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    riddleme Well-Known Member

    I just posted this (well part of it) in the ever popular A$$Hole thread and thought it would might be a better post on it's own,,,,,,,,,,,,,so here goes (with additions)

    So let me add some hints here for all the NooB's that are serious about learning,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Before I joined this forum in Sept. I spent about 6 months reading EVERY WORD in lots of threads, (always completely straight, you see I never learned anything while I was stoned) sometimes it would take hours just to finish one thread. But what I discovered was that it was like panning for gold, in all the threads I read there was nuggets of info, could be that I would read 40 or 50 pages to get just one good nugget of info. but I got em and now I got a very healthy happy girl that I flipped yesterday :bigjoint:

    so here is the very best noob advice I can offer


    MJ is a weed it will grow anywhere, under any light, in any dirt, with very little water.

    Best advice offer #2


    Hydro is more exspensive and has a higher learning curve and is less forgiving of mistakes.

    All of the tweaks, the PH, the Nutes, The Tricks are about getting more yield from the plant and getting it all together and doing it right takes experience, as with any thing we as humans set out to do it gets better with trial error and experience

    Best advice offer #3


    Does she know the ph of her rain water?
    Are the light cycles constant?
    Does she add Nutes?
    Does she add mollases?
    Are there light leaks? Does she "hide" the moon to stop hermies?

    Folks this is just common sense, it's a weed, if you put a seed in dirt it will grow and as a weed it is very hardy it will fight for life and survival just like we humans do (I know this from experience, I've tried real hard to kill them with stupid folklore and forum myths,,,,,,,,,,,,they survived)

    So read enough to know that water on a seed ignites an emzyme that starts a process, take a few bag seeds and put them in a small cup of water (room temp) for 6 to 12 hours, now you have started the process and softened the shell,,,,,,,,,,,,put em in moist dirt 1/4 inch deep

    read enough to know that timed released nutes "could" be bad or cause a problem, that the soil should be loose and that water should drain through it easily and quickly

    understand that you can go up to a week without watering again, in fact do it on purpose because this will let you see the plant tell you it is thirsty and teach you how to understand the plant as it says what it wants

    read enough to know that if they are stretching you need to move the lights closer

    Know when to hold em and when to fold em, IOW when to try to fix or save them (best is to leave em alone and watch what they do) or when to start over and learn from our mistakes.

    and don't stress over it, simply do it, watch it and learn

    Once you get that first grow out of the way start playing with the tweaks, slowly and easily. Don't buy 5 different nutes and add them all at once, start with just one, do it, watch it and learn

    And here is some advice you may never hear :bigjoint: experiment on your males!!! I see all the time post asking are males good for anything,, the answer is YES they can be smoked (they have thc too) you can collect pollen and make seeds, you can create your own breed and you can PRACTICE topping, LST, supercropping without worrying about causing any harm, Hell I have a bonsai male I've abused. He is 5 inches tall 8 weeks old and has been topped 4 times (he lives in a seperate room) I have learned so much from him! he has been burned by lights, he has been root bound, he gets very little water, he turned purple after the burn and is very pretty to look at, the leaves I have cut off have gotten me high and taste very good, even though it is a different kind of high (no couch lock)

    And one more tip troll regular garden forums, get info on soil mixes and and nutes as well as tweaks and tricks (hey they add mollases too) if you post ask questions about tomatoes they are very similar and like a lot of the same things, also the folks there are eager to help and answer questions.

    Read REAL gardening books, learn the basics, hell gardening for dummies is a great book and it all applies to growing strong healthy plants.

    growing should be related to relaxing, don't stress, fret or worry

    One more bit of advice, with relation to strains a VERY BIG NooB mistake is to grow more than one strain at a time as they act and respond differently to things. Do one strain at a time till you learn it, then learn another one. Once you KNOW them it is ok to grow as many as you want together

    Good Luck

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    i followed u on the a$$hole post and agreed with ur take on the point that too many people slap down noobies, but these clowns dont really matter coz every1 understands the issues they have. if they want to play "expert" they can fuck off and be ignored or laughed at sumwhere else. i'm a half noobi;, i've just started my grow a few weeks ago but i've alot of friends that have grows past or present so i've got face to face info as well as site info. great to see sum1 like urself helpin out. cheers
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    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    they way you talk about the Herb as if it is a "weed" shows indeed how wrong you are
    the Cannabis Sativa, of the Cannabacea Family is not a weed. Keep rambling though.

    You supposedly cut off the leaves a male and smoked them.

    Is this supposed to be advice from a Noob?

    I'll admit some of the stuff is very mediocre, so i'll give you that.

    Hopefully someone can find a "gold nugget" somewhere in your ramblings.
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    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

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    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, I have been fairly busy

    I wanted to make a post that would very simply get Noob's to calm down and stop fretting/fussing over things, by making some simple common sense statements (that I know outdoor growers would get) and get a plant to grow and finish with fewer problems as growing MJ is an ongoing learning experience.

