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    Mntyedi Active Member

    After a long day nothing beats checking the mail an seeing a quality bubble package from Neptune. Along with my initial order, Neptune thru in nice pack of citrus og and Bluedream x MrX as freebies. :clap:

    Thank you much NSB.

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    Budsie Member

    Fucking USPS... the tracking does that once in a blue.... I'm happy to see :blsmoke:

    killerx Active Member

    My first order took 2wks ( long considering were both located in the same state.). 2nd order I exchange emails with the rep on what I wanted. Put in a $700 order and all of a sudden I don't exist to them anymore. No call backs no email reply. Geez I didn't do anything to them but ask for there service.

    savana Active Member

    Man I hope you getvit sorted out. I just received my first order from them.. Very pleased ..sure hope they dont change up and get shady

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Citrus farmer F2 is available for preorder at $150 a pack

    Upstate2627 Well-Known Member

    Easy order, called and used cc over the phone. Quick shipping.
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    cocoleveo7686 Well-Known Member

    Made my first order with them last night. Will keep you all updated.
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    cocoleveo7686 Well-Known Member

    Got my order in 4 days. They also threw in 5 free seeds! Thanks neptune.
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    dankseeker Well-Known Member

    Neptune is awsome that's the only bank I use now after being a long time TDT, JBC,OES and SHN customer. You can actually speak with him on the phone and he's cool as hell!

    chuckie86 Well-Known Member

    Do they have any discount codes

    vancityj Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else experiencing troubles with their paid Symbiotic/Purple Punch 2.0 order through Neptune Seed Bank? The Symbiotic items were released on Neptune's website on August 18th, and it stated they were to be shipped out about August 25th. I'd purchased one pack each of Purple Punch 2.0, Orangeade and Mimosa, before they quickly sold out within about a day, and I paid via Visa on August 18th. Again, the items stated purchasers were to be notified of shipment on about August 25th, but I hadn't heard anything as of August 30th, so sent a message requesting shipment status, which got a fairly prompt response of:

    "You got it. I'll be at the office shortly".

    Three days later and no answer, so I sent this message:

    Sorry, I don’t mean to bother you about this – just looking for shipment confirmation on my order (14497; Symbiotic X3), as I think you’d stated a ship date of August 25th on those, but I haven’t yet heard anything about it.
    Thanks again, and take care.

    And received this prompt response:

    "Wow this is concerning. I'll look into it immediately".

    2.5 days later, and still no answer, so on September 5th I sent a third message explaining my concerns at this point, but haven't heard back from him. So, at this point it's been 13 days past the apparent posted shipment date, my Visa has been billed, and the person hasn't responded to my three requests for shipment status information over the past 9 days. The funny thing is (sarcasm), if he flakes out and doesn't fulfill my order, the exact thing happened to me with my last order through Neptune, in that I waited for the Thug Pug Puta Breath release that was to drop on the Neptune website July 4th, 2016, and then purchased two packages, but then when I attempted to pay for the items a day or two later, he stated he didn't have the items to honour my transaction, during which time it had sold out everywhere else as well. I couldn't help but notice Purple Punch 2.0 alone has sold out at $500 on other websites, and has auctioned as high as $1650. Hmm. What are the chances of non-shipment on two orders back-to-back?

    Budsie Member

    Damn bro that sucks..... Did you get your money back?

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    I placed an order with Neptune Thursday night, package arrived today (Monday)

    CriticalCheeze Well-Known Member

    Anyone grow out anything from Maine strain genetics? Their based locally around me but never ran any of their gear.

    Iriemartin74 Member

    Dont be too hard on yourself..

    vancityj Well-Known Member

    I did eventually hear back from Neptune on September 14th, apologizing for the delay in response, due to website changes, etc, and stating that my order had apparently been shipped:

    'Hey brother sorry for the lag on this response. we are moving our systems to a new site and everything has changed. As for your order it was shipped however im assuming it didn't make it. I have extra of everything i can reship except the purple punch. they are releasing more in october so i can send them there or offer a refund for them for your headache. Again please accept my apologies for this matter.'

    As of September 21st I still hadn't received the order, so notified him of this then. I received a shipping notification with tracking number from them the next day, which judging by tracking, I expect to be delivered to me in Canada by this Thursday (6 days total). So, I'll know soon enough if anything has been omitted from my order, but either way, at this point I do have faith that Neptune will more or less make things right.

    hayrolld Well-Known Member

    I have ordered from Neptune four times. I received three quickly,and he is always pretty easy to reach and a good guy to deal with.

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    I was looking over Neptunes site on a Sunday. I made an order , then texted him and asked for a call back.
    Called me right back (30min ish) I was impressed at the response, wasn't expecting anything till the next day.
    He was very professional, said I should have it in about a week or two.
    I got it today, packaging was 10/10
    Customer service 10/10
    Got 3 freebie seeds, 3 sticker,
    All seeds look 10/10

    I'm in Canada & payed with CC

    I'd use them again...
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    vancityj Well-Known Member

    I had a slight hiccup with an order initially, but I've since received all but one item (Purple Punch 2.0 by Symbiotic Genetics) due, which is apparently expected to be received again by Neptune next month. I chose to wait for the pack versus an offered refund. A free pack of Lemon Sage OG by 42 and a few stickers were also included with my order, and the packaging method for shipment was exceptional. I requested and received a tracking number upon shipment, and any recent e-mail I've sent is always responded to quickly and with a friendly tone, so I'd have no problem considering this seed bank for any future purchase.

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    Randodred Active Member

    CC over the phone as well

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