Old School Skunk, who's found it???

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    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    I've had RKS many times back in the day when it flourished in Southern California, and I don't need you, or anyone to tell me what it looks or smells like, or what it's worth. And the only value it has is what you yourself put on it...

    The guy from RIOT ripping people off and sticking it to them because the demand for it is high. Nature's Farm which may also be the real deal RKS didn't do that, and god bless them for it. I'll definitely be a repeat customer at Nature's Farm but I will NEVER EVER buy anything from Riot.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Kinda .

    But if you got the gold you make the rules lol

    I feel if a breeder did real breeding and sprouted hundreds or more to pick the best traights

    Then something trully speacial is worth it.

    Take custom knives for example.

    Materials only make up a small part of cost.

    Its the ingenuity and hard work you pay for

    Look up stan wilson if you want to see a 5000 pocket knife lmao

    charface Well-Known Member

    I never meant to say anything derogatory towards you,
    Simply making an observation.
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    when you gonna pop the '69 skunk18?
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    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    My apologies. I get worked up, and very mad when I see the way cannabis has been treated e.g..the Federal Government, and those seeking to make a what I consider too big of a profit.

    Like I said..it's a plan for #$%^s sake. The #1 vegetable on the planet.

    Won't be until later this year..possibly October. Fortunately, I'm in a legal state otherwise I doubt I would be doing anything. I'm just a hobbyist, and a new one at that. Still learning with each grow.

    Also I don't have the space, resources to do any real phenotype hunting (as fun as it would be I just couldn't do it). I have a small tent, and I have to rub stems, and hope I get lucky.

    Currently running TO/RKS and BO/RKS from Swami..day 2 of Flower (3month Veg). 1 of the 2 TO/RKS which is Indicant dominant has hint of RKS when I rub the stem but it's still a little early to tell what will come out at the end.:weed:
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    cool, good luck to you sir.

    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    Thanks I'll need it in October.:leaf:

    Nature's Farm says there is a 20% chance of hitting RKS Phenotype. Should be fun...I'll definitely be collecting pollen.:bigjoint:

    I really want to see RKS return to it's former glory and become readily available for all to enjoy because it's such a damn treat.

    I'd give my left nut right now just to smell, and take rip off a REAL DEAL RKS nug.

    It's on the bucket list..."Lord..Please....before I die...just one more time...let me smell that goodness that is RKS":peace:

    charface Well-Known Member

    Sorry if I missed it but I see on nature farm out if stock on the 1969
    Any idea if and when they will be available?

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    From all the crap I've read over the years Sam the skunk man was the one responsible for working skunk #1 to the fruity end of the spectrum and from those fruity skunk varieties we got tons of other cultivars.

    Most people went away from the skunky smelling weed because weed was super illegal up till 2004 when Cali went medical and people didn't what to go to jail. I think we tend to over look that nowadays because the freedom that lax laws as allowed.

    The first seeds I ever ordered were dutch passions skunk #1 and my keeper pheno was extremely skunk smelling with that cat piss stink in a jar. Didn't realize carbon filters were a things, lol. One of people that got a clone of that almost got busted because his kids clothes smelled like skunk and the teacher called them out. Those clones floated around northern Illinois for a while back in 2002.
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    i think cali went medical in '96
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    RichRoots Well-Known Member

    I've been suspended & sent home on multiple occasions while I was in high school from stinking like pure skunk weed. My Old Man used to blaze phatties of the skunk in the morning, it would wake me up from suffocation & stank up my clothes. I loved it but the school hated it lol.

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Cat Piss, and RKS, are 2 different smells. Though similar. Theyre not the same.

    skunkman/RATMAN bred the RKS out of it when he took it over to Europe, after stealing it from the garbage of Sacred Seeds after a DEA Raid, he also set up Sacred Seeds for the bust.

    Sacred Seeds Got It From HELLS ANGELS. And that's why the 81 Club doesn't like Ratman.
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    Bunnybrew Well-Known Member

    Lemon skunk is bomb
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    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    Not sure about this. I only found out about it from @jimihendrix1 post, soon as I saw Jimi's post I jumped right on it.:bigjoint:
    You don't have to tell me twice! If someone says they have RKS, and it's legit. I'm sending off for it. Real Christmas Tree and Chocolote Thai I would do the same. The most potent stuff I've ever smoked was RKS and Chocolate Thai. Best smelling and tasting has been RKS, and Christmas Tree Sensimilla.

    Looks like from the description on Nature Farm they will have another release, as they were going to continue the pheno hunt.

    Swami has crosses right now (which I also jumped on), and I believe they are legit but will take some hunting as well. Swami will also have the pure RKS in late spring, and you can be damn sure I'm going to send off for some of them as well.

    Swami Organic Seeds

    Blue Orca x 85 Humboldt Roadkill Skunk/Uruapan $100
    The One x 85 Humboldt RKS/Uruapan $100
    Cherry Bomb 79 Muai x 85RKS/Uruapan 100
    Purple Zebra x 85RKS/ Uruapan$100
    Mazar/Guerrero x 85RKS/Uruapan $10
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
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    TheSavageBean Member

    Is swami out of choco Thai? I grabbed those. No more beans for me forever...lol
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    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    Also, @shorelineOG should be included in this discussion as he is doing his part to revive the strain of a Texas cut known as Shoreline is supposed to be the real deal. I wanted to send off for his Road Kill Master and Texas Oil Plant but he is out of stock.

    Shoreline OG is in stock but not sure if it has any of the Texas Shoreline in it. I believe many testers are still in between grows so not enough feedback has been given.

    Shoreline Genetics at Oregon Elite Seeds

    From what I read of his thread below is the genetic makeup of Shoreline Genetics Thread:

    Gorilla Glue is a gg4 backcross. ((TX Roadkill x gg4) x (gg4) x gg4)
    Shoreline OG is also a bx. ???????
    Plaza Boss ( TX roadkill x Shoreline )
    TX Oil Plant (gg4 x TX Roadkill )
    Roadkill Master (master kush x TX roadkill )
    Texas Roadkill is Chem 91 x Mexican Lime Green x Patron.
    Alien Skunk - alien master x classic skunk (flying dutchmen)
    Strawberry (Fire Alien Master x Fire Alien Strawberry )

    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    I believe that was a one time release of a Brown Dirt Warrior Cross, but could be mistaken. Swami also said he would not release his genetics...maybe he was referring to the pure cut.

    I think Swami is working on a Chocolate Thai cross for release in 2019.
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking prop 205, I think where the large majority of cats started growing meddie at home.
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I've read the stories behind skunk plenty and I've also read the strain dates back to the 30's or 40's and that was the work that sacred seeds was working with. And heard the rumors that sam even set up the sacred seeds then "found" the seeds just tossed in a dumpster.

    I also have heard of the two different varieties, cat piss and rks. I'm just saying the bud I had was 100% skunk smelling as in a dead skunk sitting in your pocket and that same bud smelt of cat piss in a jar. That's why I quit growing it too stinky and I dodn't like the ammonia smell at all.
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    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    From a pack of seeds? Or per plant?

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