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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody, so first off as the title says, any comments, feedback, pointers, tips, words of advice, or shit even some words of hate, is all welcome!

    A little background -

    I've grown a few times before back in highschool with some buddies in their closet, in my closet, outdoors a couple years, but never really got anywhere with it or expected too much from it, although I did harvest some (not very spectacular) bud a few times. Fast forward some years later, Cannabis is now to be legal in Canada. I never really thought of growing again having to endure drug tests through the years, but alas! Things have turned around and here I am all over again.

    I decided to post up a journal on here not just to keep track of what I've been doing (I've got a paper one for that) but mainly to get some tips and advice from fellow, more experienced growers.

    So the details are as follows;

    - 2 Grandaddy seeds (The Native Seed Co.) germinated June 20/2018.
    - 3.2gal +/- containers
    - Promix HP soil.
    - General Organics Biothrive Line of nutes
    - 4x2x5 Idaodan Grow Tent
    - 600w air cooled dimmable HID
    - 6in IPower filter
    - T6 AC Infinity Cloudline fan (6in)
    - 6in passive intake (may downgrade to 4).
    - Temps currently going between 18c and 26c with it being a perfect and consistent 24c at just below the canopy during lights on.
    - Humidity is generally 25-50% depending on the day (AC unit has "dry cool" mode luckily).

    So this is what's going on (pics attached at bottom of thread). So I'm running an AC in my window, feeding the exhaust just above the AC and taking in the cool air coming off the AC.

    Some plans for the near future are to take the table out where my ducting is run, and put in a shallow wardrobe and run the ducting through the wardrobe out the other side in front of the AC so if anyone walks in my room it just looks like I've got a portable closet and a wardrobe stuffed in the corner (damn women and their clothes, eh?). Luckily the sound of the AC overpowers the sound of the Inline fan so you really can't even tell what's going on in the tent apart from the ducting.

    Other than that, seedlings are showing some signs of abuse (a bit of heat stress before I got the temps dialed in) but overall they're bouncing back.

    Now to just sit back and figure out what I want for next run! :bigjoint:

    So far plans are to get 3 or 4 different strains going for next grow. So far I've got on the pick list are

    - Cinderalla 99 by Female seeds
    - Green Crack by The Native Seed Co. (Depending how their GDP goes).

    Strains I've been looking at:

    - Papaya Nirvana (heard very good and very bad about it).

    Ideally I'd like 2 indica strains for the evening (one for bed, the other for relaxing) and 2 nice sativas, at least 1 with a good uplifting feel to it for those days where you need to get stuff done. And I'd like them to all finish close to the same time.

    If anyone's got some suggestions on strains just let me know! Anyways hope y'all enjoy!

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    the rock

    the rock Well-Known Member

    Didnt know you could get GDP in seed form,.Ive grown it with great success a few times{clones},always a fast finisher and golf ball size buds of sticky frost. So I aam interested in how yours will compare>

    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Just a cut that's been selfed from what I gather. ILGM, True North and BC Seed King all have it in seed form as well. Figured I'd start with whatever I could find locally. Can't wait to see how it turns out either.

    Soil is dry on the top but still slightly moist inside. Will probably water tomorrow afternoon as soon as the lights come on. When should I start feeding and how often in Promix HP/Soilless mediums? Feed, water x 3, etc? Or just feel it out? At what strength? 1/4 of light feed recommendation?
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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Put in a cabinet beside the tent and ran the ducting through it for a little more stealth and neatness.

    Looks much better in my opinion. Toss a bit of clothes over the tent and it'll look just like one of those Ikea portable closets.
    20180708_150239.jpg 20180708_150252.jpg
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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Jul 8/2018 3:30PM Germinated remaining GC and GDP seeds. Will likely SOG instead of ScrOG due to time. May use larger plant as a mother. Thinking of doing 2 Gal containers instead of 3.2 +/-.
    Will see what I can find at the store tomorrow.

    hybridcheef Active Member

    if its still most right under the surface do not water yet, when there that small you should be going around 4 days with that promix

    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    That's the plan, holding off a little on watering for now to get those roots to grow a bit. Checked them shortly after lights on and the first 2" of soil was bone dry so gave them a bit of water, no nutes.
    It's been about 5 days last watering. Do you mean 4 days between waterings or feeding/giving nutrients?

