Notre Dame Cathedral in flames.

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    I grew up in a church of christ evangelical realm. Speaking in tongues etc. We attended a church that had around 100 members but weekly donations ran north of $1000. This was in the sixties. They supported missionaries overseas but not much local. Spread the word of god was the mantra. They did some good things but it was always with conditions. They didn't have indoor plumbing until the early 70's when my dad and myself built an addition. No charge. The people didn't believe much in science etc. Many sad stories because they didn't read or study except one book. In fact the church gave to the baker's as did members including my parents. And they couldn't afford it. I moved away in 73 and never came back except to visit once in a while. It really is sad if you don't look around. And only believe what you are taught. Not many members anymore.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    so whys this in the political forum...?
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    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    Religion and politics. I know the Night Wolves in Russia are religious. I think trumps motorcycle gang is too.
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    I think I lit a candle there. I hope it wasn't my fault. I'm not big on churches, but I like candles. The art there is great. Who is buried there? Mozart or some crazy ass dude like that I think. I like the saint statues on the outside.

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    Fuck you im no white colonialist, britain was made rich by robbing India, home of my ancestors. What Britain did to the Irish is also shameful but you’re several generations white American, you talk of shamrock and Guinness but do hot dogs, baseball, and Trump.
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    I’d be dancing in the street, btw its the Elizabeth Tower, Palace of Westminster. Big Ben is a brass bell.
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    lol. totally understand but still,

    To me, I regret the loss of the works of the master artisans who built that monument. I regret the burning of the Library at Alexandria and the loss of the Emperor's seal of ancient China. It's the loss of human works of genius that I regret. Oh and fuck the Taliban for blowing up those wonderful Buddhas.

    Happens all the time, though. I regret lots of things.

    zeddd Well-Known Member

    Obviously I agree with all of the above however none of those mentioned were places where children were regularly abused by the priesthood, nor were they places where orders were given to burn women at the stake for some perceived witchcraft. It’s what these overbearing and (in Notre Dame’s case) ugly monoliths represent. White oppression dressed up as religion.
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    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    Ugly? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    The French version of separation of church and state, called laïcité, is a product of French history and philosophy. It was formalized in a 1905 law providing for the separation of church and state, that is, the separation of religion from political power.

    If you can do that, you can have more then two political parties.

    We might get there one day.

    You have to remember man was impressing a rather homely looking mate 800 yrs ago.

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    I was always curious about that, I remember you said that you weren't white. I just didn't have the balls to ask.

    Not that it makes any difference to me at all

    Also, hot dogs, baseball and Trump LOL
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    I honor the people who built it. I grieve for the loss off their work.

    When people die, it's not as if they were perfect or never did bad things. But we grieve for them just the same. I feel that for this loss.

    It was a beautiful thing. In any case, I can't blame the building for pedo preists. Sorry but that's dumb.
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    Two reasons:

    1. The fire may have been deliberately set. I'm wondering if the yellow vest protesters did it.

    2. Read the posts in this thread. It's exhibit A on how polarized people are.

    Within a few posts, it went from sympathy for an iconic structure that changed architecture, defined a nation and was a beacon of faith for 3 times longer than the United States has existed to a salty, low rent, trailer park trash referendum on organized religion.

    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    We did this for the purpose of illustrating Trump's abject ignorance of pretty much all things and to further illustrate that he is an idiot who is unfit for this nation's highest office. Even the French Civil Security Agency took time out to respond to Trump's ludicrous advice...

    "Hundreds of firemen of the Paris Fire Brigade are doing everything they can to bring the terrible #NotreDame fire under control. All means are being used, except for water-bombing aircrafts which, if used, could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral."

    Trump is an imbecile - as is anybody who states otherwise.
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    And kudos to the Paris Fire Brigade.

    Dozens of them ran headlong into the cathedral with absolutely no regard for their own lives to save what they could.

    Thanks to their bravery, nearly every single work of art was saved.

    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    "Must act quickly!"

    Yeah, because nothing is quicker than somehow arranging the deployment of airplane water tankers.

    Maybe they could have just put some extra drink carts on a couple of Boeing 737-Maxs, overflown the cathedral and allowed self-regulation to save the day.

    I have always said that Notre Dame needs a good raking.


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    carlsbarn Well-Known Member

    Surprised that dim motherfucker didn't just tell France to douse it in Brawndo. Cuz it's what fires crave.

    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    Is this you?


    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    Actually I'm 1st generation Irish American, hate baseball (boring), I don't mind a good hot dog though and you can't blame me for Trump.
    How's your Queen doing by the way?
    radiant Rudy

    radiant Rudy Active Member

    "It might be greater than almost any museum in the world " this f'en orange baboon thinks Notre Dame is the louvre 53809454_2426650677356783_684019450793426944_n.jpg

    @hullboydan · 16h
    Trump On Notre Dame Fire: 'Perhaps Flying Water Tankers Could Be Used’ I’M SURE THE FIREFIGHTERS WERE DELIGHTED TO RECEIVE IDIOT-IN-CHIEF’S ‘EXPERT ADVICE’...

    two French (actual) billionaires pledged $300M to rebuild the Cathedral. After 9/11, (not a) billionaire @realDonaldTrump defrauded the victims and victim fund out of $150,000 and then bragged that his building was now the tallest.
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    Moses Mobetta

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    Plato's Republic. Intelligence in reverse at high speed.
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