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    CaptainT Member

    Im currently mixing 150L of a coots based soil and id like to add 7L of biochar. My current mix is
    20L growstones
    15L pumice (would have used more but price was too high until spring)
    25L leca clay hydro pellets
    60L peat
    20L worm castings
    10L compost
    6 cup neem meal
    6 cup kelp flour
    6 cup crab meal
    24 cup mineral mix ( Basalt, Carbonatite, Oyster, Soft Rock & Woolastonite)

    I have alfalfa meal and bsf frass id like to incorporate into the mix or biochar. Just not sure on amounts to mix in. What would be a good option for charging the biochar?
    Any suggestions on additions to the mix? Still have lots of everything but the pumice. Will be growing mkultra or MkultraXbubblegum


    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    You could dry-charge it in a pre measured pile of castings or compost with a bit of nutrients. That's how I like to do it.

    Or you could do a tea.. bit riskier but faster.

    As for your alfalfa meal, I would go light or skip that and just do a tea if and when you see the need.
    Unless you don't mind the extra leafage.

    The bsf frass is great stuff, and can be added to each plant separately at any time.. or you can add some to the soil and get them established early, or my favourite option, both.

    And you're using myco fungi as well, right, the endo type(s)?

    You're also running at 4% kelp of total volume, I would tone it down to 1% and add another 1% as a spike or layer. Same goes for neem, imo. Although I would love to see what happens at 3%.. I've been meaning to try it.

    CaptainT Member

    Haha you caught that goof on the neem/kelp/crab I actually used 1/2c per cuft so 3c each in total and have 14L biochar to add so mix is about 6 cuft. Left out the alfalfa. I do have endo fungi was planning on applying to seeds when germinating and roots when transplanting.
    How much bsf per cuft would you add to this mix or can that go in a dry charge biochar?
    Given everything except the biochar/bsf/alfalfa is now mixed, what would be ideal ratios for the dry charge. I dont want to end up with too much compost/ewc in the mix.

    CaptainT Member

    F631CD82-158E-4E60-BFFD-D5BB0F5E0AC4.jpeg 85E9DDF8-E384-4456-892F-D857CA5AC529.jpeg
    Popped 2 MkultraXBubblegum and 5 Bubblegum
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    100% germ is a great start!

    CaptainT Member

    14F70E72-EFBB-4BC5-B0CC-F0D74DB5E98A.jpeg B46B44A8-CF69-4EC4-AD3F-A46A00BC892B.jpeg
    Twins or just confused? Will be interesting to see what this one does

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    man looks like twins to me... don't see any other reason why there would be two radicles.

    stoned-monkey Well-Known Member

    Maybe charge your biochar with humic/fulvic acid and minerals. Next time maybe split or replace neem with alfalfa. Alfalfa has natrual grow hormone. Frass sounds great to add on as you go for a little pick me up.

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