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    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    I've recently been up front to my cardiologist about smoking weed for pain, stress and anxiety related problems. He made a phone call, handed me a card to a weed doc, and said he would rather have me taking a tincture or pill instead of smoking. Weed docs are expensive as hell so screw that.

    I asked about vaping and he said that it's still inhaling and that he wouldn't recommend it. I was a bit confused about this since there is minimal "smoke" involved with vapes.

    I can learn to make my own tinctures or edibles but I'd really like to keep it simple and vape it.

    Any reason why the doc said no to vaping? Any ideas if making tinctures would be better? I don't like edibles because they either suck or last way too long.

    Thanks for the help

    Stoobie Well-Known Member

    I think I may have said this before on this forum. I have asthma so my lungs overreact to smoke. When I smoke tobacco or cannabis, I wheeze, feel tight in my chest, and the next morning, I hack up phlegm. Sexy right? Vaping is a great improvement for me. I've been using a Da Buddha whip style vaporizer for about a decade now. If I overdo it, I still get some wheezing, but no chest tightness and no un-sexy phlegm. Typically, I don't see any difference in my lung function on days when a vape a little versus days when I don't vape at all.
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    gwheels Well-Known Member

    Well vaping produces smoke at a lower temp. It is possible to vape weed at a level that does not produce smoke but the effects are very uninspiring. Tinctures or edibles work good too they are just very different. Other than vaping, edibles or tinctures are where you need to get to.

    It really depends on the level you smoke/vape at. If you vape occasionally who cares. If you suck on a vape for hours a day its probably better to make infused coconut oil and eat it. You can do it in a slow cooker or my favorite machine in the garage the magical butter machine. :D

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    I smoke around a joint a day, usually less. I take about 2 to 4 small tokes max at a time about 5 to 6 times a day. I would probably vape the same amount.

    Me and coconuts do not like each other very much. Makes me sick. Thanks for the replies :blsmoke:

    gwheels Well-Known Member

    Tincture with vegtable glycerin when the joint a day is not enough. I am an older dude who smoked doobs for about 20 years and vaped for 6 to 8 and now i make edibles. I love having 1 little piece of fudge that lasts 6 hours. But it is STRONG. In a good way :D Vape it up.

    I like arizers vapes because they are cheap but that da buddha is pretty nice for a bench. Personal vapes the new air2 and solo2 are pretty damned awesome and you do get what you pay for in vape in taste and vapor quality. The great ones are so efficient it is mind boggling.

    I would say this. I can smoke a doob now but i cough my brains out usually. I can vape a bag and i might cough when i get to the bottom of the bag but wow that vape bag is huge.

    I love vaping way more than smoking a doob because of the flavor and the effect and the lack of negative effect.

    OH I forgot to mention. I use cannabis for my wicked hand arthritis. 30 years of typing for a living means i can do 100 words a minute but i used to put my hands in an ice bucket at night. Now I take a tablespoon of coconut oil that is infused to the max in a coffee and I CANT FEEL MY HANDS. for 4 hours and then for 4 more it doesnt hurt. So win win i say.

    And if i have 2 hits off of my doobs i am stunned. Wow I grew that. Wow it is really that strong.
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    Joint Monster

    Joint Monster Well-Known Member

    The doctor is going to give you their best knowledgable opinion. They said they would prefer you to use an edible form over smoking, over vaping. That is a completely reasonable suggestion, one which was also suggested to me by my doctor.

    ....Here's the problem (IMO.) a light dose edible, wait 1-3hours, not strong enough, still in pain. A high dose edible, wait 1-3 hours, good pain relief, good-night I'm going to sleep..... well I can't do that during the day! What if I need IMMEDIATE relief for break-out pain? Then I need something right now and the only thing that is that instant is smoking or vaping.

    If you have a legitimate case for vaping I don't think your doctor will have a problem with it. Although your doctor really has no way to know which method you choose to medicate with. Although I probably wouldn't smoke. I would also highly suggest you look into RSO. (I've saw it being made, known about it for years, only recently gave it a go and it worked much nicer than your regular edible, at least for me.)

    If you can afford it I would HIGHLY recommend a Volcano Vaporizer. I've dabbled with other brands in the past and simply, nothing compares.
    (The sublimator is also a pretty cool device, but for simple flower-herb 'Cano all the way!)

    Yeesshhh I thought I was the only one suffering from smoke problems. After a bad stint of some bho oil I got from someone I've been having some trouble lately, gah! last time I trust someone else with my meds!

    I used to smoke upwards of 10+ grams a day (not including edibles).... Smoke...... joints, blunts..... Not good.. not at all... it will definitely take a toll on you. Now-a-days I'm much happier vaping.
    ...Plus when you stop smoking for a while, and only vape.... when you go back to smoking, there is just something dirty feeling about it, it leaves me with a heavy headed weird feeling vaping does not do. Vaping is just so much cleaner!
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