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    Fair Enough. BTW thank you very much for the order! I placed order on a Friday and sent the money order the same day. I received the order in 6 days on the next Thursday. Awesome Job. My only critique would be that the communication was a little touchy as the confirmation emails where a bit confusing but that could of been due to the holiday. Will order again.
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    Just about to place an order, can I use a credit card or no?

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    i was on the fence whether or not to post my thoughts because they say you catch more bees with honey.. i never understood why somebody wanted to catch the bees in the first place if they already had the honey but i digress...

    So I've placed one order so far, tried to place a second with no luck. I would like to say first I'm generally a happy customer but just definitely not dazzled here. First order was 300 dollars BOTH PACKS WERE ON SALE i do get that but still, no freebies. The first seed order on any site in ten years that i didn't get at least a single extra bean even if it's in the pack i bought or was on sale. Ok not a big deal i got what i ordered and fast. I wasn't worried about it because ok they were on sale i get it. Packaging was lackluster they were just thrown in a bubble package and mailed. Idk maybe I'm being critical in that aspect that's really all that's necessary being that it's within the country buuut glg sends stickers tins lighters dab pucks and still puts the packs in an extra layer of protection/vision block of some sort.. Double bubbled! I mean what if the package rips open at the sort facility, right!? A second envelope saves everybody some possible issues. Anyway they got here in one piece and that's what matters.
    Went to make a second order and this one was going to be around 500 if i remember correctly. Went to checkout and got the craziest error starting there's no stock however one of three packs had three still available! The other two only had one available. I email oes with a screen shot and ask them to hold those packs for me. They try to fix the issue and i try again still no luck... At this point i go to bed. I wake up to an email stating ok try again or it's been fixed something of that nature. Go to the site and it's now working however two of the strains are now sold out -_- soooo if these are being held for me I'll change my tune and outlook real fast lol but this was a couple weeks ago and i never received correspondence to that effect obviously. Maybe had i been a longer standing customer they would have known if i say I'll buy it I'll buy it and held them, idk.
    Just kind of an overall bummer of an experience compared to glg and attitude FOR ME, i know glg site is kind of weak sauce and some in the past had issues with over selling packs, i personally haven't had a problem with them nor ever with attitude. So not saying anybody is better here just want to share my own experiences which i can only compare to those I've had with other companies, ya know?!
    My last concern is this auction section. I've found the strains listed for auction still available at other sites multiple times for the starting bid price. For instance this 700 dollar pack from afficianado which has a reserve not met is for sale for the same price right now at seeds here now.
    Seems like a cash grab hate to say it.. Which hey capitalism more power to ya but still leaves me with this face on when i think about it :/

    Have to reiterate this is a completely reputable source for seed and most of you are probably very happy with them and i do love the difference in selection compared to the others i use. Just my personal overall experience was sort of blah. Still going to make another order at some point, maybe even on one of these auctions ha. hope i get my package they may hate me now if they didn't already from this site here come to think of it :D jkjk .. hopefully I'll be able to leave an awesome review here in place of this post when i do get the next order. Or if you get anything extra extra special and limited in stock OES, put aside for me i will buy it and tell everybody how great you guys are :)

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    I don't see any sale items anymore. There used to be a ton of stuff on sale. Am I still on the old site?

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    Just started following you on IG ..Good stuff man ..I wish i could make it to the Emerald cup and stop by you're booth maybe next year
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    1. freebies are 1st come 1st serve do to them being limited
    2. we don't do freebies for sale items
    3. we had that issue with the cart do to having 10000 ppl hit the website at the same time
    4. The seed auctions I don't search for them for sale at other places i just list them for what the ppl who send them in ask for
    5. all packages are 100% guaranteed to be delivered so I'm not concerned with them being lost (well i am) i just insure delivery so on your end you will get your gear, credit or funds returned if there are any issues
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    i had a lot on sale for awhile i like to change things up all the time
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    and no i don't hate you.....i need to hear this from you guys it helps build my company
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    I do like your site and will order some Strayfox gear in a few weeks. Thanks for keeping it real.
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    whenever i see auctions it just seems kind of unprofessional and greedy. I mean it's the seed banks job to offer the genetics to the public at first come first serve not to cherry pick the best and then auction shit off later for max price. I kind of stopped checking OES after one archive drop then seeing certain packs getting auctioned instead of listed. Defeats the purpose of staying up to date with drops if the good shit isn't going to be put up.
    Id more understand if the auction started at $0 and was a true auction, but 700 without any bids is simply greed.
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    the packs are not always mine my man......I do auctions for the community. I myself have AUCTIONED off maybe 6 packs of my own vault gear which I'm a grower and collector. You can send in seeds i take a 20% commission and I auction them for you with that you can then set a starting price and a reserve. I auction seeds from my own vault as well. I offer everything i get...........I ONLY KEEP GEAR if someone doesn't come threw with there payment so i give you guys all 1st choice. if a lot are flaked on I RELIST a FEW and KEEP a FEW
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    Always keeping it real!
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    I got these fire betties in the mail today.
    Great service! I sent you and Greenpoint funds off last Saturday and I'm still waiting on my Greenpoint order.

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    700 for aficionado? Fuck that noise.

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    Ok, 2 things about the site I'd like to share if you guys care to know from a buyers perspective....

    1. You guys took away the search function.
    I don't care to search through 70+ breeders with a dozen strains for each breeder to find a pack or two of FEM beans. Whos got time for that when I could go to another site that has a tab just for fem beans, or makes it simple enough for me to find them without looking through 730 strains.

    2. Your breeder tab doesnt fit the page on my smart phone OR my desktop. It cuts off the bottom few breeders making it impossible to click on their name to view their selections. I'd be unhappy if I were those breeders and potentially got looked over on a daily basis.

    site pic - Copy.png

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    1. search bar is being worked on

    2. it cuts off on mine as well ill work on that
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    any new breeders on the way? good work by the way your site looks great everything 100

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    1. search bar will be added by next week maybe tonight

    2. fixed the problem for this one i believe
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    yes but gonna keep it on the DL so my completion doesn't think like me lol
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