthetic urine at the labs around here locally in Phoenix?

    Thanks for your input.

    JAMO_Grow Well-Known Member

    If it where a simple urine test from Walmart or a clinic, then quite possibly you can get a false negative with synthetic urine.However If it is to be sent to a lab for testing they might be more pedantic and then if it is found to be synthetic.From what I understand if you have a medical card for cannabis then you are entitled to use it medically and with the laws preventing employers form excluding employees based on cannabis consumption medically, you should be fine.As it is unethical for them to determine whether to hire you based on the medical consumption of cannabis and if there where reason to believe they have done this, you could file a law suit.I don't think an employer would risk a lawsuit or break employment regulations laws if they have a sound business practice.

    Hope this helps, but you are entitle to consume it without prejudice based on the consumption medically.

    greywind Well-Known Member

    AZ is a right to work state, and thus an employer can use any excuse not to hire you, regardless of your medical use and rights. I would play it safe and take a THC break, but that's just me.

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