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    We got catnip in the fridge but wonder how they would like fresh stuff. Red there was munching away at some bud tips from the plants I was hacking back. Heard a noise behind me and there he was chowing down on pot. Like that cat. :)
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    That plant is about 3 years old and is showing it's age as it has thinned out a lot. My cat approves. Easy to grow getting indirect light near a window and does well organic. Clones easily.
    If cats could talk I'm sure they would say that organic catnip is tastier with better terp profiles :)
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    It's strange as the wife gardens her ass off all summer growing veggies and stuff but we don't have a single house plant if you don't count the lemon tree in the shop window.
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    What is this, and where can I buy seeds of it?
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    Those are OG#18. My buddy gave me 5 clones of it last December and I grew them out in 4gal pots of ProMix HP and ProMix potting soil with AN nutes. Really nice buzz but didn't yield a hell of a lot. I have one plant from a cutting but no seeds I'm afraid. I've looked online and haven't seen any for sale either. I plan to try it in DWC and see how it works in there. Might try colloidal silver to see if I can't get some fem seeds but that will be a while yet.

    Nice rock hard buds and I like the buzz so I'm not done with her yet. :)


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    Got clones?
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    Not yet but planning to get lots off that girl.

    Each of those original clones tossed a few 'nanners around week 5 in flower and I'm sure this one will do as well. I hand trimmed every bud and only found 3 seeds in all my buds from all those plants in my last grow and a few of the kali crosses had 'nanners too so I just ate the tiny seeds and they were all tasty. :)

    These OGs have decent traits or I'd toss her out. It's not the Ocean Grown strain of great renown and in no way related to those. It's not even something that would make money for a cash-cropper but that's not me so I really couldn't care less about that. OG#18 if you care to look that up.

    When I look around at my various cans of pot for something to toke the OG seems to the one I pick more often than not. I've got more of other strains to choose from but it seems to fit the bill.

    I'm going to try the colloidal silver thing on her and a couple other plants that I have but I have no others of the same strain to chuck the pollen on. Selfing a plant with it's own pollen gets me what? This is new territory for me and I have to plead ignorance in this case.

    I'm nothing if not ignorant but always willing to learn. :D

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    A little update about what's up in the grow.

    Got some new beans up. Planted 3 Original Skunk and 3 BlueBerry from Crop King along with 3 fem AK47 from CanukSeeds. 1 each of the BB and AK didn't come up. I had a 9-hole seed starter primed with screened ProMix and watered about 5 months ago that I didn't use but saved in a big ziplock and used that to sprout the seeds in. They did lousy for the first 2 weeks so repotted into 1L tobacco cans with straight ProMix HP watered in with weak 3-part AN nutes and they are perking up fine.

    Just before repotting at 2 weeks post-sprout. OS on the left, BB in the middle and the AK on the right. Looking pretty crappy compared to the usual and I have done it this way for 15+ years.


    A few days in their new home and they are looking a lot better.


    A pic from today looks even better and the new BB seed came up in less than 3 days in straight ProMix HP with nothing more than shaking around in my sandpaper lined pill jar then straight to the pot.


    You can really see the difference between the high sativa Skunk on the left with the Indica leanings of the BB on the right and the mid-road AK in the middle.

    Going thru a couple liters/day in my humidifier and can't get the RH up enough to get my meter off LL which it goes to when it's below 20%. Gotta keep the ppm low or burn my babies. Winter here sucks the water out of the air for sure.

    They're sitting right next to a couple of older plants that had massive mite infestations not long ago. Wiped the buggers out with repeated sprays of simple Safer's Soap sprays from an old bottle I've had for 5 years or more. Anyone that claims you need some super spray and switch sprays is full of poo. Not my first rodeo with those little demons. :) Never even had to break out the neem oil.

    My Critical Kush plant didn't survive revegging but the 30 yo sativa did and is almost ready to take cuttings off of. The ChemDawg is iffy but I'm confident I can get a couple good tho woody cuts soon. Testing the tiny buds I saved when I hacked the plants back make we want both strains to survive!

    ChemDawg on the left.


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    I'm so far behind on everything but recently had a serious health problem fixed that I didn't even know I had. I thought I was gluten or lactose intolerant as I've had trouble with my guts the last 3 years. Turns out it was an appendix that tried to blow back then but blew a little hole near the base and has been leaking poison into my belly the whole time. Almost lost a big chunk of my colon but the operation went great and all is well now. My constant fatigue was my body using a lot of resources to fight an ongoing infection. Doc said I must have a hell of an immune system not to have got peritonitis in all that time. Day after I get home from that, yesterday, I'm off in an ambulance again for a damned kidney stone that formed from the severe dehydration I was undergoing. Showed up in the CAT scan that caught the appendix problem but was non-obstructive so they never told me or I would have known what was going on and toughed it out another 20 min at home. After abdominal surgery I wasn't taking no chances with incredible pain like that. Never again I hope.