    You decided that I was somehow throwing stupid facts I pulled from "somewhere" out that needed to be rebuked???

    Here is what I think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Simply Google "PH of Rain" and you will see that it is now normal for it to be 5.6 unless in high industrial/polution areas where it has been reported down in the 2's (acid rain) It is not the same everywhere and is affected by CO2 level in the atmosphere

    They are not "constant" there are clouds, there are days of no sun due to weather, hell there are eclipses. light cycles are different in different locations around the earth. Outdoors there is shade from all different kinds of obstacles

    I should have used the word "specific" here it is well known that mother nature adds nutes in the form of natural decay. Things die and are leeched back into the soil, it's how mother nature works, But she does not add specific nutes at specific times. She does not instruct a bat to pop on a plant to make its buds bigger

    Actually mollasses is much more, and while over a period of time these things are added naturally, my statement remains true, she does not add mollasses

    My point here was more about "light leaks causing hermies" and I used the moon as an example (I could have used street lights) several post here say to get rid of ALL light leaks but outdoors YOU CAN'T so all plants grown outdoors should be hermies we should just accept that? my point is/was not to fret over it

    and, I have been smoking MJ for over 40 years, I know for a fact that there are males in all of the many pounds of swag (mexican) I have consummed, so smoking male leafs is not a big NooB reach for me. Read Marijuana Chemistry by Micheal Starks 2nd edition and you will see that there are strains where the males actually have more THC than females.

    I am currently reading Gardening-Principals of Horticulture 4th edition, I have over 45 books on gardening and growing MJ in my collection (I also have over 20 movies on growing MJ)

    and lastly, calling it a weed is in no way meant to be disrespectful, I love this plant in so many ways and on so many levels. I fully understand its classification, that set aside for a momment, we call it weed because it acts like a weed and grows like a weed

    You should consider setting "emotions" aside before degrading someones post that was intended to help others??? my 2 cents

    Flame away folks :bigjoint:
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    What is acting like a weed and growing like a weed? It is called a weed because it grows in more harsh environmets than many other annuals, I don't need to read "marijuana chemistry' I took Horticulture 101, Plant Biology, Plant Physiology, oh wait, I majored in Horticulture!

    I will see that there are males which create more THC than females, the Females they are comparing it to have Little to No THC.

    You're telling me to google for information, thats about as accurate as Wikipedia all I have to do is open up my textbooks: Plant Science by John A. Barden or The Biology of Horticulture An Introductory Textbook by John E. Preece and Paul E. Read
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    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Well I wrote this to help others and to who ever gave me the +rep I thank you at least there was some one that got it :bigjoint:

    To Shrubs,,,

    I do not want to start or be in a pissing match, I respect your degree and your post, I have actually learned from you and thank you for the good advice I have seen you give.

    I stand on my advice to simply relax, stop fretting and fussing and get a grow under your belt. though my reasoning/explanation may be questionable the basis of my advice is sound

    StreetRider Active Member

    I agree that a lot of people get overly up tight about growing, but for best results you can not just mistreat them. Will the plant live? Maybe. Will it reach its full potential? NEVER.

    If it was so easy every person on her would be growing great crops with little in the way of questions.

    And, no I have not been smoking for 40 year, nor do I have a degree in growing. But, I can tell you from taking two attempts at it 15 years apart. Knowledge and care can make a HUGE difference.

    When growing indoors we are fighting HARD to replicate mother nature. We will only get the best results with the best practices.

    There was a lot of good information in this thread even with the arguing.

    Keep up the fight.
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    riddleme Well-Known Member

    I love helpin folks, I love reading this forum, I love MJ :weed:

    But it is gettin to be a bit much to follow all the different threads that pop up every day and read all the ones I'm subscribed to plus tend to mine

    So from now on I'm gonna answer questions in this thread and I'm happy to help all who come, if I don't have/know the answer I'll try and find it

    I wanna start by saying you can easily be successful if you read up a bunch before you start,planning is a good thing

    Between this thread (to get you to settle down) and my grow journal you should be able to get your grow on :weed:

    But I will also fill this thread with tips and tricks as well as great links to help you out

    Best of Luck to ALL and keep on growin
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    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Wanna give every one that reads this that I am putting together a game to help folks learn some serious skills, so this thread is gonna get crazy in the next few weeks.

    I'm lookin for people to subscribe to this thread and let me know ya did by posting here.

    If ya have looked at my Goin Loco Grow then you know My plant is doing very well, wanna know why and how? Sign up and come play bongsmilie

    Updates commin soon
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    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Ok let's get this thing going

    For starters, In the first post of this thread I mentioned finding little golden nuggets of info. They verified things I already knew and added to it in ways that helped me to understand all the new things that were happening in the MJ growing world.

    If you have taken a look at my journal then you know that the male I talked about experimenting on (and smokin) turned out to be a girl :bigjoint:

    We named her Matilda and she is currently in her 5th week of flowering under just one 65 watt CFL with an added T9, She is doing great.