    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Any idea what's going on here guys? Seedling is stunted. Grew out a third leaf and no signs of new growth. Been like this for around 4 or 5 days. 15311834372501336902044.jpg

    And for shits and gargles here's the other GDP. New growth looks good. Temps during lights on varying between 23-26c and a constant 24-25c just below canopy in direct light.

    Jul 9/2018 remaining 6 seeds put into pots. GC seeds had no tails. Both GDP seeds had tails and sunk to the bottom of glass. Looks like 100% germ rate for GDP. Will see on the GC.

    Will have to cull 2 plants for a good footprint with the 250/400w. Pots are standard cheap 10" green pots. I'm assuming somewhere around 2-3 gal. Will end up doing 6 plants total in the tent at this point in more of a sog style. Possibly with some training. I need to flower by Aug 15 at the latest, preferably Aug 5 so I figured with the time constraints I'd be best off starting more.

    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    That cabinet is pretty slick Jim! I like that idea!! I'm growing all purple & blue plants this fall and GDP is on my shortlist, following along, good luck!
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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Haha thanks, anything to ensure stealth when landlords are a (possible) problem. Luckily we both get along. I pay rent on time, keep to myself and stay quiet despite my other hobbies. They take my rent on time and leave me alone. Win-win? I think so. Something like this helps me sleep at night knowing there may be a notice on my door.

    Going to be posting a journal for that? Wouldn't mind taking a look! Haven't had any blue strains for a while but am a big fan! Where'd you get your GDP? Not sure I'm a fan of TNSC from what I've experienced.

    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Jul 10/2018 5:30pm - checked on seeds to see if any popped soil through the day. About 24hrs after putting into soil 1 has popped soil, and another is close. I can see little white roots just poking up.

    The sprout is labelled GrCr#2. Funny, none of the GC seeds really had tails and were all floaters in the cup. Hopefully my luck with seeds will turn around.


    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Went back to the hydro store today and picked up the rest of the nutrient line for veg. Now I have bio bloom, bio grow, bio weed, bio CALiMAGic (hydro type stuff, but will work with soil/soilless mix), and bio root.

    Will probably give this lady her first (extremely light) feed of all nutes in another day or two when soil dries out some.


    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Jul 12/2018 - fed both their first decent shot of nutes (did the whole GO blend minus the black diamond and the other optional one forgot the name). Mainly wanted to give them the root booster as I feel like the roots aren't filling out as much as they should. Will pot up to 2 Gal containers come next watering. Likely Monday.

    2 sprouts so far out of the other 6 seeds. They'll sit on the window sill till I see them just start to stretch then it's off to live under the 250w MH.

    On another note I've been tossing up the idea of a small 2x2x4 tent or something of similar size such as a dresser and using it for veg/mother and going along with a SOG style. Could put a new veg in the flower room every 2 weeks and harvest every couple of weeks. Still only tossing this idea up as I know it's not quite practical (I'm thinking 2x2x4 would only be enough for a mother and couple clones at a time)

    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    So a couple questions -

    I'm thinking of grabbing either a cheap LED or t5 grow light and set up a small veg cabinet to weed out males as I'm thinking of going with Jordan's seeds now.

    Any suggestions on cheaper lights for vegging 4-6 plants to about 1-1.5ft high? I know I'll get shit for this but I've been debating on blurples for the cost factor, but would like something that'll last me a while and has room for improvement.

    I'll have to pop in and do some reading in the LED sections and think about building my own.

    Next up so far I've got some strains picked out.

    Burmese, Chemo, Afghani and God's Strawberry Cough - all by Jordan of the Islands. I've also been really interested in PeakSeedsBC's Sweet C99 so I'm thinking of dropping the God's Strawberry or Chemo for it as I'm only looking to run 4 strains.

    Has anyone ran any of these before? Beginner friendly? Good choices between indica and sativa strains? Looking for at least 1 heavy hitter and 1 nice functional sativa.

    Anyways, will be potting up today I think!
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    coocooforkush Active Member

    Heres my cheapie light closet grow. Everything under a hundred bucks. Gets u growing and learning. I can send u pics of setup. I do everything simple. You wont grow prize winning buds bit you will get a decent harvest and learn the relation to plants light soil. This is grow 3. First was a disaster. Second was some damn potent jack herers. Got an ounce off 2 plants. These girls are critical kush and are looking good after learning proper watering and nute regiment. Get yourself going. Even if u use cfls. Its all experience and nobody gets it till they do it. Even a crap grow set up up to do better next time. There is a lot of good help and a lot of good people on this site to help.

