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    Does anyone have experience dealing with an outdoor grow here in Colorado? I'm in the northern portion of the state, I'm sure that matters, I'm going to be constructing a 10ft×20ft×7.5ft tall hoop house to keep it legal and out of peering eyes, when should I be looking to get the plants in the greenhouse? I want to start them indoors first and early enough to get maximum potential out if each one (hoping to yield enough to not have to grow indoors anymore lol) so when should I get them started and how old/tall should they be by the time I have to put them in the Greenhouse? I'll be using clones, either buying a tray of 50 and weeding out the weaklings (only keeping maybe 12), or cutting my own but I'm appehensive since I've never done that before and have 0% experience with fresh cuts and don't want to fuck anything up, I also don't want to set any lights up in the greenhouse, that's an option right? They won't start to flower when I put them outside right? I'm wanting to use 6 mil plastic for the greenhouse but wanting to atleast double maybe even triple layer it to increase privacy, will that effect growth negativley? Will regular ol Wal-Mart box fans in a window above the doors on front and back be strong enough to ventilate the Greenhouse? Sorry about the "rapid fire" questions lol, this is about to happen for me and i waited too long to ask these questions. If any of these are "dumb" questions I apologize in advance, im just trying learn.

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    I tosses seeds in my backyard soil for the luls back in 2016 and they grew quite well for an unintended successful project.

    I feel the more legit and privacy-effort displaying people are the more obvious it becomes that- its a grow.

    I'm a noob...ignore my ignorance but is ventilating a greenhouse for smell actually a practical thing? Weed is gonna be weed and smell no matter what unless you've got an awesome filter air system

    Best wishes
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    Thanks for the reply, the ventilation would have been for the heat not the smell, not trying to tackle the smell, I could see that being extremely difficult lol, but unfortunatey I don' think I'll be able to get an outdoor harvest this year
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    one thing they changed in CO is your greenhouse outdoors has to be completely enclosed at all times. no open windows allowed.

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