NSW Medicinal Marijuana Hearings calling for submissions Right Now!!! 2 days left

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    buckets Well-Known Member

    Hey guys and gals:

    I haven't checked this in awhile but was so pleased to learn of the 120+ submissions. I sent them all of the health canada forms to show them all the paperwork that Canadians have to use. There is a huge movement now that colorado and washington state in the USA have made medicinal cannabis legal. Australia is behind. However, I have learned that one person...usually taking a state government to court can start a movement. I am not yet a resident of Australia. If I do become one then I will do this but don't let me stop you. Just one person to start the law suit. It's happened in Canada. It's been happening in the states for years. I hope one of you aussies will get motivated in the state you live in and do something. I wrote to all the health ministers in Australia as a nurse explaining how it could help and basically got told to go F*ck myself.

    BUt that doesn't mean you guys shouldn't attack! One person can move mountains. Best of luck.

    buckets Well-Known Member

    The doctors submission was multi paged and it was awesome to read. I hope something comes from all of these submissions!

    tarks Active Member

    And then you read the submission from Drug Free Australia.......here is a brief extract.

    " More people need to see ‘medical’ marijuana for what it is: a cruel hoax. Promoters of ‘medical’
    arijuana are using the public’s compassion for the suffering of sick people; it is emotional blackmail. There are important
    differences between modern scientific medicine that is administered as single chemicals (usually synthetic) by the
    oral route of administration and smoked herbal marijuana"

    21 pages of wtf.

    Just got linked through facebook to this ,

    [h=1]Transcript, Hearing 11/03/2013 #1, Use of cannabis for medical purposes.[/h]

    It's 76 pages long so you might want to read it on an ipad or something :)

    buckets Well-Known Member

    Holy shit! Thanks for showing me that tarks. Emotional blackmail??? They deserve a kick to the balls. It's only a matter of time before it gets legalized - not sure how long though. I rarely speak of violence but when I had cancer during my time n Australia, if somebody like that had said that to me when I was so sick from the radiotherapy I would have done a number on them. I truly would have.

    Their minds are warped because of their belief that those that have the genetic disposition for psychosis & schizophrenia - where cannabis can alter their brain chemistry and cause psychosis would suffer more if a medical program were created...I work in mental health as a nurse so I know that marijuana can alter brain chemistry and psychosis can happen for those people who have a genetic disposition for psychosis...this is in fact true but it's a small number and in a regulated system they'd be prevented from having access legally speaking. But do those people have the right to prevent the many other people out there who could use it to help them with medical problems such as tumors. ms, epilepsy, glaucoma, gout, sleep disorders, chronic pain, muscle spasm. I say no and so do 18 states in the USA and Canada and a slew of others around the world.

    the fight here is just starting so you're in the battle of prohibition right now. Get some qualifications and start being politically active is my sincerest advice. For those that did those submissions...way to go! The good ones I mean.

    Snowed Well-Known Member

    What you said about altering brain chemistry etc is true, but only to an extent. Every strain is different, and not all will do taht.

    buckets Well-Known Member

    I generally agree with your point. Just know the absolute hater of cannabis is the mental health "industry", the US federal government and other governments that follow their lead. They've been holding us back for so long especially with research. The pharmaceutical companies too. The mental health wards don't usually get told what strain a person smokes. They just deal with the people who have altered brain chemistry and who have become psychotic. Some people who generally use speed, they can take upwards of 2 years or more to get back to normal...if they ever get back to normal! That's speed & not cannabis. I say a regulated medicinal cannabis industry is necessary because those who have a predisposition to going psychotic after they smoke cannabis, shouldn't be getting scripts for it. People with schizophrenia etc...they shouldn't have access to it in my opinion.
    stoned cockatoo

    stoned cockatoo New Member

    not to mention cbd can act as an antipsychotic. id happily take the state govt to court but i lack the knowledge to do so and probably the funds also, taking on the govt sounds expensive. i forgot all about this thread 120 submissions isnt bad considering. when should we expect a response?
    Supa smoka

    Supa smoka Well-Known Member

    There are already trials underway for medical marijuana in australia so i dont see that changing..... There is inhalers , Synthetics , aswell as few others,
    Nsw , Canberra, Victoria and south Oz have all signed up to these trails but Qld and a few others wont budge

    healthadvocate New Member

    exactly... there are many different strains out there with more and more patents being filed these days... treatment of psychosis... cancer cure... etc... hmm i wonder if legal aid would take this case? :P

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