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    Please do not post in this thread unless you are a current player in the competition.

    This thread is for the photos posted by the players in the competition.


    ALL photos must have your player # in the photo.

    Discussion will remain in the original competition page.
    Link to original competition page.

    You can talk about and explain the pictures you are posting in the post with the pictures. All other discussion is to be on the original thread.
    If you want to discuss a photo or a post, link the post# or quote it over on the original thread.

    Do not talk about other players or their photos in this thread when posting your photos!

    After the competition ends this will also be the place for the players to cast their votes on the winner.

    This is designed to try to organize the chaos a little.

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    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Seeds chosen
    tmp_13825-Resized_20190315_023844_49964411636322430960867.jpeg tmp_13825-Resized_20190315_024035_55098345222916962708328.jpeg
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    GreenThumbsMcgee Well-Known Member


    Hey everyone, my name is #4!
    So here we go.
    I’m doing 4 autos (Vinny’s Revenge) in a sea of green style setup, no screen.

    I’ll be vegging in my generic 2’x2’x5’ using 2 cheap t5’s.
    Sea grow powder nutrients and compost tea for veg.
    I’m growing in sunshine mix, (soil)

    For flower I will put them in 3 gallon pots, and move them to my 2’x2.5’x6’ gorilla lite tent. 3 cree 3590’s (cob led) powered with a hlg240-c2100a meanwell driver.
    Nutrients will be fox farm big bloom/tiger bloom, and compost teas.
    Anything I missed, let me know!

    Good luck all
    #4 signing off!
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    T macc

    T macc Well-Known Member

    Entry info
    I'll be starting off with two plants: 1 from seed and 1 from clone. Both plants will be grown untopped and flowered in 1 gallon pots. The plant from seed will be LST'd the first 3 weeks to deal with stretch.

    I will use amended coco as my medium and I have "Liquid Gold" from kelp4less and Peach KNF from buildasoil as inoculants/nutrients. Both of these will only be used here and there as I remember to use them.

    Veg setup: one HLG 260 Quantum and a 2 ft. Agromax Pure UV in a 3x3 tent.

    Flower setup: two HLG 320 Quantums, two pairs of RapidLed's "exotic" and "Emerson" boards, and a 4 ft. Solacure Flower Power in a 4x4 tent

    First contestant: "Crystal Queen" by Vision Seeds gifted to me from a friend. Don't know how quality this seed or the company is. She will be planted in the 2 inch pot that sits behind that shotglass 20190315_165543.jpg

    Second contestant: this is a herm'd S2 of greenpoints Gelato S1 that wasn't good... I found a random seed on a shitty plant that had no nanners. This clone is coming out my flower room where she was going to die. And she still might die cause my clone game is weak, son.
    Let me know If I forgot anything.
    Good luck everyone!!! Winners, remember to donate your prized seeds to me. It's the rule.

    BostonBuds Well-Known Member


    I will be growing 3 plants, 2 Critical Purple Kush and 1 Lemon Auto. I just placed the seeds in water and will plant in potting soil later today.

    -Black Gold Potting Soil in coffee cans
    -T12 Lighting

    -Black Gold Potting Soil in 3 gallon pots
    -3' x 6' closet area
    -400w mh/hps HID
    -Mega Crop (feed according to directions)
    -8" fan/filter exhaust, passive intake.


    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Entry #59 :

    Strains :
    King Kong Poison #4
    Alien Cookies

    I am starting 6 plants but will more than likely drop to four depending on available space.
    I pulled the Mephisto seed and changed over to Alien Cookies instead.

    I did an hour presoak in water , then soaked rapid rooters in a diluted solution of CLONEX ( liquid ) .
    Seeds will be started in a prop dome and warming pad . And will be under 50 watt ( dimmed ) QB light to start them . I snipped a small piece of rooter as a temp plug to rooter hole to keep inner seed in dark ........ which allows me to PEEK into plug as days go on. The plugs are hydrated enough to push germ while under dome.

