Nirvana's Papaya smoke/grow report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by mr. green thumb 01, Dec 25, 2010.

    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    Nirvana's Papaya 5 fem. All sprouted within 5days all fems no herms. DWC with GH floranova feeding chart w/bud candy,great white, bud xl, prozyme, molasses(last wk), clearex.Veg approx 5weeks. Height when put into flower 8-10 inches. Approx flower time 8weeks. Final height average 2.5-3feet. Average plant yield 2.5- oz dry. Growth characteristics- stays short and very dense (growth and flowers), fast growing with a branchy attitude. Low tropical smell during flower. Good for those who want to keep smell down during flower. Beautiful flowers.

    The cured tropical scent is not to overwhelming but it it is there. When smoked/grinded it has a great fruity tropical flavor/scent. The smoke is a bit harsh though. The kind that you hold it and feel the burn get stronger the longer you hold it in until you're forced to cough it out. Strong indica Couchlock stone with mild sativa body effect. Strong dry mouth. Very strong behind the eyes. Good for relaxing, insomnia, eating disorders, and as with most cannabis great mood effect.

    Overall I think this is good for a commercial SOG or SCROG where height might be a issue. It clones fast and can give you a high turn over rate with good yields. It did not have as strong of a scent or flavor that I would have hoped for but it does smell/taste great. Good for beginners. Loves high ppm. Good overall plant. Thanks nirvana!

    EDIT: 600watt hps light (direct) and 2 400(1hps1mh) giving off supplemental.

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    j.p.s.w Active Member

    Cool review. Helpful. That yield looks dope! 2.5 oz for a 3ft plant...not bad :D that would be enough for a while until the next harvest is done im thinking! How high were you able leave the ppm?

    TheStonerPrincess Active Member

    damn thats definitely not bad for one gonna be starting a Nirvana Papaya here real soon..and i cant looks so good :)
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    Thanks guys my ppm hit over 2000 at max flower. I really did not want it to get that high but I didn't check it for a while and when I did my meter wouldn't even register it. The plants were showing no signs of burning. I would say 1800-1900ppm for max flower would probably be perfect for this strain. I try not to go over 2000 with any strain..

    After smoking it heavy for a day (Christmas:joint::mrgreen:) I have some more to add about the high. The shit is highly narcotic. I swear sometimes when I smoke alot I feel nauseous and I am a very heavy smoker, everyday 2-3.5 grams min. Here is a pic of one plant harvested

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    j.p.s.w Active Member

    Nauseous? Like dizzy?
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    like disorientated, dizzy?..uh...i guess a little.
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    Motherhugger Well-Known Member


    If you were having troubles with nausea after smoking, I'd start to be worried about the chemicals you're putting in your grow. I would smoke to be mellow, not to feel like crap.

    I would suggest going with things that are a bit more natural, especially since you're smoking so much. Might be time to go organic. I think you're building up toxicity in your bloodstream or something.

    To me, it sounds like you have so many nutes that just aren't high quality enough for your needs. Bud Candy is organic, but I'm not quite sure why you're using molasses too. Sounds like you have something going wrong in your grow - and you need to turn things around now.

    Good luck man. Sounds like you need it.
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    :wall: your right what the hell what I thinking I should have been listening to you the whole time you know it all. Especially with your 48 post and all omg where you been my whole life!?

    What is it with these organic guys????:finger: Keep getting your small yield and low gram/watts and leave me the fuck alone!

    You dont do organic in dwc dipshit and I flushed for 2wks so you no nothing about a narcotic high that knocks you on your ass. The nausea is from being so fucked up you get disorientated and have to lay down. Its from the strain you IDIOT Different strains give you a different buzz. I grow sativas that are way more relaxed feeling AND with the SAME NUTES. They are of a feeding chart GH puts out they are RECOMMENDED.

    Toxicity in my blood!? LMFAO thats so good I might have to do to the doctors or something man can you help me!? lmfao ahhhh hahahahahaaa. Dude just stop posting so you dont make yourself sound any more ignorant. Have a good day:lol:
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    pilgram Well-Known Member

    good report, i grew it back when it was called Mango, good fruity couchlock just like you said

    DSB65 Well-Known Member

    Nice yield and good report..sounds like some kick ass rep...

    Dankinthetank Member

    Bomb report. Sounds/looks like some fire. I have some Papaya seeds that I am waiting to crack. You would think this strain would be more popular.

    macmc1984 Member

    WTF?? This has got to be a joke right?? I've had the pleaseure of growing papaya and their AK-48 in my aero kit also got great yields about the same+ both love the high ppm I normally keep them at 1.8-1.9 religiously. Very frosty and keep you on your arse. Which is quite surprising considering their EXTREMELY well priced like £4+ a seed. Anyway great report mate keep up the good work and all the best
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Soooo many people on here with pics of their chemmy grown budz, think they know all or something. Anyone can follow instructions on a bottle and get great looking and smelling budz! But if you think for a minute that what your smoking is healthy caused you flushed it, your wrong! This is why there is soooo much crappy budz coming from cali and Colorado! Such dense, heavy yielding frosty CRAP!!!!! Harsh on the burn, reduced flavor, and a high that is not clean and enjoyable! Stop bashing people who are trying to help you!
    You must think that food grown with chemical has the same nutrition content as food grown organically. Where does this kind of thinking come from?
    You take your chemical grown hot house tomatoe, and you compare it with one grown organically. Organic one is juicy, flavorful, and packed with nutrient. The chemical grown tomato is larger and more perfect looking, but dry inside, no flavor and devoid of most nutrients.
    I mean do you use chemical pesticides to if you have a problem, and think, cause the label says I can use this on a vegetable crop, you think it's ok to smoke or share with others?
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    bluesdad Well-Known Member

    Damn ,to each thier own.If dude wants to use nutes on his crop who gives a fuck.I grow organic but back in the day i used plenty of nutes and the bud was dank,harsh but still dank.good review homie
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Yes you can do organic in dwc!!! Didn't you ever hear of liquid organic fertilizers, or teas????
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    resinousflowers420 Well-Known Member

    plenty organic growers get huge yields.and quality is better than quantity.
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    kindnug Well-Known Member

    Excuse his ignorance...

    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    Good report / grow mr. green thumb - Nirvana strains are Very nice for the price, indeed ! ~ Ran their Cali Orange many yrs ago as well as their NL/Haze (when Nirvana carried it) , 20 yrs ago. Very happy with those, and people were astounded I grew this Quality with a few 26w CFLs :-P. Good Genetics - :leaf:
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    deno Well-Known Member

    Yes, they do. Any difference in taste is due to genetics. Show us the data, and stop making shit up.
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    You show the data dickhead!
    Since you think i'm wrong!

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