Nova Ardent lift decarboxylator - DON'T BUY !!!

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    Nova Ardent lift decarboxylator - DON'T BUY !!!
    Just bought this item and after 1 single use, it is already not working, not heating anymore.

    That is only an expensive shit that is not even working. You can do better with your oven.

    Their customer service is awful; they couldn't care less and did not even reply.
    There was also plenty of overcharge in the shipping and I can say that I've been ripped.
    $300 in the garbage !

    DON'T BUY !!!!

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    I use an oven bag in the oven. Why did you think you might need special equipment? Not being a smart ass...just curious.
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    Amaximus Well-Known Member

    A fool and their money...
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    Magicbeanz007 New Member


    Magicbeanz007 New Member

    lol mine works amazing build quality. it does all the work, i don't know about you in a stoner and i get high and watching an oven isn't my idea of a good evening . The proof in in the vapor from my volcano denser vapor filled bag that lasts longer too. I eat nugs and get [email protected] like i'm light weight again... For me a Clear yes i would buy it again... i love mine

    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    Don't know how to "like" a post, but you're spot on. Had mine for a few months, and I'm actually saving weed. I have butter and brownies in the fridge because I got bored, but just grinding the decarbed bud onto a plate of food works phenomenal!

    New to the board, and was looking for anything posted about the NOVA. Surprised to see this. They also have a silicone insert they just came out with for doing oils and butters in.

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