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    You joke, right?

    If not, you are very welcome to pay us a visit. I can arrange for your pick up and accomodation in Shanghai, China.

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    Its somehow the lightning that makes the percs look croocked. We also do it in fully clear.

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    That is the craziest post haha

    Anyways nice glass bro

    jdro Well-Known Member

    If you guys think that sweatshop glass is a joke you are kidding yourselves. No I am not joking, yes I really would like to see pictures of your workshop and know that you treat the workers fairly and safely.

    Snuden Member

    Fair enough...

    first of all you need to understand how China has developed in recent years, then you need to understand that being a foreigner i China automatically put you on the rader with the local authorities. China has VERY strict labour laws, however, these laws are often not executed to the local business owners as they know know how and who to pay.

    Thats simply not an option when operating a WOFE (google it) in China.

    As I have mentioned elsewhere in this thread; my best performing workers make the equivalent of $1600 - $1800 a month depending on, which pieces are in production. Thats close to the double of what a newly graduated engineer makes in Shanghai. On top of their salary we offer FREE accomodation at the factory complex, a complex we share with a 'medical glass producer' Each worker has his own room with an AC - completely free of charge. Mind you, this is 300km west of Shanghai, out in the middle of nowhere. $1600 is A LOT of money out there.

    You see....Chinese workers DONT GIVE A FUCK about what their torch or lathe is called, they also dont give a fuck about a fancy work table.

    As skilled glass workers are hard to find in China, we HAVE to treat them good, otherwise they will leave us.

    I will shoot a small video with me holding a sign saying 'Snuden' next time I go to the factory. Our office and warehouse is based in Shanghai and I dont visit the factory more than a few times every 2 weeks. I have a trip scheduled next week.

    Now lets talk about (illigal) Mexican 'glass artists' making 'Made in the US' bongs....
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    jdro Well-Known Member

    Thats a fair answer. Im still skeptical, things at china factories always seem all nice and dandy with nice worker swimming pools and dorms but in china they are masters at hiding the issues it seems. You seem to be pretty straight up, but people will do and say anything for money unfortunately.


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    It seems you posted a youtube video, which unfortunately I cant watch as youtube is blocked in China.

    Yes we make bongs with the sole purpose of making money, like any other business. We are not artists as such, and we never claim to be.

    I am of course very well aware of Chinese factories hiding issues in order to cover illegit business. You might want to read the book called 'Poor made in China' its a very interesting read. I very much respect your oppinion on Chinese made bongs....and other Chinese made products in general I guess.

    I am just frustrated that many people seem to dislike our products without having even seen or touched them :) However I do appreciate the continued business from 576 US/CA clients within the last 2 years.

    A member from this forum recently received a bong and a pipe. I am waiting for his honest review of both pieces.

    We have just recently begun to sell retail and dropshipping as we want to get in closer contact with our clients in order to get valuable feedback.

    I am still waiting for your take on the (made by illigal Mexicans) 'US made glass' or as some wholesellers/distributors write: Proudly made in the US


    jdro Well-Known Member

    It's not that I hate what you make without touching them, its more about loving what people in my own country are doing and trying to support them. The US is struggling in many ways and falling behind china. I would just like to see fellow americans rally around their own and buy american made glass from american shops. Obviously there is a market for cheaply made mass produced pipes sold at bottom dollar. I just want to be sure its not being mass produced in poor conditions with underpaid overworked workers. If it is all good, then good luck.

    Obviously I would not support glass made by illegal immigrants. I would imagine that would be a company based out of California your referring to but I am not sure. I am not in California.

    To be totally honest, to get an honest review of your glass vs quality American glass you need to get it all on a table together and really see the differences.

    Snuden Member

    I truely hope the member who bought my products is able to make such a comparison. I have no idea of his current glass collection though.
    I suppose that you are aware that many American shops both buy glass tubes and percolators made in China?

    We actually see an increase in US clients buying 'semi made bongs' as they are a little more easy to get through costums.

    Made in China or not....I truely admire the artists making unique bongs and pipes and I also respect the people buying it. It's the instant negativity in regards to everything made in China I am against.

    China is no different than any other place, you get what you pay for.

    jsamuel24 Active Member

    Okay RIU folks,

    I was going to wait to review till tomarrow when I could clean the peices and give some photos along with the review, but I will just ask that Sunden repost the pics of the two peices I got and then I can just worry about how I feel about each peice. A bit of background of me, I am a medical patient here in Ca, I have smoked off and on for about 21 years and while I would not say that I am an expert, I do feel I represent the normal smoker would be interested in these particular peices.

