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    montanachadly Active Member

    Does anyone on here know were i could get a clone or some seeds for the montana silvertip strain. I am a legit patient and would like to procure some before this upcoming outdoor season as i heard that its a hearty plant that can handle the chilly montana air. Anyone know what strains it is i have heard that it was silver haze and a northern lights cross anyone know any info on breader and caregivers with the strain would be great i know theres only like maybe ten people on here from montana but hopefully one of you will know daniel maybe the guy seems very informed
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    montanachadly Active Member

    Everyone looks but no one says anything. Does anyone out there know what breader bred this strain cuz then if i could track down a name then i can do the rest i will travel to missoula bozeman werever the hell it is i have to go to find myself a clip or a seeed it is pretty good bud not the best but good enough and that it has the states name that we all love yeah whoever you are fucker out there with this let us know would you or anyone with info

    Nadroj Member

    Uhh... you cant be talking about the same guy (his name is daniel) i know... he lives in Bozeman and grows some quality meds... and even higher quality meds from his provider. His provider definitely has a fire cut of Silvertip... here's a pic from the batch he got me a couple weeks ago. My connect isn't even from the 406 originally... Missouri Native ;)

    Here's the Silvertip i've been getting from Bozeman

    Nadroj Member

    Sorry, didn't realize you were talking about a fellow member haha... i knew my guy wasn't that popular haha :leaf:

    montanachadly Active Member

    Yeah that looks like all the silvertip ive gotten its pretty good smoke. I dont know if it was the caregivers fault or what he didnt cure but i thought it was really harsh but it is bomb. Everyhit i took i would get a good head rush. The real good bud will do that with good bud like that i like to take a huge hit the one that you have to cough but you hold it in run around the house it gets your blood flowing faster to your head and the thc in your blood really hits the brain damn near pass out pretty fun

    Nadroj Member

    or you can take a elevator hit... which is gradually increasing your height by bending over on your knees hitting it then as you hit it you slowly stand up and once you are standing you take your hit and you will literally start to black out within a couple seconds of exhaling... craziness if done right.

    Here's a better batch of ST

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, there are no Silvertip seeds, only clones and Silvertip crosses. Seems this strain originated in Bozeman, so that is a good place to search. Very risky proposition to exchange clones with online "friends." I will say Silvertip is definately a "keeper" and worth tracking down.

    east78 Member

    I love sliver tip. It sure would be nice to have a cut of it.

    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    You could make it yourself. Take your nicest GDP lady and smack her up side the head with some SSH male pixie dust. Silvertip was just a fluke from a free pollinated plant.

    sconepig Member

    Interesting thread....personal fave, apparently MT only, is Family Love...
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    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    One thing you are correct about, SilverTip does well outside. Regardless of the environment, it is only a medium sized plant and average yield. It is the potency/taste/smell of this strain that is exceptional.
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    MyGTO2007 Well-Known Member

    yep good strain..Currently growing it
    jm 420

    jm 420 Member

    the shop it came from is actually bellgrade and not bozoShit easy enough to get cuttings the brothers gave it out pretty freely
    ,if ya even see seeds probly fake or s1 cuz she was a flukeand it was silver kush not ssh
    I personnally couldnt stand the stuff and the purple used was a cut one of the brothers stole from some grower in calli while trimmin sent it to himself fed ex and made it home in time for delivary so you wont be able to recreate it even if ya wanted to

    i lived in bozo for a couple years and had a warehouse in belgrade real close to the guys that came up with st i heard the story more than once:)
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    Bongoognob New Member

    I have both phenos and know the original growers....
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    sconepig Member

    Hmmm ya I had some once but I don't think it was grown well. Like to try my hand at it someday!

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    If you can get a clone from a reputable source, you won't be disappointed.

    snowboarder396 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if it's possible or where to get this cutting in Washington?
    Senca the Younger

    Senca the Younger Active Member

    Silver tip very tasty. I've seen a few dispensaries in our State have Silver tip (like the Bozeman/Belgrade/Butte), talk to them might work. My samples came from Peaceful Providers (closed) out of Bozeman area many years ago....

    Atrox Member

    Has anyone come across this recently??

    NecterSecter Active Member

    I didn't see anyone answer your question about what strains makeup silvertip. You wer close it is super silver haze, and one of my fav's Grandaddy purple

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