    Already feeling like a champ again and eating like a horse to get back the 12 lbs or so I lost. Down to 129 at my last weigh in.

    Well the ChemDawg bit the dust finally. Was touch and go so she up and got. The unamed sativa from 30 year old seed is looking way better with lots of cuttings available. I'll take 3 or 4 and maybe toss her in the flowering room later. Think I'll name her 30Something. Was a great show. [​IMG]


    Thought I'd got rid of them but found a couple live mites on 30Something so cleaned her up and gave her the last dose of the Safer's soap left in the bottle. Hit her with the other stuff in 3 days.


    The babies are all a little starved with all the hospital shit I've been dealing with but I'm getting better fast and so will they after the nice feeding they got today. They live right beside 30Something and not a mite to be found on any of them so maybe the boogie man isn't so scary after all. [​IMG]

    3 Original Skunk on the left. 2 BBs and the BB baby in the middle and the 2 AKs on the right.


    Check out the fat leaves on the baby BB. Heavy indica for sure or got a bit of DuckFoot genetics in it. [​IMG]


    That's it for now.


    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Wow, what an ordeal!

    Glad to hear you're feeling better!

    Appendix and then a kidney stone- talk about a one two punch to the gut...
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    just found your journal, got a question why did you chop back? i'm just curious hadn't seen anyone do that before. I see the after effects?
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    Ordeal is what it was for sure but it didn't kill me and I'm coming back stronger! I was using some of my drafting gear to draw a cooling skirt idea for a guy doing a 1 tub DWC in a 4x4 tent that is wanting to cool the nutes a bit and came across my metric circle template and took a look at the 4mm one. No wonder that sucker hurt so bad on the way to my bladder!

    Here's that quick sketch for shits and giggles. Should be a bit effective as long as the intake air is cooler than the tent. He was only at around 74F for a bit and there's a bit of brown in the middle of his otherwise pristine roots but he has anxiety and has been freakin' about every little thing so gotta give him something to do other than baby his plants to death. :D


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    The plants I got were from a buddy that just had them out in a freezing greenhouse and was going to toss them so I brought them home mites and all. Rather than deal with all the foliage to get rid of the mites I decided to hack them back and make the job easier. All the stress and mite damage was too much for two of them and the hacking didn't help. The last one is doing good and in a spray schedule to finally get rid of them for good. Time for the neem.

    If I'm going to be away for a few weeks and have bushy, vegging plants I'll hack them back like that then reduce the light levels and feed to slow their growth until my return so the wife doesn't have to do nothing but give them some water once in a while. She's not into pot but doesn't nag and will help with things like that. Her thing is chickens and we got about 50. lol

    Now to deal with the thrips in the basement grow room. lol

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    Chickenshit grows great weed...
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    Not for indoor it don't around here. Too many bugs and shit in there. I'm swinging back to mainly DWC now after playing in the dirt the last few grows. Soilless or DWC will be it for now on. I know where I am there and do a lot better. Just a black thumb when it comes to dirt farming but green as hell with hydro.

    We put a yard or so of compost on the garden every year and the soil is getting great. Lots of good veggies this last fall. Got 3 big patches going all the time and dig out the oldest each spring and rototill it in along the rows which vary every year so the whole garden is done in a couple years.

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    I ran composted chickenshit back in the day. The fresh stuff would not be ideal.
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    Little update with only 14 shopping days until Xmas. Get out there and spend, spend, spend to buy happiness for all your neglected loved ones you faithful consumers! lol

    I rearranged the spare bedroom a bit to be able to squeeze the 8x4 tent in there and swapped out the fluoros and LEDs for some real power. Hung the 400W MH up and will start getting some decent growth happening soon. About time to up-pot the babies to the 2L cans from 1L.


    Something going on with the BlueBerries. Not sure what yet but it might be Mg or even a bit of nute burn starting, Going to watch and wait a bit and see what happens after they get into bigger pots before trying to fix what may not be a problem One of the Skunk is showing the same fading in the leaves but the rest are fine. That droopy BB in the back, rt side is standing tall today. [​IMG]


    Group shot. Tallest are the BB at 7" and 6 nodes.


    Check out the mess I have to deal with downstairs with my too tall CBD girls. I'm going to install a 3x4' piece of sheep fencing at a 45 degree angle in front and drape them over it to do a weird semi-vertical ScroG type thingy and get them flowering today I hope. Want to get at least 6 cuttings each off all three. Already switched the 400 MH for a 400 HPS but haven't changed the time from 18/6. Otto #1 on the left.


