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    B1unts Member

    Hey guys B1unts here!
    Just wanted to quickly let you all know that if your doing a grow journal or taking a photo of your beautiful hidden outdoor garden, make sure that you disable geotagging in your phones camera..... I just found several members crops using this method. (lucky i'm not a bad guy)
    To disable quickly go to camera>setting>disable location tagging

    People can literally pinpoint the exact location of your plants.. meaning the boys in blue can as well.
    Some of you probably already know this but just making sure everyone does :)

    Happy Blazing
    Silky T

    Silky T Well-Known Member

    I have a Galaxy 4 - does "location tag" in camara settings mean the same thing? I couldn't find geotagging. Also it's just an on off deal not a disable, but again that's the same thing, right? I need to take the photos off but then again, it's photos of an indoor grow and I can always say I was at a friend's house. Of course, the friend will be a made up name. Smoke on! bongsmilie:peace:

    ebcrew Well-Known Member

    haha i had to check my phone, luckily my phone sucks ass and i already had it turned off because it slows my phone down.

    good call tho

    Jren437 Active Member

    Any idea how to do this on iPhone 6 plus? I disabled location services on the camera but not sure that did the trick

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    How is it that you found them? I thought exif data was stripped when pictures were posted.

    @sunni can we get a clarification on this?

    Orafferty New Member

    Yes. this is what it means. It means your phones camera application will add the exact coordinates to the location your photo was taken to the code that computers read to display the picture itself.
    Silky T

    Silky T Well-Known Member

    Wait does it record previous photos taken before you disabled it? In other words, will the pics that I took of my indoor grow show up at my house? And the ones after I switched it to OFF in location tag won't be recorded. I'm just trying to make sure that the ladies aren't going to show up at my house. Yikes!

    Check this out. I "almost" got into an accident on the freeway the day before July 4 last year in 6 oclock traffic going 65-70 when all of a sudden there was an 18-wheeler retread in my lane. I had nowhere to go but hit it and i did a lot of swerving and finally came to a stop and didn't hit anything BUT, by the time I got out of the car, there were 7 cops all around me. My cell was in the front passenger seat but while I was in the police car while they were running me, my cell phone went off and the cop in his passenger seat was holding it. He looked at it and said, Who's Baby? I said, that's my husband. He freaking answered it and said, "she's busy right now" and hung up, then proceeded to look at my text messages and God knows what else. I told him that was illegal and he said I've been watching to much tv. I told him that I knew it was a Supreme Court decision and to give me my phone back. He said, I don't have your phone and handed it back to me. That's cops in Texas for you. That's why I'm checking. I guess to be on the safe side, I'll delete them.
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    I'm on vacation respond on June 4th
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Sorry. Enjoy.
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    green217 Well-Known Member

    that should do it
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    MikeGanja Active Member

    You can remove all the exif info with online tools like:

    If you don't trust the online service you can download software with the same tools that remove all the information of your picture. It removes any information. For example time, model, geotags
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    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't even bring my phone with me especially taking pictures of an outdoor garden cause even if the photo is not geo tagged any cop can track gps on your phone happened a few years ago in NYC guy killed a girl and found him cause GPS showed he was at the murder location. Needless to say you need to call me call my home and leave a message. :bigjoint:
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Yea that's all fi e and good but I'm Calli g bullshit on @B1unts for finding members grows.
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    Silky T

    Silky T Well-Known Member

    If the photo was uploaded to a website, can they get the information from the pic that's online?

    Seems you hit a sensitive nerve here that all of us are worried about. Good job helping out, I hope that exif remove tool works because I intend to use it; however, It says they don't keep any of the photos but it could also be a useful tool especially designed for cops, know what i mean?

    MikeGanja Active Member

    I use the online service myself and I can tell that it erase the exif info.

    I agree in that it must be a perfect way for LEA to setup a trap since most of the people who uses the service probably have something to hide. There are quite a lot of discussions on hacker forums of this kind of services. I haven't read any info on anyone that ever got busted because of the online service but better safe than sorry.

    Still, if you are very concerned about the security you should google for a software instead so you can use it offline. Personally I find this kind of counter forensic tools very interesting. This online tool works for me since I use a VPN service to upload my picture and my camera does not have a GPS. This combination makes it impossible for anyone behind the site to get any information from the picture that can identify or locate me. I use the tool to erase timestamp, camera model, etcetera.
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    JackHererSki Well-Known Member

    As much as I would love to take pictures, I'm too nervous anymore. I dont even take it with me when I visit them

    stinkyjoe Well-Known Member

    you need to scrub them , there's more than just your location on the photo

    time and date
    make of camera
    etc etc

    you can load your pics in a basic paint app ( i use fantasia paint ) then save them in the app ........ It totally scrubs all info and iv got an app to test this aswell .

    fantasia paint ;)

    Orafferty New Member

    Sorry I don't get on here enough to have caught you earlier. I have lived in the south before, I know the exact bull shit you're describing, it sucks.

    Yeah that stuff you took (provided the geotags were on) yes, they were a huge liability.

    OneEyedCat Active Member

    If you upload your phone pictures to your computer, then you can strip out the location data in photo viewer.
    Another way is to take a screen shot and save it to paint, then upload the paint image after saving.

    cannn Well-Known Member

    :oHey, could you clear this up for us, this has me very concerned..

    As late as i am i think this is relevant

    Im on the edge of shredding my plants here lol. Not really but kind of really
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