    I will run a 2 gallon Hempy ( 100% perlite ) grow , soil grows and cup grow . I will introduce , LST , topping , and mainline / quad lining .

    I will also as grow goes on breed seeds from them , and make fem pollen. If I get a full male I will journal that grow til pollen harvest .

    Medium -
    Hempy ( perlite )
    Soil ( EB Stone Recipe 420 / FFOF ) - Light Warrior - Dr. Earth

    Nutes -
    Dynagro / MC / silica / kelp

    Flowering -
    MC / MOAB

    Lights -
    Quantum Warp Core build ( QB 96s with 2 sunblaster T5 lamps ) - 320w
    Sunblaster T5 fitted with Agromax Pure UV and 10000k finisher
    Dual QB 288 3000k 260watt boards

    Space -
    3x3 tent and 3x3 corner space to start. These two spaces are the only areas to be used for veg and flower.

    410A11E2-C28A-4892-87DC-1F5F355C3AB0.jpeg AD14CF0B-CF46-4A3B-A956-D917C9262A93.jpeg 4E13A4C3-ACBE-48C5-A204-F226F660A749.jpeg A31E4154-21FD-497A-AF60-578EC1E48ABC.jpeg

    Stubbie Member

    OK, here we go! #256 begins life today! Here's what I'm running...

    1x Heavyweight Seeds Jackpot Auto - putting my entire entry into one seed. Bold move Cotton, let's see how that works out for him...


    Medium is CocoLoco mix, straight out of the bag.
    Water is tap, having set out for a minimum of 24 hours
    Initial planting into a solo cup
    Dyna-Gro nutes ProteKt, Grow, Bloom, & MagPro - I have been supplementing with ChaChing powder during flower for the PK boost and will most likely do the same here.


    Into the Coco she goes...


    Now the waiting begins. I have her in a prop tray on top of a heating mat set on low in a dark closet with a humidity dome until she pops her head above ground.


    This is my first time growing an auto, but I've done a bit of reading. That being said, I won't be topping or training her, and I was a little reluctant to not just put her in the final pot from the very beginning. My transplant skills are pretty solid though, so I'm not too worried about changing her pants in a few weeks.

    Back to pinning all my hopes on one seed though, just about knocked me out before I even began. Went to open the breeders pack, and my fumble fingers weren't very precise at the moment it gave way. Seed flew away from me and panic set in. Looked everywhere and couldn't find it...last ditch effort, I looked in my recently emptied trash can and found her in amongst the rubble. <sigh> Still in the game!!


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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    Posted in the wrong spot... :bigjoint:

    I am up to my neck in Superskunk and still have 7 left to pop after this (10+10free deal). So my grow is to try and find a nute for me. It will be in either 2 or 3 gallon pots max, each one with a different nute system.

    So I dropped 4 Superskunk by ILGM, and obviously planning on 4 plants... For those that pop I will run one in Dyna-gro, one in the Gen-hydro "maxi" dry nutes, the third in the original Fox Farms trio, and if all 4 pop, the last on the Fox Farms Gringo Rasta schedule.

    They are in a 30-1 water to peroxide solution for 24 hours.

    I plan to keep the nutes 75% or less, starting slow, but trying to get to and keep 75% on all, barring issues.
    I use RO water, Have HLG quantum boards, and AC Infinity Cloudline exhaust.

    My number is in there, the number of plants, nutes, system info, If I missed anything disqualify me! LOL. I'm still growing them :)

    I added the non-contest seedling (northern lights) in the pic for full disclosure. The contest plants will get no training, straight up Christmas tree, and will flip before the NL.
    IMG_7693.JPG IMG_7694.JPG IMG_7695.JPG

    Way2-High Well-Known Member

    Here’s my two fem seeds that I will be running until harvest, they are a fellow members genetics @J.James that he graciously gave to me for free (thanks bro). I was going to run some autos but they didn’t make it on time so two photos it is.
    0B5A3817-18F2-46D9-9C07-BF133612122E.jpeg BE81BB19-2D0E-4C18-8087-92EBF41B754C.jpeg A9776AA9-4A50-436B-81E0-2DCAAAE70551.jpeg
    They are in water now for a day then right into dirt. I’ll be making updates like this every step of the way. Enjoy!
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    DesertPlants Well-Known Member

