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    no and depends where
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    Bean Busy

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    South Australia

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Same exact experience 1 hit instant lemon pledge with a very lemony flavor.

    I too lost that one but i ordered more from attitude on my last order got lemon skunk from dna and eek... greenhouse lol well see if i can find that lemon pledge again :)

    chris42393 Well-Known Member

    Hey, ive sent you a few messages (email) about my order, did you receive them? I sent you my money (cash) it should be in Monday. It is registered, so it will need a signature. Order number is #3266

    Houstini Well-Known Member

    So your payment isn't supposed to arrive until Monday and you are asking about your specific order in a forum? Be patient and use common etiquette, he sent out an email the other day saying that he is catching up from holidays. If you sent it registered my advice would be to wait patiently like everyone else.
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Hey Toby, do you take credit cards or bitcoin by chance?
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    Billy Madison

    Billy Madison Active Member

    I just received my order from OES after sending the money order out on 12/26. Fast service. A+ . My only complaints are that I spent over 250$ and didn't get any freebies ( i love freebies) and Humble Pie by DVG was advertised at 12 Regular Seeds for 100$ and i only received 6 seeds in the vial. Other than that, everything went smooth.

    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    Oregon elite seeds only does cash orders. James bean co payment system is down. Attitude and herbies only do cash and wire transfer.

    I was all happy thinking Oregon elite seeds were going to take credit card but to my horror I saw cash order only lol.

    Is there any good seed banks in the US that do credit card?

    I would do wire transfer overseas but it's kind of shady and what if it messes up lol. Plus the big shipping and stealth fees.

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    James Bean payment system has been down for a long time, you have to make arrangements with him to process an order.
    I can think of 4 other seed banks in the US that takes cards plus a few in Europe, but I won't be the one to tell.
    Do a little research for yourself. I personally don't mind sending cash. I've never been ripped off.
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    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    Please tell me I been waiting 2 months to order only to find out no one does credit anymore. Please don't make me sift through more threads lol.

    It's more for convenience than anything. If OES and James bean don't do it then who does? Those are the top ones I heard in the US.

    The aurora winds botanicals is getting bad reviews and who knows if they do credit.

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    You have to contact James Bean. Last I checked he does credit card

    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    Hmm, It's worth a try I guess. The pistol positive creations looks like a really good deal $40 for a 13 pack with 5 freebies.

    I read in another forum that a pistol positive was ahead of a bhodi in veg.
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    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    I sent Attitude an email asking them to call me about my order.. They called last monday and took paymment over phone.. order was dispatched the following day with shipping details. Just sayin. I'm still searching for an American company to work with... all the research is turning up crap.
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    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    TrueNorth has been good from what I've seen... Shipping,stealth,insurance does get pricey

    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    I called attitude and they said their system is down and they only do cash orders and wire transfer. Nothing about paying them over the phone.

    I contacted James bean co and he answered fast. He still takes credit and shipping is only $7 compared to OES that charged $10.

    I asked when he's getting the pistol positive strains that were sold out back in stock and he said not anytime soon but new strains were coming out in a couple weeks.

    Out of the ones that are in stock he says he likes the coca kween.
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    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    I called attitude and said the site wouldn't allow me to use my credit card.

    They said their system was down and that they can take cash orders, bitcoin, or wire transfer. They never said you can pay over the phone.

    Then I asked them if they would take my prepaid gift cards on the site they said no.

    Finally I said then what do you take? They said the same thing that they can do wire transfer, etc.

    They never said oh you can just pay us over the phone with credit.

    Nothing of that nature came out at all just the cash orders, wiring and bit coin.

    They lost a customer, I'm going with James bean co instead.

    Worked out better for me anyway because all those shipping and stealth fees and converting the gbp to usd was getting pricey .

    A lot more simple and convenient for me to just get a 13 pack for $40 with $7 shipping in the US and get it fast with no customs involved.

    The cocoa kween James bean said he liked is a cross between bodhi gear and exotic.

    Other crosses I saw were with rare dankness and sincity.

    All I know is that I'm getting something that contains bodhi genetics in it at a good price with with freebies that come sealed in the pack.

    James bean co seems legit and he responded same day.
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    Billy Madison

    Billy Madison Active Member

    If the banks weren't so scared of handling canna money, all of these sites would accept CC, no problem. It's not the site owners fault. I sent out a few dm's to help some of the users out here, I hate for threads to get off track, this thread is about your experience with Oregon Elite Seeds. I would order from OES again, great service.

    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    Did you crack any Banana Glue yet... was just on OES website and found all of Dankonomics Glue strains were in stock. Imma jump on this as well. Has anyone found any good (I mean excellent) pheno's of the gg4 mi cuts from beans.? Being its a clone only strain.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Not yet. Had to get em just to hang on to cuz I know theyre gonna go.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

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