Montana silvertip

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    Atrox Member

    I just scrapped a SSH male, what a shame! I really wanted to create my own silvertip. I've seen a guy breeding the same genetics under Super Silver Purps. Trying to track down a cut in the PNW area. I don't have space for males damn it.

    NecterSecter Active Member

    Does anyone know where to get silvertip seeds i really wanna give this strain a try

    HarryCarey Well-Known Member

    I don't know where to get seeds but I've also enjoyed this strain recently up here by the big lake and the "crown" of the continent ;)

    Good to see other montaners in here, we need a thread

    Atrox Member

    I belive it is cut only. I've heard rumors of a cut being passed around central oregon. I found some flower near by, and it was sub par in flavor and the terps were mild. I too want to run this strain.

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    No seeds, except maybe somebody made s1. Clone only. Proud to still be growing the original one here in Big Sky Country, Montucky. Doesn't seems to have changed from the first time I grew it four years ago. Have a couple ready to put outdoors. Although they don't get really big, I get superior results with outdoor/organic.
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    taint Well-Known Member

    Mostly hype cut only ran it twice and trashed it.

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