Organic Vs. Synthetic Nutrients

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Breezee77, Feb 1, 2017.

    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    There's a lot we don't know, which is why I mix it up.
    Hell, I don't even use the same thing every time -- it all depends on the plants.
    For example, I don't normally feed young plants high PPM, but my Chinook Haze are showing multiple deficiencies so I just hit them with a 1,400 ppm solution of mega crop.
    I'm sure they'll dig it... :hump:
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    So we've moved on .... good, I was just about to get a bottle of calmag.... been holding off for the the last 10 years lol.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Well you should wait til next year for the Monsanto GMO plus. Forever crop stability in a bottle. Just $999 a gallon. Deal!
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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    This talk on these nutrients is pretty stupid. I said to a non grower, I use vegan based nutrients which is at the highest level and they said there plants, how can the nutes be anything elese lol.

    "Organic nutes still have chems salts"..

    This is what you are looking for
    20180128_192116.jpg 20180128_192139.jpg
    Expensive too.
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    AnimalMother1974 Active Member

    I have a shitload of clovers growing in my yard. I may ferment them with some banana and see what happens
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Clover is a great soil amendment and adds back nitrogen, not sure about a rotting banana though, keep us posted lol.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Banana = K, lots
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Sunni is a Vegan grower...There are more here then you think.

    I prefer many of my local botanical's for building my soil. I also use most of the things on that list and others. I do tea mostly for simple bio tea. Some specific one's for late bloom and others for some specific amending....

    I still enjoy some synthetic experimenting again. I have to say, I don't find this thread, or it's content's "dumb" or "stupid" or whatever you said previously.

    Everyone has a choice.
    Everyone chooses what works for them. This means some will choose ways you don't. Doesn't make either of you, wrong.

    If you break down the nutrient into their base components. You are feeding exactly the same chemical ions - synthetic or organic. What's different? The source and how each is refined or chelated down to be available by the plant...

    BTW. You do notice that your nutrient "tea" contains sugar. What form of sugar (carbs)?
    Know why?
    To feed the bio's in the mix to have them begin to break down some of the nutritional source's in that "tea" powder. They also are delivering them to the soil and feed those some too.
    The bio's in that tea are some of the one's that do the chelating organically.....
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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    I know bottled salt ferts harm my worms and beneficial organisms writhe in pain when these salts are introduced even in mixed ratios in my soil -while compost/poop/etc does not phase any of these living orgs that I can see. Thats enough for me to stick with whats been working to produce the best produce for the last millions of years at least. so far really good results with organic feeding for a few years now.....I kicked the bottle for a better cheaper experience here.:weed:
    I admit to using a bottled nutrient for foliar feeding in veg.:oops:
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    jarvild Well-Known Member

    That's strange, I still get shrooms growing from my medium running synthetic hydro nutrients in my coir.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    If you ran simple bio teas in synthetic runs.
    You would be shocked at how much those things make the "salt" nutrient increase in uptake.
    You would have to reduce the amount of bottled nutrient you use.

    I played with this some years ago. Tried different amounts (by how often used) of AACT and got down to just under 50% of the nutrient used to get working results. Some real burnt plants were along that road.
    Why did I do that? To learn!

    I still do some AACT amending with synthetic runs. Not many and at specific times but, I still do it.

    Yet I prefer my organic mainstay growing.... Water only soils and light tea supplementing at specific times...

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    You make some good points.

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    my used salt fert and organic fed substrates do the same with vegetables in the outdoor gardens .Both grow fungus very well.
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Fermenting = stinky mess and bugs lol
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    I like to use fermented molasses (alcohol removed) as a amendment mix component for liquid supplement mix's I make. I'm adding a micro source with it's use.
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    Heil Tweetler

    Heil Tweetler Well-Known Member

    You test yours? Im interested in having my latest batch analysed. Its a very finished batch and i think it would be useful to know the values and then be able to observe the effect on my plants.

    I sent a message to waypoint analytics to ask about prices snd options. Do you recommend any labs for compost testing?

    kingzt Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to chime in on this debate because I really enjoy reading both sides to the argument. When it comes to taste I still haven't made up my mind if organic produces a better tasting bud than a synthetic ran harvest. My last harvest I grew in coco with House and garden dtw. I can say that I personally didn't like the taste. Some have no issues but so far I've had the most complaints with this past run especially from a fellow friend who has more of a refined palette but some don't seem to notice.

    I've grown in soil that only needed water and an occasional top dressing from start to finish which is my personal favorite because of the ease and reduce waste of fertilizer and money. But for some reason my buddy who has the knack for tasting things that I can't has told me my best tasting product is when I used Sunshine Mix and House and Garden dtw. I never had any qualms about using that method because it was my always fallback plan.

    To this day I still don't have any answers and I end up shooting my self in the foot because I try new growing methods. I don't mind trying new things because I find it fun but my past coco run will be my last. Right now my next batch I have my babes in 10 gallons pots with ocean forest with insect frass and dr earth amendments. So far so good minus a little over watering issue with a couple strains. But honestly I'm not opposed to going back to promix/sunshine and house and garden.

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