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Discussion in 'In It To WIN It' started by Dyna-Gro, Mar 10, 2019.


    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    Something of note, so I'm updating. I watered/fed them this morning and this is 6-ish hours later just before lights out. Don't know if it means anything or not, but the back right is the Fox Farms original trio, one of the 3 that just got water. No signs of anything bad, just staying droopy when the others perked up. IMG_8518.JPG
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    Mysturis420 Well-Known Member

    I went ahead and transplanted these are my worst looking clones yet that cold hit me hard 20190412_033629.jpg 20190413_021506.jpg 20190413_021536.jpg 20190413_024501.jpg 20190413_024731.jpg 20190413_024803.jpg 20190413_025031.jpg 20190413_030610.jpg 20190413_034200.jpg and now we water daily and wait
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    THT Well-Known Member

    Really impressed with all of you so far tbh. Your setups are great and clean and you behave like adults.. I am greatly enjoying participating in this thread, thank you all. Comparing my grow to all of yours I feel like mine is an indoor gorilla grow in a tent :)
    On to business
    From my initial 8 beans, 3 never showed up. Cole train, fire og, and Nigerian blue all failed to launch. From the remaining 5, I have culled the Mangolian indica (male) and the blue orca haze (male). That's left me with 3 confirmed females, white lotus, tenessee kush #2 , and brandywine.
    White lotus on the left, I'll begin defoliating soon

    Next up tenessee kush and brandywine
    20190413_111911.jpg 20190413_111851.jpg

    My shotgun round turned into more of a buckshot round. :)
    Peace, THT
    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    I added 3ml of Dyna-Zyme to the bottom of each sip today.

    20190413_160346.jpg 20190413_160411.jpg
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    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Soil mix night for up and coming grow and comp plants .
    This is my mix
    10 sunshine #4
    2 cil Wc mix
    2 cil compost mix
    1 promix

    mixing up in new soil only mixer
    tmp_8523-Resized_20190413_175538_90689112259388096270454.jpeg tmp_8523-Resized_20190413_175706_51595501306594477729153.jpeg
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    J.James Well-Known Member

    J.James #253

    Plants all got 16 oz of RO water today and I turned the light up to 70%

    P4130020.JPG P4130033.JPG P4130034.JPG
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    Kushash Well-Known Member

    My soil is a light mix so I fed my plants that started from seed 2 days ago and fed my clones today.
    They all received the same ferts.

    3 TBL EWC
    1TBL Kelp Meal
    1 TBL Crab Meal.
    2 tsp gypsum

    My water is a mix of hard tap water and RO.
    The tap can range from 350 ppms to 500 ppms.
    I mix it with RO till it gets to around 150 ppms.

    I watered in the amendments with:
    40 ppms of Epsom salt.
    70 ppms of seaweed extract.
    90 ppms of fish emulsion.

    So with the ro/tap mix plus those additions the total ppms were about 350.
    The next several watering days will be water only while seeing how they develop.

    The 2nd picture has a red arrow pointing to what I think is a variegated leaf.

    Happy Growing! :weed:

    100_0870.JPG 100_0872b.jpg 100_0873.JPG

    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Today I move them to veg room .
    tmp_8159-Resized_20190414_005432_21467120666774895094865.jpeg tmp_8159-Resized_20190414_005352_12961095440568811263891.jpeg
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    DesertPlants Well-Known Member

    Weekly update: Plants are doing well. Reminder, only the two in the RDWC are in this comp. The one in the middle is something I am testing.

    IMG_0590.jpg IMG_0591.jpg

    Madriffer Well-Known Member

    Weekend update 4/14 #290
    1 week at 12/12. Healthy and starting to stretch. Can tell the clones from RR cubes that didn't have the root mass of the hydro clones.
    From now on cubes are for beans only. 20190414_173621.jpg 20190414_173650.jpg 20190414_173700.jpg 20190414_173716.jpg 20190414_173740.jpg

    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Last nights watering turned out to be a feeding instead.
    When they hit the big show look out . View attachment 4317812
    tmp_21853-Resized_20190414_182204_71228758731436995840174.jpeg tmp_21853-Resized_20190414_005432_21461241713083130616554.jpeg tmp_21853-Resized_20190414_182532_98411119606164999085350.jpeg tmp_21853-Resized_20190414_182324_78701462092824405905371.jpeg tmp_21853-Resized_20190414_182440_12602289678424671968618.jpeg
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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    If it wasn't for the manifold I would flip them now. In 2 weeks this will be crowded. I have a plant to harvest in 2 weeks in my flower room, then I can do some rearranging.

    Other than pruning the lower two nodes, all I have done is some leaf tucking. The biggest fan leaves got tucked around-under the lowest sprouts

    dstroy Well-Known Member


    I topped them last night and took a clone from each.


    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    So according to the rules we must explain our setup to a certain degree. Well here it is. The plants that I have entered will go into a sip. The sip has minimal things in it, less is more. I'm giving other plants a chance to catch up with what I'm entering.

    20190415_075928.jpg 20190415_085331.jpg

    BostonBuds Well-Known Member


    Monday April 15th

    All 3 plants appear healthy. The Lemon Auto has been transplanted and growing fast, have only watered once so far w/tap water. I plan on topping the faster growing CPK once I transplant them soon, watering both daily w/Mega Crop. I switched out my "flower room" to MH again (that plant is done) and moved these plants into there now. So the Lemon Auto and 1 of the CPK I will let grow naturally and 1 CPK I am going to top and light lst to see the results.


    GreenThumbsMcgee Well-Known Member

    Vinny’s Revenge

    Hey gang!
    Been rolling along. As I stated before, I’m running autos, and its a new strain I’ve yet to run. I don’t generally top or do much other than some lst’ing when running autos.
    Well, I was doing some bending and I wasn’t familiar with this strain. I bent it and it snapped clean off in my hand, so I successfully topped the one in the back to the left. It was one of the larger of the 4 so it should do just fine. It was a bit of mishandling on my part, so I suppose it should be considered in my final score. Whoops. Oh well. May work in my favor, but it was not the plan. Let it be known.
    Here they are.

    Way2-High Well-Known Member

    Monday funday!!! She started getting a light feed this week and is responding well.
    80261A4E-46A7-4F27-97ED-9AB66A189DBF.jpeg 1CF9E9F2-1BA5-4FFF-8405-3A7B19A6367A.jpeg

    I chopped my plant in the closet so tonight I’ll be moving her in there, just have to clean the closet of any pollen.

    dstroy Well-Known Member


    Cloned all four. Getting aggressive with the pruning.


    In the cloner

    B10BDB40-EDE4-48CA-83AF-801DA9E25C6F.jpeg B5C995A4-927A-4DAB-BFCB-A73E8D5A9C6A.jpeg E449373E-7E43-4F27-9B6C-FE6646E7E904.jpeg

    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Tonight I get all the bags ready for the new crop .
    Trying some new product seems like I am doing everything differently
    Potpots are something new
    three dif pots here
    1 new root pouch and one washed 4 times and brand new potpot line ,
    Let's see how it grows/goes
    The only this the same is the End all that I used on thrips .
    Which I have got from a gifted clone .
    Also here are my amendments
    tmp_6744-Resized_20190415_031323_21368355337114615534157.jpeg tmp_6744-Resized_20190415_223439_89883711053389166503649.jpeg
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    Cappuchino Well-Known Member

    3 weeks old today. I expect rapid and intense vegetation grow in next week or two.

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