Petition to Legalise Medical Marijuana in Australia.

Discussion in 'Aussie Patients' started by xSLAYERx, Mar 26, 2012.


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    300 signatures so far is a bit sad, send it to Bob Carr!

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    The legality of Medical Marijuana in Australia always confuses me.

    A friend of mine said he could get Marijuana through the doctors (We live in NSW) and he wasn't talking about Californian State Law.. he was 100% referring it to Australia.

    I didn't really pay much attention to it, however I was talking to my close friend about it and her grandfather was dying in hospital, and he was given a medical marijuana edible! That really amazed me.

    I'd love to know more about it, because as far as any documentation shows it is 100% illegal to cultivate/eat/smoke/posses marijuana even for medicinal purposes.

    Someone suggested that they grow it at a near by University, I'm not sure about it at all.
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    Yes there are some goverment approved marijuana projects for medical and other uses in australia. In qld CSIRO is growing and studing marijuana for medical uses. Another one ive heard of is monash uni in melb has approval to grow and test marijuana for medical use aswell

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    the problem is, if you check his legal information page "This may not stop you from being arrested and criminalised" and i'm certain that all his communications are monitored by the police. they might not be able to 'get' him but they can hit the patients :sad:

    + nothing gets anywhere with small petitions

    there is another project afoot :wink: but i'll have a chat to this mullaways dude before suggesting it

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    I think he's located around Nimbin, NSW. If you're trying to chat with him.

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    Start a new one 2014 is the year we should be all making a fuck load of noise to be herd rally protests start up political party's or join ones that are already up and running with the views we agree on if anyone here is from vic look into the free cannabis Victoria party it's running for state election this yr the more members in the party the better :) COMIN AUS it our time to legally blaze up

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    Join the HEMP party if you really want to do some good... speak to them in your state and get advise or donate help to them...

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    that's pretty cool haven't heard of them... are they still running? do you have any contacts?

    also to help Tony with his latest legal proceedings and to help raise more awareness:


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