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Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by growman3666, Sep 15, 2016.


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    growman3666 Well-Known Member

    My order just came in this morning. 7 days to eastern U.S. USPS tracking only showed it in Jamaica NY and at my post office. Horrible tracking. Obviously not MWS fault in the least.

    Ive been ordering seeds overseas for a long time now and I am happy to leave this review.

    Customer Service:
    (Lewis was promt to answer my questions and even when I mistakenly pmed him a message that was supposed to go to omeone else helping with their grow he still answered! Thats awesome.)

    Shipping Time:
    (Ordered on Tuesday afternoon shipped on Thursday Day)

    Quality of Packaging (Stealth):

    Website Navigation Ease:

    Value and Payment Ease:
    (Recieved free shipping and also used a 15% off promo code. The value of what I ordered for what I payed is unmatched anywhere)

    Seed Quality: (To be reviewed further after finished product) as of right now:
    (Packs ordered came in original breeder packs as asked for. Only reason for not 5/5 is that only one of 6 pick and mix varieties ordered came with a piece of original breeder pack inserted in bag. I am always hesitant with pick and mix. I am confident they are real deal because nothing in my experience with MWS or speaking with others has led me to believe that there is any shadyness at all going on with this company)

    (Very Happy with the fact that I was able to select my own freebies.) A selection with more well known breeders would be nice, but the name on the genetics of freebies offered are top notch)


    This is the best review of a seedbank i have ever left. I gave Attitude a 25/ 30. I am usually not a harsh critic but I let my fellow growers know the truth about everything. I am extremelly happy with my experience with MWS. I am already lined up to place another order with them. Thank you to Lewis @Midweek Song for his help and ability to ease my tension with ordering from a new site for the forst time.
    Great Company.

    My Order:


    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Ive got a million seeds from MWS and never had a problem on their end, and if I had a question, Lewis or someone would always answer quickly.

    I did have 2 orders seized by customs years ago, from Attitude, buy basically have had good luck, and spent over $7000 USD on seeds over the years. Ive also used other seedbanks with good success.

    I just got some Dr Atomic from HempDepot and had no problem. I do think it seems the get more coming from Canada vs Europe into USA. I could be wrong. But seemingly.

    I also ordered some 2016 BG C99 from seedsherenow, with no problem 1 month or so ago.

    In the last month and a half Ive spent $1200 between MWS/Attitude/HD. Incl guaranteed reship. I did this in 6 different orders between MWS/Attitude.

    Lewis also knows I don't like/want Fem Seeds, and will always send me regulars for the free 1 when I remind him. don't expect him to remember me personally out of so many customers. But he knows me when I remind him. Ive been dealing with them since they first came out, and were suspect. I also had 0 problems from the very 1st.

    McKringleberry Well-Known Member

    +1 for Tom and Lewis

    Had my order seized, they resent my package within two days of notifying them. All in all these guys are trustworthy stand-up dudes. They answer emails within 24 hours, they ship as quickly as they can, and they send an awful lot of freebies; almost too many lol.

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