Pint Glass Colas - Early Seeding - Water only?

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    Edwardo Ruffian

    Edwardo Ruffian Well-Known Member

    - Pure FFOF soil
    - FoxFarm trio nutrients (highest ppm at 1800
    15ml/gal Tiger bloom
    2tsp/gal molasses
    3tsp/gal Cal/Mag supplement with mirco nutrients
    RO water refill jugs from store​
    - Light:
    Weeks 1-2: 600W MH
    Weeks 3-4: 750W MH
    Weeks 4-5 1000W MH
    Weeks 6-12 1100W HPS
    Weeks 13-Current 1000W HPS​
    - Humidity:
    Weeks 1-4: 60-65% RH
    Weeks 4-current 50-55% RH​
    - Air Circulation:
    10" oscillating fan 24/7
    2 x 6" fan under canopy circulation
    4" 200cfm exhaust fan pulling through 4" carbon filter 24/7
    2 x 6" booster fans cooling the sealed hood​
    Weeks 1-6: Day 78F-84F, Night 65-70F
    Weeks 6-13: Day 74-78F, Night 64-68F​

    I have 5 plants that are 44 days flowering ( 44 days from pistils popping) and due to some pollen sacks (started with 6 plants had to pull one that had uncontrolled pollen sack production) most of my plants are partially pollinated to what may be heavy pollination in some buds. I'm seeing lots of clear, some cloudy and random amber (very, very few), and the buds still have that sparkly look to them, that is slowly shifting to that frosty look. Having said all that I don't plan on harvesting based on days flowering, but would really like to learn by looking at overall look of the buds. I want to get to that golden glow and think I'm at least 3 weeks away (but that is a total guess as all I have to go by is internet research).

    I would love to hear what everyone thinks about my 3 week estimate. I'm hoping to cut the nutrients at the right time to allow the plants to fade naturally, pulling all the nutrients out of the soil and fan leaves. Should I start to taper off on the nutrients at this point? Any advice is welcome.

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    Edwardo Ruffian

    Edwardo Ruffian Well-Known Member

    More pictures...

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