    This game is about learning HOW TO REALLY GROW the best, biggest MJ you ever saw. If you wanna play you need to wiegh in by posting and subscribe so you can follow it, could move very fast or it could go very slow don't know till we get her kicked off. What will happen is that you will figure out how the growing myths work and what part of the myths are actually real.

    Wanna Play?

    We'll start by following Uncle Ben, I have read and subscribed to all of them and they are full of golden nuggets of info, if you have read just one of his threads you are on your way to no longer being considered a NooB.

    He has what I like to call mantras of advice that he repeats every where he post, I'm gonna give ya a few of them to give a clue what I'm talking about.

    Keep em green.

    Plant is not a toilet, you can't flush it.

    need to learn to read your plants.

    No two gardens are alike.

    To start this game, you the players need to go check out a few of his best threads and see if you can add to the list of possible Uncle Ben Mantras.

    There are no points for speed (actually there are no points) take all the time you need and when ya think ya found one post it here. Come back as often as ya want and see what others have found. While we're playing feel free to ask questions.

    here are the threads we're gonna start with

    Let's get it going, see what you can find, remember at the end every one that plays will be a Ganja God

    Let's Play

    till next time

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    WOO HOO our first hater :cuss: NOT (my Bad)

    Problem is a lot of folks have trouble just growing the weed

    WOW look at this, (pic) a 5 week old bud that is 7.5 inches tall under


    How did I do that?

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Attention all lurkers, you will maybe get the clues (nuggets) but this game is a PM thing won't get the PM if ya don't sign up

    First PM goes out tonite (in like 12 hours)

    playing the game will give you a foundation of understanding.

    The PM's will give you answers and secrets, It will all come together for ya

    Come Play if your serious about growing :weed:

    bigman4270 Well-Known Member

    Plants flower as a response to long nights, not because of fert blends high in P.

    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    People focus on the wrong things, such as their yields. Don't worry about your yield, worry about the mass and health of your root system and foliage. This is where more is actually, uh, "more".

    A weed can be defined as any plant that is considered a pest regarding one's objectives. In the case of our community, it is not a weed. In the case of mama natur, and she rules, it is a weed that does well on its own without the gimmicks and rocket fuels.

    P supports the flowering response. The goal of growers is finding the saturation point to where too much P represents an antagonistic affect regarding the uptake of N, and without sufficient N to support leaf production and maintenance, your yields will suffer. Is a 9-3-6 enough P to support a high yield? My experience has shown it's plenty.

    It's all in The Balance,
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    bigman4270 Well-Known Member

    It's the blind leading the blind, folks pushing rocket fuel names rather than sound plant culture.

    Edit; that should have been "Another awsome nug!

    bigman4270 Well-Known Member

    "Anyway I have been wondering how to slow down or stop the lower fan leaves from dying so early. "

    See the above response. :grin: That means switching to a high N food like a 30-10-10 or a 9-3-6. You have a choice - either go with The Herd's affinity for Bloom foods label hype, or give your plants what they require to remain healthy and productive.

    Your call,

    He can't explain it enough can he?


    riddleme Well-Known Member

    What's Up

    looks like we got 1 player that is suckin up on UB mantras, he is gonna be a growing fool soon, I guess most of you reading this are saying why should I work at this? or he is asking to much I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing.

    You know what they say if ya keep on doing what your doing you'll keep on getting what your getting

    If ya got this far reading this post, then understand this all I'm really asking is that you build your own foundation of understanding, so that when I give you this info it will click for you. If I was to just post it no one would get it, you need to know why in order to make it work

    Now if you think you already know everything you need then I say good for you, If you have dank buds growing in your room I say Cool, keep growin

    If you can properly answer this question (and I do mean properly) I will give you the info with out the work

    here is the question,,,,,,,,,,,

    Why is the minimum ammount of lumens suggested 3000 per plant?

    Let's Play

    bigman4270 Well-Known Member

    Hey Riddleme,

    Cool game! Sorry for all the post's, should let give it a try I guess?:sad:

    I am glad that you subscribe to UB's philosophy.:clap: UB grows using sound scientific practices and technique's, thats what I am all about.

    I am not some dude just trying to grow some weed to smoke. I am trying to grow it because MRS Big needs it to combat severe anxiety disorder and she does not like the side effects of prescription medication. Unfortunately I live in a state that does not now or ever allow the use of MMJ.( Moral Majority and everything)

    I do not want to be wasting my time with more "Bullshit" as FDD2blk says and all the "Marketing Hype" that UB talks about. That is why I subscribe to this forum. I just want to keep it simple and try to not make stupid mistakes.



    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Your doing great keep it up post away, I'm still looking for two more very important UB mantras

    and I read where you went and got a botany book, I say good for you!

    when you read the tweaks thread you'll see another book mentioned, get it!

    In fact one of the questions for the game is,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    How many of you that read UB & my mention of Mel's book ordered it right away?

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