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    just started with a germinated seed using 2 cfl bulbs 6000k also picked up a couple of clones thinking i could get through mid june to put outside for flower . also gonna run a super soil grow and just water with liquod seaweed and molasses

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    You might want to explore how to DIY and have many 6000k cfl bulbs and fitting them into large aluminum roasting pans. Your plants are stretching a bit due to lack of light intensity. If that is too much trouble, I'd hang a third extension cord line and use Y-shaped 2 socket adapters in each cord socket. You would have 6 cfl bulbs total (if you add a third line). The Y-shaped socket adapters screw into each socket to allow two bulbs and can be had at HD type stores for about $2.50 each. You can buy 4 more 6000k cfl bulbs there too. To keep costs down with the power cord, I buy a 12 ft. indoor extension cord and cut off the end and attach a socket to it. It ends up being cheaper than having them cut you 12 ft. of wire (and having to buy and attach a plug too).
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