Our New Girls are In


Hey all

So we have got another lot of ladies ready to rock and roll!!!!!

They are at the start of week two.

Feel free to comment as we love feed back.

We have 21 girls (White Rhino) set up in a veg room

We are running a recirculating watering system, with 13ml top feed running into 17ltr buckets, with hydrotron balls as our medium and 19ml on the bottom running from our reservoirs.

For veg we are using 3 son T 400 watt bulbs on an 18hr cycle.
For our newts we are using

  • Planttastic A&B
  • Flair Form PH up
  • Growth Technology PH down
  • Canadian xpress Regna-root, Potassium and headmaster

Hope you all enjoy



Hey all

Have an up date

We have entered week one in flower as we only veg for two weeks.

The girls will be moved onto a bigger room after week 3 flower when the other girls in there come out.

Still running with the 400s on a 12hr cycle.
The one tank for now.
Used 100m of A&B which leaves the tanks on 6 -8.
Running at a PH of 6

We had a bit of a mite problem but will some help (well a lot of help) managed to remove it using a product called Dyna-mite which is a miticide containing DIC OFOL.
We used it 2 times 2 days apart and then a week later again seem to work.

Here are some photos of the mite problem and some of the girls.

And now for week two

Have moved to two tanks.

And uped the newts to 130 A&B which leaves the tanks on 10 -12.
Running at a PH of 6.

Have been getting problems with condensation build up in the tent due to the cold weather. Trying to work out a way to tackle this problem as can't get any airflow through the tent apart from intake/out take, no room for a dehumidifier and the moister in the condensation is just creating more moister.

Any ideas will be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some photos



Hey all

Ha thank you sir have had a quick look and will read more when can spare a second!!!!!

We have just got space issues with less then 30 cm from the girls to the tent

So here is week three

Sill Running newts at 130 A&B and still sitting PH on 6.0




Hey all

So I have been such a slack bastard and not up loaded any photo's for a while!!!!

But here goes

We are at the start of week seven now and stupidly deleted photo's from the other weeks

Have moved the girls inside and are now running on three tanks, 200 A&B leaving the tanks on 14, and running at 6.0 for our PH





So two weeks left and then we will see how we went



Hey all

Week eight, flushing

They under 6 600's, running 12 on 12 off

Also got some ladies that are week two Flr




Have moved the girls inside that were in week two flr

We running three 60ltr tanks now

Here some photo's from week three



Here are some photo's from week four

Still running three tanks this week have add headmaster and potash into the mix as well