    I will begin with the pipe that I recieved. I believe that it was told to me that it was a 5mm glass pipe. When it arived I was surprised as it was more like 7mm glass. While the glass does have some imprefections and it is not of the same quality as the custom made pipes are, it is very well crafted for a more factory made enviroment. The colors in it do have that as one member put it, "chinese glass" look to it, but unlike alot of the other lower quality chinese made pipes I have seen or used the colored glass is actually of good quality and doesnt have the same cheep look when you have it in your hand as it does in the pictures. I smoked both indica's and sativias out of this pipe and found that it had a very smooth draw to it but due to its shape it seems to give itsself more air when you are not pulling (I know I am not explaining this right but think of like a flue on a fireplace or however the fuck you spell flue). While some make like this I personaly dont like the pipe to continue to smolder for a short while after drawing. A plus in this pipe is that it does not feel at all cheeply made. The Glass is high quality, and unlike many products that are mass produced, they do not in person have that mass produced feel or even really the look. I will go ahead and take some pics of the pipe used and dirty like, but I am sure suden will post a before photo for me. Also I will make another post in a moment in reguards to the bhong.

    Pipes 001.jpg Pipes 002.jpg Pipes 003.jpg

    Snuden Member

    Jsamuel24, Thank you for your honest review of the pipe!
    I am only a very casual smoker myself so I cant really comment on the 'air' issue.

    jsamuel24 Active Member

    Now for the Bhong....

    So when the delivery person came to my house (on a saturday about 3 days after sunden told me they were shipped) I was really shocked at the size of the package. It was shipped with some of the best packing I have ever seen and so that nothing would move but I was still confused at why the box was so big till I pulled this out. For scale I have placed a Humboldt Brown Ale bottle next to the beast.

    Pipes 004.jpg

    The thing is awsome and huge..... Again I smoked both indys and sattys though this big girl and she is an adventure that is to be sure. As the glass goes, again this was told to me to be 7mm thick and honestly it seems to be more like 8mm or 9mm thick. Of the two peices, this one is by far a better crafted piece and that is saying something considering that the pipe was well crafted itself. The colored glass in the bhong does not have any feeling of chinese glass to it in my opinion, more like old time green glass that you see when you go to historical places. So for at least their green glass blend they are really doing something right. I am not the biggest fan of the bowl that came with this peice, but I believe that is more me then fault of design as I usually get more traditional bowls. Pulls off of the bhong are nice and smooth and I dont get the smoldering issue with this peice. I have only used my old bhong about 2 times since this came to me on saturday and she is by far becoming one of my favs in my collection. here are some more shots of her. sorry i didnt clean her up, i was working in my attic all day getting cooling to my grow room and I am too lazy to clean it tonight, would rather hit it.

    Pipes 005.jpg Pipes 006.jpg Pipes 007.jpg Pipes 008.jpg

    So my bottom lines, I am in no way a fan of buying chinese products. I try to avoid them in most things as usually the quality is not in the product, so I was a bit hesitant to get these pipes. I am very glad that I did however. If sunden had come on here and lied and said these pipes were canadian made or us made and could have disguised the shipping I doubt anyone would ever have known that these pipes were chinese. They are very well crafted and have few flaws in them. The pipe has more of a manufactured industrial feel due to some air bubbles in the large glass end of it, but for its price the quality is most definatly there. Almost more bang for the buck if you will excuse the expression. Shipping was fast and Sunden is very open with communication and very prompt in answering any questions. I will say they are not of the same quality of high end custom made glass, as Sunden pointed out very early in this thread. But for an entry level (the pipe) to a midrange (the bhong) price point these are well made and do have a place in the market. I will continue using these items and if I have more to report about them I will make sure to report it here, also if anyone has any questions about them please feel free to post here or pm. I am more then willing to answer any and all questions.

    Snoochie Boochies!

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    All sounds good to me.

    Yeah, its a beast :)

    The glass thickness of the bong is 7mm, unless my production manager is covering up a mistake, which I doubt. My point is; when we say 7mm thick, it bloody hell is 7mm thick. We make the same bong as the one you got, but with a straight tube and 9mm thick.

    About the bowl/ash catcher....I hear you loud and clear. It does the job though.

    Again, our products are not intended for collectors willing to spend $300+ on glass.

    EDIT: We are obviously concerned about shipping our glass bongs as our policy is 100% refund or a new piece (free of charge) in case the client receive a broken piece. At the same time we try to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

    The air filled plastic we use is pretty cool and of course only weighs a few grams.

    jsamuel24 Active Member

    The ash catcher works well dont get me wrong, i just am used to using different types. With the size of that bhong I am allways worried about it when i move it to my chair to smoke. The ash catcher sticks out quite a bit and i am clumsy lol.

    Snuden Member

    I can always sell you a new ash catcher :lol:

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    I don't see anything wrong with asking these questions. It has been all over the news about Apples factory in China. There were so many workers jumping to their deaths that they had to install netting on the side of the living quarters to catch all of the would be suicide attempts.

    If you think jdro's questions are silly, then maybe it's YOU that has your head up your ass.

    Snuden Member

    Do you mean Foxconn?
    Foxconn is Taiwanese owned and managed, a totally different ballgame. A company that size obviously have a lot of 'guanxi'

    Taiwanese corporations are well known for driving their staff to suicide.

    A company of my size either have to be in compliance - or be gone.


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    dankshizzle Glassblowing Moderator

    Is it predgiduce not to like something because of the country its from? Is the same for products as it would be people?

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    I don't know where you're getting your "news" from kitty, but apparently you're wrong.

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