my new pipe! check it out? (dry pipe)

Discussion in 'Galleries' started by i_am_the_sex, Dec 11, 2012.


    i_am_the_sex Well-Known Member

    hey guys just bought a new pipe. my gf broke my last 2 and i am only left with a bong, and i cant smoke off of a bong everyday..
    been smoking alot of j's

    tell me what you guys think. went to the local pipe store and they had alot of new glass. some really really nice pieces.
    alot nicer than i have seen anywhere else. check this one out.

    20121210_191810.jpg 20121210_191954.jpg 20121210_192110.jpg 20121210_192200.jpg 20121210_192250.jpg

    some sensi skunk, and outdoor bubblegum.

    cant wait to see this thing get resonated. got a cool "honeycomb" head on it.

    TheKansasCityChiefer Active Member

    dont let your gf get her hands on this one bredda!bongsmilie
    Cloud The Wizard

    Cloud The Wizard Active Member

    That honeycomb would trip me out after smoking from it.

    roundplanet Well-Known Member

    The last photo, that's the pipe dream lol

    6ohMax Well-Known Member

    Nice pipe my man....there is a glass shop here that has tons of those styles...I'm a fan too! One thing I will spend good money on is a dry piece. ..but a rig or don't matter. My rig cost 40 bucks but my pipe cost 130 ..yeah

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