    As my health improves so will my attention to my plants and things are slowly falling into place with a plan looking forward.

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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Got the mess downstairs cleaned up today. [​IMG]

    Cut a 4x4 piece of sheep fencing off a part roll and worked out the curl as best I could and took it downstairs to set it up. First I took out the curved vertical screen with the panda film on the back to have a square corner to attach the flip screen with a hook in the wall at each end.

    I threw the box of dead leaves on the screen so you can see better where it is. The plants are draped over a chain to hold them up for the last few months.


    It was all floppy and still had lots of curl so decided to use the tag ends of the fencing down the sides and some baling wire to attach bamboo sticks along all four sides for a frame to stiffen it up. I slit some 5/8" plastic tubing lengthwise with my trusty Swiss Army knife and put it over the back of the screen for a gentle edge for the plants to lean over on. Busted the main stem on the Otto but splinted it right away and raised the screws holding the screen against the wall 5" so the edge was above the splint. No big deal and shouldn't slow the plant down at all tho it damn near broke off.

    A couple of chains from a single point to hold up the front end. It can be lowered right to the floor and easily raised up to the roof if I want to get under the screen to water the plants easily. I expect to have it down around a 45° angle for but maybe near horizontal with 2 - 400W HPS light over it. So will need 8" clearance at least under the lights. Tomorrow for that as my back is killing me.

    Every day I'll gently bend the stems a little more to get them closer to the screen but not to lay flat. Further up I'll lash them to the screen but as they get more bent they will protrude closer to the front of the screen and with the stretch expect them to reach the edge or beyond. We shall see.

    Another brilliant solution to a unique growing situation. [​IMG]

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    Busy day for this old boy. Was going to go with 2 - 400W HPS but don't have another hood other than the air cooled boxy one and it won't give me the coverage I need. I do have one of those funky Gavita bulbs with the built-in reflector so could just hang that from a socket but hard to get it aimed just right. So WTF why not use the new/used 1000W MH/HPS and one of the brand new $40 bulbs.

    Mixed up a batch of nutes for them to start into 12/12. Don't know for sure what CBD girls like to eat but they all got a portion of a 9L batch I made. Weren't as dry as I thought as they all took a little under 2.5L when right dry they take 3 easy.

    In 9 L

    5ml Rhino Skin
    13.5ml Micro and Bloom, No Grow
    5g Big Bud powder
    9ml Bud Factor X
    9ml Bud Ignitor
    5ml CalMag

    Raised the screen for easy access.

    Set the timer to go off at 3am and come back on at 3pm. Said good night to the girls just before lights out and locked the door.

    And to all a good night.


    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Re-potted the babies last night. I try to set up a bit of an assembly line when doing a bunch of plants. Going from 1L pots to 2L. Not a lot but don't have a lot of room to go with larger pots right now. Using ProMix HP straight out of the bale and pre-moistening it in a big tub using my $10 Canadian Tire pump sprayer so I'm not having to squeeze the handle on a regular sprayer 1000 times and be crippled the next day. lol

    All set up with the tub full of ProMix, smaller tub for junk soil, drip pans with racks borrowed from the kitchen, jug of nute water and a big serrated knife to do root pruning with.

    First I add the date to the masking tape label, peel the label off and stick it on one of the larger pots and drop the small pot with plant in there to keep track of everything.


    Then put enough soil in the bottom of the new pot to have the level right when the root ball is dropped in. Spray it real good with the nute water so the sawed off roots have a wet spot to sit on right away. Always hated to roll over on the wet spot. [​IMG] I like to have the root ball about a good inch or more above the rim of the new pot as I'll be cutting some off the bottom and the soil settles a bit after watering so it comes out with the pots filled right up. Have to turn the plant upside down and give it a good thump on the bottom so it slides out.


    Then saw a half inch off the bottom to get rid of the long roots wrapped around the base. Like topping a plant this forces the roots higher up to branch out and fill the upper portions of the root ball with roots. Doesn't slow the plants down at all and seems to make them grow faster too. Kind of like what the fabric pots do but a bit more drastic. :)


    Then into a drip pan for a good soaking and let it sit in the puddle to make sure it's saturated while I do the next pot then it goes on to a rack over another drip pan to drain the extra water which gets dumped into the next dry one. Repeat until done.

    Then just set them under the light so they can get bigger soon! I'll need to find something to set them on so they are closer but the first day I like to leave them further from the light so they can settle in a bit.

    Found a suitable stand for the plants and decided to FIM all but the baby BB.


    Better view with the baby BB far right front.


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