New Beginnings for Massachussetts and I

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    MrSeeDoubleU Well-Known Member

    I'm Mr. C W

    I'm a new comer here and looking forward to learning as much information as humanly possible by feedback and reading. I actually don't smoke marijuana , but I've always been very interested in everything there is about the plant. So I just started my new grow. I want to learn from the possible many mistakes I will and can make. I'd like any feedback others could give. I don't mind ball busting either. Lol. So here's my set up.....

    I started with clones. 1 of each
    Strawberry Cough
    Train wreck
    Green Crack
    Ghost Train Haze #1
    Guerilla Glue #4
    Bubba Kush

    I had them under CFL for about 1-2 weeks.
    Now I have the plants under a enclosed 400W MH bulb at roughly 17" from the light below. My room temperature is fluctuating between 71-75 degrees. Having a hard time getting it to stay at one specific temp in the room. I'm running fan from the light to pull heat out of it. I also am running a fan on the plants. They're in a long black tray to catch water out of pots. The pot sizes as of now are 6"x6" squares. I've read about going up in size bigger pots for the plants. I have 5 gallon buckets. Which I haven't planted them into yet. I'm just wondering with what I've described so far. Is there anything different or what not to help me along. I'm still learning. Obviously. Lol. Help me.
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    MrSeeDoubleU Well-Known Member


    Indagrow Well-Known Member

    I would think height will be an issue without some training in that set up I see there.. Also to vent the heat away from the light and the room I would extend some duct after the inline to another area. You don't need to run the glass in that hood if the room isn't sealed its actually taking away from your light. I really only run a sealed hood in flower so I can keep the smell out of the system
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Just replying because I'm also a newb, non-smoker from mass. I don't smoke because I get tested by both the coast guard and my employer. Neither of them are amused that it is legal now. :(

    But, with-in a couple of years I'll be out of the corp rat race. In the mean time I intend to grow up a big healthy FU to jeff sessions and make friends and family happy. ;)

    I don't know jack from cindarella, but I do think you will run out of height and lw on that shelf. But hey, you will figure it out I'm sure. We massholes have to stick together.

    Worcester Well-Known Member

    Ain't that the truth?..:hump::peace:
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    MrSeeDoubleU Well-Known Member

    I do have future plans as the plants get bigger to move them to the open section 5'x5'X 7 1/2' tall space as the grow much bigger. I will take the glass off the light as of now then also. I need to go to local hardware store and get more ducting and run it into a seperate room. Also plan on running on the front end of light. To pull fresh air through the light. As I said I need to get more duct work. Lol.
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    MrSeeDoubleU Well-Known Member

    Took some close ups also. Lmk what you think of updates to the area. If you can see them in the picture or not. I have some discolorization in one plant and leaves kinda bubbling on a mother plant. Just nervous and don't want to fuck this up.

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    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about trying to keep temps exact. Anything between 65-85 is fine. Extended periods in the 60's may slow growth, but that's about it. Occasional fluctuations are not going to bother them. I would transplant into an intermediate container rather than going straight to the 5 gallon.
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    MrSeeDoubleU Well-Known Member

    Ok I have like 2-3 gallon pots. They're slightly double I. Size of what I have them in now. Thank you for the advice. Any more advice is strongly needed if so.
    As far as temps. I noticed I'm going roughly from 71-77. Lights on and off. So I'm actually not to concerned as I thought I might be.

    MrSeeDoubleU Well-Known Member

    Also had a digital timer. Hard as fuck to figure it out. I went old school push pins timer and it's working like a charm. 18-6 right now for veg.
    Now how big should I let my plants get before I can pull clones off of them? I know I'm not close now. Just wondering if it's around 8 weeks in veg or what?
    I'm going to go with fox farm soil. For the new pots. The soil that's in now.

    MissyGoddess Well-Known Member

    I pulled clones off of my clones @ 4 weeks in veg and it took 12 days for the first 2 to show roots which was yesterday, still waiting on the rest.
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    Dude Guy

    Dude Guy Member

    Hey guys! New member and grower here. Also Mass native! I'd love to compare experiences as time goes especially with some locals. Chea!
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    MrSeeDoubleU Well-Known Member

    Cool thank you. Did you use cubes and clonex?

    MrSeeDoubleU Well-Known Member

    Welcome man thank you for stoping by. Def. look forward to it bro

    MissyGoddess Well-Known Member

    Exactly that, with a dome of course. I mist them with pure water 4-5 times a day. I got another one rooted today and transplanted, so I am 3 for 12 at the moment with another week before I call it on the rest.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I've always wanted to visit Massachusetts and go sailing. Tough to get a lot of boat time in these puddles we have around here.

    My best advice to the OP is to upgrade to COB LED as soon as you can afford it. That lamp will start to let you down in about 6 months due to normal deterioration.

    Other than that- so far, so good!

    Ohitsme Member

    Also new, also from Mass. posting to follow and learn.

    ingenioustm Member

    Same here , non -toker ,mass native taking advantage of new laws . 7 days in

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    rchapmanitt Member

    Congrats to Mass for their newly liberation.
    Dude Guy

    Dude Guy Member

    Super awesome guys! I'll be following you to see what's good. I'll be starting a journal as soon as I can and I'll also be sharing a tutorial on a large grow box / standalone closet I built!
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