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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. Fortunately I've got a light for flowering (600w dimmable MH/HPS) but I'm looking to set up a separate enclosure for vegging only so I can weed out males and can flower plants about 2 weeks apart for a continuous harvest every 2 weeks.

    I'm definitely staying away from CFL's. My first every grow was with a bunch of 26w CFL's and as nice as the growth and heat control was, continuously rotating just a single plant and always moving the bulbs made it a PITA I don't ever want to experience again.

    I'll have to take a good look at my wardrobe I put in with the ducting and see if I can't incorporate something in there. Only thing that makes me hesitant is the close proximity of the flower tent (in case I don't kill a male in time and the pollen somehow makes it into the flower tent).

    Id definitely be interested in seeing pics of your set up though. I've seen cheaper, larger CFL lights since I gave it a try and who knows, maybe I'll give it a go.


    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Jul 13/2018 - Final transplant! At least for the growing girl. Checked the roots on the one that won't grow. Barely any root system at all. Made me worried the other wouldn't be much further ahead but once I got it out, the root system was just taking over the whole pot. Nice and white, was a good sign. Gave her a bit of water, hopefully not much stress at all.
    She's starting to grow good now with much less stress on her.
    Seems like the biggest part of a grow is temps.


    As for the seedlings/seeds, they're essentially at the same stage they were yesterday except our two sprouts are stretching out. Today I took the saran wrap off, looked like they were getting way too moist. I'll likely introduce the spouts slowly to the tent in a couple days.

    Temps and humidity in the tent are 25c at the top of the tent, 24c at the canopy and 35% Rh. Temps outside are 33c and Rh is 25%. Not too bad.

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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    So new sprouts are in the tent. As of yet its looking like the other 4 won't sprout. Overall about a 50% germ rate from this seed Co. Of that 50% germ rate we have a 25% defect rate.

    Can't wait for the new beans to come.

    So here's the ladies.


    So I'm wondering if I should do the Uncle Ben's topping method on the bigger one? I've got exactly 4 weeks until I have to flip, so I'm thinking of tying it down a week or two before that rather than topping. I'll likely let the sprouts go as they are.

    Here's a closeup of the bigger plant.


    At the 5th node (growing) if the first leaves count? Only thing about UC's topping is cutting to the 2nd node. Would put the plant back about a month and it wouldn't be much more developed than it is now

    Only reason for this is apartment inspection Oct 26. Labelled as 56 days flower. So I want to give ample time. An extra week or two flowering and about a week for drying. Tear down and restart with the new beans.

    Other than that, I ended up pinching the stunted sprout's growth off Sunday afternoon. I figured instead of killing it I should have some fun :fire:. So far it looks like the part I pinched off is healing and not promoting anything else. I'll probably keep it alive as long as I can after this.

    Oh and the new beans are on the way! I ordered a 12 pack of Jordan of the Islands' Burmese, and a pack of NorthernBerry and Sweet C99 (Sweet Skunk x Cindy 99) from Peak Seeds. I'll germ those just before my inspection and get things rolling.

    Thanks guys! :bigjoint:

    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    Ended up trying to FIM it. Never done this before and I'm not 100% sure if I did it properly or if it worked.

    Before FIM:


    After FIM


    3 Days after FIM:


    Other than that it's looking great! Completely unphased by the little haircut I gave her. She's finally starting to bush out. Ill have to LST her once the tops start to come out. 3 weeks till flower so depending on how the growth is I may FIM once again.
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    Hashishh Well-Known Member

    So I just got a fire alarm inspection notice today for 2 days from now.

    Plans are to empty the tent of all things MJ related (duh) and put my plants in a corner somewhere. I'm just wondering since lights out is typically 930am-330pm, would they be fine if I threw them in complete dark from 630am-4pm?

    From what I understand and have been told, I don't have to worry too much about light cycle stresses as much during veg as I would flower, so long as they're healthy at the time of flip. Is this true?

    Obviously nobody likes getting some nice upskirt action and finding some nuts!

    On a side note I'm actually debating on leaving the tent up. I'd empty it out, place a couple curtain rods across it and hang a ton of the wife's clothes in it and just leave it door open so they can see inside. I could even hang a load of her heels around the top.
    Only things I'm worried about is the mylar lining inside doesn't seem typical of a portable closet, and those vent holes are a dead giveaway as well.

    What would you guys do? FYI I'm in an apartment building (Yes, Yes, I know. I like to live on the edge alright).

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