Not saying I believe in Sasquatch but....

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    A buddy of mine has a cabin nestled off in the forest overlooking the Cumberland River in Tennessee. It's in a secluded area of the county away from street lights and neighborhoods. In the summer we BBQ, fish and swim there. He has tiki torches, a few hammocks tied to trees, a grill and a fire pit right there in the yard. A nice little hideout where we have had a lot of good times over the years. One summer night about 1 a.m. several of us are just chillin and I decided to go for a swim as I often did. It was a moonless night so i grabbed somebody's cheap flashlight that was pretty dim but just bright enough so i could see walking down the trail to the river. Just as I started down the bank to the bed rock to strip naked I heard a rush of movement. Then I distinctly heard a barefoot slap on the smooth bedrock then a large splash into the river. My first reaction was that one of buddies had just jumped in. Then I quickly realized everyone else was at the fire. I shined the weak light out over the river but only saw ripples from the splash down and nothing swimming around. Then I noticed right at the water's edge near my feet a freshly killed possum with blood trickling out of its mouth. My buddy tried to convince me it was a coon but that splashdown was much larger so i just let it go not knowing what to make of it. Fast forward to last week when i spotted a news article dated July 2010 in the Lebanon Democrat. Wilson County Bigfoot. Wilson County is directly across the river from my friends place. Two 12 year old kids were walking along a logging road while their father was bush hogging and spotted a 8 footer. It's an interesting read and certainly got my attention as i am thinking it was right around the same time. Again, the distinct sound of the barefoot slapping the rock, the huge splashdown and the freshly killed possum.... weird.

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    Dude you just too damn stoned,... and by the way Sasquach can NOT live on a flat earth.
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    Read the article dude just sayin..Wilson County Bigfoot July 2010. Lebanon Democrat. These kids were interviewed by a professional.
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    I was once sitting outside in the back yard smoking a blunt and the leaves started rattling and there was something significant and large moving inside them, it was dark, we couldn't see, and we ran inside scared shitless... at that moment, I though holy shit there really is something out of this world happening......

    later came to find out it wasn't bigfoot or aliens, just robbers that were casing the houses in the neighborhood.... our neighbor caught the guy on his security camera... we walked outside at 3am right when the robber was walking on top of the fence(on that side the fence is a concrete wall about 4 feet high that salso serves as a retaining wall to the other property), when we waked out he was hanging on to a branch on a tree to climb down into my backyard and he froze,..... while we smoked the guy sat there, motionless, about 12 feet from us....for like 8 minutes he sat there and we didn't hear breathing, fidgeting, or anything.... there's some bushes but we should've been able to see him he was right there..... but no... the guy was like a fucking silent cat..... then the branch snapped, the guy fell in my house's backyard and somehow, SOMEHOW, less than 10 feet away fell in just enough shadow that he did not look like a human, looked like something ... an animal, a monkey, I don't know... but at that moment it wasn't a person.........

    mind is a powerful thing, it plays tricks on you.....
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    Sasquatch smugglers....Some chicks even shaved their pubic areas in later years so they weren't accused of such crimes.
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    stay the fuck away from Bigfoot bro
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    bubbles.jpg Samsquanch is the name. Just ask this guy.
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    The mayor of Flat Earth is a Sasquatch

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    Flat Earth, bigfoot and fake moon landings.

    The trifecta of stupidity
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    I went home with Sasquatch last night. So what I banged a fatty ...

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    So what was his name?
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    Patterson-Gimlin film authentic ?

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    Only one thing left to do...

    Summon @Rob Roy LMFAO!
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    Been roaming the woods after dark in Wilson County lately?

    This thread was made for you, you know that right?
    Rob Roy

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