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    I saw them in a local dispensary and they seemed like the biggest ripoff I had seen in a long time. They were charging 30$ for a single fem seed. I researched the company and found nothing so assumed they are fake with bogus genetics.
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    Interesting. I paid $60 Canadian for 5 feminized, and the first bean hasn't disappointed so far.
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    Old thread but I'd like to chime in, I recently picked up a 4 pack of "Grandaddy" which from what I gather is their rendition of Grandaddy purple and a 4 pack of Green Crack. I was a little weary as I'd never heard of the company before but the seeds looked like pretty good quality and both cracked and had exposed roots within 24 hours of germination.

    Just for the record I paid 34.99+tax per 4 pack. I figured the price was right at around 9$ per seed at my local head shop and the packaging looked quite professional so I figured why not.

    I won't know for another 3.5-4 months what the quality is like but I'm feeling pretty confident.

    Interestingly enough I was told they only sell packs of 4 and 8 and not 5, but to be honest the guys at my local head shop aren't very knowledgeable on well, anything. Maybe I'll have to give the company a call and see what they're all about.

    Edit: They were also selling individual seeds for 12 bucks each. Something sounds a little off on both your parts.
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    I'm pretty sure mine had been sitting in the display case for quite a long time. Maybe they have changed the number of seeds they put in a pack over the years.

    Please report back on your results!

    nc208 Well-Known Member

    How long do you think this company has been around? There is very little info on these guys from a web presence to grow journals etc. My guess is they are new, under a year old.

    9$ a seed from an unknown breeder is expensive in my books.
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    cogitech Well-Known Member

    I really have no idea how long they have been around, but I did see this recently...

    The one WW fem that I grew out was healthy and vigorous and produced beautiful buds, and I have no doubt it was a true WW, but I agree that $9 per seed is too much. That's why I pollinated that WW with a Critical Kush male. I think the combination will be one that I enjoy, and I now have hundreds of seeds.

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    1 out of 2 was a dud. Germed the remaining 6 seeds, hoping I can get at least 4 keepers. Tried contacting these guys as well. They seem pretty shady. Won't answer any of my questions and just wants me to call them.

    I'd stay away. I will be from now on.
    Screenshot_2018-07-09-20-24-15.png 20180709_193749.jpg

    I'll have to email them back..
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    I tried a bit of my WW yesterday. 2 tokes and I was giggling my ass off. Hit me within 30 seconds. Fastest shit I've ever smoked. Finished very clean with zero burnout. Amazing flavour and a nice, fresh tickle in the lungs.

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    My local corner store Mr. Convenients video 99 sells them. That’s how I knew to beware of native seed co.

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    I got in contact with an Ivan from the company and have been exchanging emails (well just a few). Turns out the employees or from the sounds of it, owner, are absolute dicks.

    To be honest I think I'm gonna post the whole convo right on here since it's one of the first google hits to come up when you type in their name + forum. Would be fantastic publicity for them. Only reason I was dumb enough to buy em was cause I couldn't find Jack online.

    After his last snarky reply I really called him out and honestly there's no place for a business like his.

    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    ------ Original message------
    From: Ivan *********
    Date: Thu, Jul 5, 2018 6:46 PM
    To: ************
    Native Seed Co./ CBD products

    Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with,

    On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 9:10 PM *************************> wrote:
    Hi Ivan, I'm actually looking for information regarding your company. It seems there's not much (none) info about where you get your genetics, company background, exact lineage of your strains, etc. Is there anything of the sorts you could provide me with?

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    ------ Original message------
    From: Ivan ************
    Date: Thu, Jul 5, 2018 7:22 PM
    To: ***********;
    Subject:Re: Native Seed Co./ CBD products

    We don’t sell against our retailers ,
    Feel free to call me,

    On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 7:15 PM ********************> wrote:
    Hi Ivan, I'm sorry but I think you may have misinterpreted my questions.

    I'm not a breeder. I'm not looking to buy seeds or anything of the sort.

    I bought 3 packs of your seeds locally and am starting to wonder if they're even worth germinating. WHERE do you get your genetics? Bag seed? Clones? Seed from other breeders?

    There's no information on your company online (even your website).

    From the response I've gotten and from what I've seen of your company I am even more inclined to stay away and twice as inclined to make sure others do as well.

    ------ Original message------
    From: Ivan ********
    Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2018 5:25 PM
    To: *************;
    Subject:Re: Native Seed Co./ CBD products

    Sorry I’m not going to tell you we’re i get my seeds !
    We stand behind our strains and products.
    We give a full warranty on all our seeds .
    100% replacement of any seeds that do not germinate.
    That is the best offer in the industry .

    I ended up sending this. Just got too frustrated lol... shoulda burnt one before this conversation I think.

    Honestly bud, I've been trying to be nice and all but you're making that awfully difficult aren't ya? Look. I bought the seeds, germed some, and what the fuck is this? That plant is over 2 weeks old.

    Of course you won't tell me where you get your seeds from, I'd be embarrassed to tell anyone I'm breeding bag seed too bud.

    Plus I wasn't even asking where you get your specific seeds. I'm asking you where you source the strains, whether from other breeders, bag seed, etc.

    Funny how 99% of REPUTABLE breeders actually say where the lineage comes from (check out And funny enough, they even offer free replacements if the germ rate is below 80% as a standard.

    Don't kid yourself Ivan, you're not the best anything in the industry, not even bullshitter.

    I'm gonna make sure I spread the information on how sketchy your company is. Looking forward to seeing you financially bankrupt to match your moral bankruptcy once word gets out on your "genetics".

    OH well, just a 120 dollar lesson for me.

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    Well, not sure if what I asked was inappropriate (most companies tell you lineage, etc) but this guy just irked me for some reason. So here it is. If anyone contemplating buying seeds from these guys is reading this - I wouldnt buy their seeds if they were the only breeder in Canada based on attitude and ego alone.
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    RichRoots Well-Known Member

    Get seeds from Jordan of the Islands or Dr Greenthumb. Best in Canada so far...
    Jordan has bomb ass dank ass over 100 srtains. Greenthumb has E.C.O.s (elite clone onlys) in fem. No more wasting $.
    My last order I received in 3 weeks (mail has been slow af lately, plus delivering me things from wrong addresses), it usually takes like a week or 2 max.
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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    I actually forgot Green Thumb was Canadian. I've heard lots of buzz about Jordan's gear. Ill take a little peak at his stuff.

    Appreciate it man!
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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Buyer beware - what you are buying is NOT in fact feminized seed!

    These are my "FEMINIZED" GDP.



    I wouldn't grow this company's seed if they were the last cannabis plants on earth. I know I won't get a refund or anything but please for the love of Christ if anyone reads this STAY AWAY FROM THE NATIVE SEED CO!
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    madininagyal Well-Known Member

    God green crack is my favorite canadian strain , strong and tasty
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    ky farmer

    ky farmer Well-Known Member

    DR, GREEN THUNB has got dam good beans and you will get what you pay for.

    RocketMan420 New Member

    Ya he's a total asshole, selling bag seed at a premium. Delt with him on the phone after tracking him/native seed co down via Facebook. He tried to play it off like 4 seeds not popping was my fault and then hung up when I asked what he would do about it. Still hasn't answer my call or returned as message.

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