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    This is my first grow and set up what do u think? The clones are tahoe OG. There about 6 weeks old. There in veg still. I just topped one that ima try to clone. Then another cut im trying the same. Cloning only water. What do you think? Any suggestions?
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    They honestly look like they have stretched quite a bit. They also look kind of sparse for 6 weeks. I have only had two different white widow grows. My second one was all clones from the first grow. I am no expert, I am sure someone with alot more experience than me might comment on here and help you even more, but to start with. What kind of lights are those? It looks like you have two LED flood lights and two LED full spectrum grow lights? Light schedule? What kind of nutrients are you using? What are your room temps with the lights on/off? These are just questions to help better gauge your growing setup and help to answer questions about how your grow is doing. If im not mistaken those are not very strong in the amount of light they put out and amount of watts they consume. I looked at getting the same ones from wal mart when I was deciding what to buy when I first started the other year.

    I would strongly consider buying a bigger grow light or supplementing the lights you have with smaller ones, like CFLs, only if you don't have the budget to purchase a 200-300 true watt LED panel to get both of those plants some light. Or a 400 watt MH/HPS depending on your budget and how much electric cost you are willing to take.

    I would also try to look for a kelvin rating 5000-6500 since they are in veg they use more blue light to grow larger. When they flower you can use something with a rating below 2500k for more in the red light spectrum used to produce flowers.

    The clones would benefit from a light dose of flowering nutrients, low in nitrogen if any, and rooting hormone if you did not use any already.They would also benefit from a small light in the red spectrum until they get their roots out.

    Overall it looks like they are healthy and doing fine, just very stretched and small with not many leaves. But they don't look sick or anything so props to you on your first grow man good luck on it. I'm not trying to put you down or anything just trying to help with your grow. Just remember to be patient and that more = less.

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    Get some damned lights. Don't show anyone these pics and we'll pretend it never happened. Even if they live you won't get enough for a fat blunt
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    The lihhts are 2 100watt flood grow lights and 2 cheap led grow lights that dont do much. Im using advance nutrients ph perfect grow bloom and flower 3 stage nuits. At 2ml per liter in 5 gallins. The lights r on 18/6. Its about 75 to 80 degress with lights on about 60 when there off

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    Hotrodharley. Thats funny i like the way u think. Lol

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