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    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Anyone one here in the Puna, Hilo area? I have a couple questions about Mountain View. My Dad gave me a 1 acre lot in Eden Roc Estates, He bought in the early 70's. Not worth much. But Hey, it's a piece of land and it was free to me..:-P
    Found the plot on Google maps, kind of void of homes, even after 30 years...haha. Don't have clue about the area, from Oahu.
    What is the area like? Can you get Internet service, Good or Bad location,Tweeters aren't going to pop out of the woods and rob my house when I'm gone? Maybe you guys can point me to a Home Builder. Wouldn't mind putting up a 2 Bedroom for Vacation or maybe just move over. Oahu's Rat race sucks and i'm retired already.:-P

    Highhawyn! Well-Known Member

    Eden Roc is ok. still crazy shit up there, but it's not fern forest or Hawaiian acres kine crazy. can get internet up there, tweakers may pop out and rob you, but not as likely as with other two places. just get some dogs you be ok. good thing about that area is that its more of a loose community type thing. yep, I don't think I could do Oahu anymore too. overall, I like Eden Roc. good luck!!

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info.
    Was off the forum for a bit. Till they worked out the new site.

    808newb Well-Known Member

    Ya, what highhawyn said. Puna is the last Wild West left. There's two sides to the knife tho...cops e too scared to come at night..u Lucky if they show up if u want them to..grin
    Copters were flying their green harvest missions almost daily when I moved here but been really quiet for several months

    fritzkathi New Member

    Eden roc good location cool and neighbors are getting better , just stay away from the bottom 5 streets, some weirdos live amongst the cool people. If your going to grow, get a MJ card through the state and a doctor to certify, grow no more than 7 plants. on your property. and stay within the guidline of the state and you wont get any hassels.

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info.
    Just curious since I inherited a bit of land there. Haven't decide on what to do with it since I live on Oahu. Wasn't thinking of moving anytime soon or if at all. As far as growing, I'm legal, so no problem there. Maybe, I will build a 1 bedroom studio cabin for vacations. I'm getting to old to travel oversea or the mainland for vacations.
    Much Mahalos

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