    Plant Count: 2
    Strain: Voidwalker by DesertPlants Genetics
    Type: Photoperiod / Feminized
    Light: Custom LED (3500K 90CRI Vero 29 SE cobs)
    Nutrients: MegaCrop + Mammoth P + Clone-X (foliar spray)
    Grow Style: RDWC (12 gallon totes)
    Medium: HydroCrunch Hydroton
    Process: Top once + F.I.M. after topping, rub and bend training


    BostonBuds Well-Known Member

    Seeds in Black Gold Potting Soil in plastic coffee containers w/tap water. Will be placed in the corner of my grow area to keep warm until they pop, then moved under T12 lighting.
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    Mysturis420 Well-Known Member

    #115 here
    i will be taking 20 raspberry moonshine clones and will be keeping 18 in the end. they will be in a 50/50 perlite coco mix in 3 gal smart pots in at 4 by 8 tent with 3 hlg 550s and 1 8 in intake fan and 1 8 in outlet fan with charcoal filter. I will be using the full vegamatrix nutrients line with some added microbes and calmag

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    coreywebster Well-Known Member


    Madriffer Well-Known Member

    52 of 90 total clones taken.36 in the bubble clones and 16 in the aero clones.
    38 more into rapid rooters after a trip to the store.
    Will keep and run best 63.
    Set up- SOG 4x4 flood and drain table, 5.5 we sq pots filled with hydrogen.
    Lights- T5 during clone, 1k HPS per table in flower room. Xtra 600 between tables 3-4
    Nutrients- MegaCrop with Canna PK 13/14 mid flower
    Feed schedule- flood 15 min every hour.
    Genetics- GG#4 and an unknown strain. Currently hunting down which moms are which.

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    Mellow old School

    Mellow old School Well-Known Member


    So my post for this evening.

    Old camera today and in a bit of a hurry, will write more tomorrow, but for now strain list;

    2 x Critical Kush Fem from Barneys
    2 x Super Skunk Fem from Bulk Seed Bank
    2 x Muse Fem from R-Kiem
    2 x SandStorm regular from Cannabiogen
    2 x Dawg regular from Crocketts Family Farms

    10 plants in total. View attachment 4300756 View attachment 4300756

    More to follow, will be making a thread myself, hydro set up with hps, much more data to follow.

    Let the good times roll...

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    dstroy Well-Known Member

    Res change materials
    Tasty brown temperature regulated plant soup

    Cloner without lid and dome, temp regulated

    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Update : 1
    Well I was worried about my choice .
    Seeds were collected while clipping put off to side as I waited for the count down 3 hrs ,
    Now I am please to say I will have something to enter as ...they be popping .
    At least 2 opened so for those whom EVER said you NEED to dry them is Wrong .
    It maybe best to wait a few days for sure but the trim scent and parent choice I made Im so curious of the offspring .

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    Cappuchino Well-Known Member

    I will go with one plant. Strain is +Speed Auto by SweetSeeds. Soaked the seed in X-Seed germination stimulator from B.A.C. for one hour and dropped strait in to the soil.

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    dstroy Well-Known Member



    2 clones soaking in elite 91 clones
    2 LVTK clones in the cloner, cloner off and no dome

    Sealed puck 8DCEAC6D-0C66-47DE-9291-4AC675031477.jpeg
    Seven seeds
    Seven seeds in the cup

    cloner on, dome on, 2 bulbs on

    Madriffer Well-Known Member

    Round 2 is done! 38 cuts in rapid rooter cubes under the dome. Mums all thinned out. 20190315_193916.jpg 20190315_193909.jpg 20190315_193842.jpg 20190315_193725.jpg 20190315_193717.jpg 20190315_193618.jpg 20190315_193604.jpg 20190315_181805.jpg 20190315_181712.jpg 20190315_181709.jpg
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