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    Preparing the Christmas gifts. Mostly Ninja Fruit, a 2 month old C99 mother, and possibly some Dark Devil auto in the veg room.

    After growing 2 Ninja Fruit in a 12/12 from seed run, which is not documented here, I discovered I really liked the NF. I had purchased 10 of Vaders/StonedNinja's more recent beans from LumberJack last winter. There were 11 in the 10-pack. Thanks. in the 12/12 run, I had 2 females. One was about 3 feet, and the other closer to 4 feet, both grown without any training.
    This time, I topped above the 4th node, when the 5th or 6th node were showing, and removed the 1st node. I re-topped the 4th node pairs, and in one case, the 3rd node pairs as well.
    They grew very strong and very fast under a mix of 3.5k, 4k and 5k cobs. I was planning on letting them veg longer, they consumed all of my limited veg space. after 5 weeks, I brought them to a 5x5 tent (in a 44"x44" tray), under 12 3.5k cobs at 50-62 watts. I have found that this is enough light for a 4x4, but a bit sparce for a 5x5 around the edges/corners/front.
    I could not determine sex after 5 weeks of veg, but after the first week of 12/12, it is pretty clear.
    I am not planning on breeding, so 5 ninja males left the dojo this morning, leaving 4 females for flower. One of the females was kept small on purpose as it was a 'spare' in the veg cycle.

    Some photos of the males:

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    This is the final layout of the tent with the 6" netting lowered for support. 4 Ocean Grown "Ninja Fruit" females in 3 gal equiv air pots, and the 2+ old C99 mom in a 5-gal equivalent pot.
    In the 5-gallon plastic bucket are a 160 gph pump, putting nutes into a floraflex octa-bubbler, configured 'open flow'. It is pumped via 3/16 ID tubing to a ring made of tubing and 5 Tee's. 1 for input and 4 for distributing the water to the top of the pot. I will try to detail it in the future.
    I have been experimenting with feed systems. Ebb/Flow Rocks, and is being used for the Dark Devil and vegging. I tried some capillary action Bluematt, but the roots walled off the clay insert after a few weeks, restricting flow and drying pots. I considered that Bluematt a fail for anything other then early grow stages. There is also a more complex BlueMatt that uses the probe as a switch for a drip system. I used that while I was on vacation for 4 days, but not for an extended period. I am thinking that the Octa-Bubblers will be great when each plant as similar feed requirements.
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    I ended up with 4 Ninja Fruit females, and added my 2 month old Cinderella mother to round the grow out. I should be chopping next week. Some will have flushed for 2 weeks, others for 10 days.
    There are two Ninja Fruit phenos. 1) Early orange-ing of pistils and faster development. Slightly taller. Deep purples. 2) Very white pistils while the other phone was all orange. Shorter. Slower development. Minor foxtailing. A pink/purple color flower. The seeds are from a BX stabilized batch, available in Jan 2018, before a rift between Vader and Ninja started. I don't know what the future of the seed is, and have kept a clone-mother.
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    I’m running Ninja Fruit from the same drop (pre OG Separation) popped 4 got 1 female so far and am testing a clone of it out in flower now. I’ll chop her if she doesn’t Purple like yours. What week did she start throwing out purple colors?
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    Fairly late. The buds swelled significantly during week 6, and I started noticing the purple color around then. They have deepened in color during weeks 7/8. The 2nd pheno acts like it is a week behind.
    When I grew them previously n 12/12-from-seed, much color was lost during the dry/cure, although I am pretty sure I took those early.
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    Hopefully this time around it stays purple for you. I have a product called purple maxx that helps purpling slightly but I haven’t ran it with cold temps yet I just know it will cause slight purpling w/o ever dropping below 70F. As well I just did a test run where I dropped the temps and got a lot of purpling on the same pheno of GDP as well that wouldn’t self purple naturally. I might try these in conjunction with each other but it also causes massive nutrient uptake.

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