Montana Repealed for All Practical Purposes

Discussion in 'Montana Patients' started by taint, Apr 30, 2011.


    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Man that sux.
    Pray for snipers!

    skunkmeister Active Member

    There are law suits about to be started left and right... The Montana Cannabis Industry Association has hired the top notch attorney here in Montana. Between all 30,000 patients and 4,000 caregivers, we raised $50,000 to pay for the start of the law suit. If by chance these law suits fail then we have a referendum to overturn the law by putting the choice back on the ballot in 2012. It's a big firestorm coming! Montanan's aren't going to lay down and take this.

    This website will keep ya'll informed on what the lawsuits are doing.

    KlosetKing Well-Known Member

    Fuckin A! Whats even better is, they had 40k of that 50k by last friday, and the fundraising started wednesday. Meaning, they got the first 40k in TWO DAYS! Goetz seems like the go-to guy for this and im hoping its a fruitful endeavor. We all know (even Schweitzer has acknowledged) that the bill is STILL unconstitutional, even WITH the amendatory vetoes the legislature kept. Most people are hatin on Schweitzer for it, but i kind of understand his position. Even if he did veto, the senate has more than enough votes to override it. If anything, he tried to make it clear that we should be doing what we are doing (by making multiple statements to the effect of 'unconstitutional on its face' and 'wont hold up in court').

    The saddest thing about all of this, is [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]the utter disregard for the power of our sovereign. The legislatures major argument this entire time is that the 'will of the voters has changed since 04'. Well if this were the case, the only reasonable option would have been to put it BACK on the ballot, and have the voters choose again.

    Not ONE of our legislators ever offered such an option. Its been repeal since day one.

    How dare they tell me what I voted for.

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    UGGGGHHHH, thats gotta suck dude!!!!! I hope they approve medical mj in the state of texas this september.


    Windsblow Well-Known Member

    So what are Montanas MMJ laws as of today? My family lives in Hamilton and I was entertaining the idea of moving there in a few years.

    bobbypyn Well-Known Member

    dude we have had MMJ provisions since 09. Tx House Bill 164, 2009 Legislature.

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    Someone posted the entire text of the new law above, but if it gets overturned it goes back to our current one which is a great law. you can look at it by googling it I'm sure.

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    It is important to note, that a judge has approved the restraining order against the advertising part of the bill:

    And, that the DHHPS has decided that they will not stop issuing cards until June 20th, instead of immediately:

    Hopefully, these are just the beginning of many 'wins' for us MMJ patients and caregivers alike.

    If you wanted to peruse the new law, here is a link to it. I BELIEVE it is up to date and current:

    skunkmeister Active Member

    Judgement day is coming!!! FUCK ESSMAN!!

    st235 Member

    we had it made here in Mt. for 4 years till the big O said the fed wouldn't bother med states. Then a few people started these store fronts thumbing there nose at the pigs. What do you expect to happen. People would line up in front of the dis. and wait for it to open. Not a one that I saw looked. It was good for a while but a few always ruin stuff for everyone else. I feel that if the caregivers would have stayed under the radar we wouldn't be in this mess now. Well now its back to the drawing board.
  11. hey guys can somebody run through what has changed in the law? I plan on reading that entire post of the new law but it'd be nice to know what the law used to be so I can compare....

    maybe somebody could bullet point the big changes? the changes that are going to hurt caregivers bottom lines etc.... really any changes at all would be good to hear

    it sounds as if there will be only caregivers and no more dispensarys?

    I'm interested in the progression or recession of Marijuana laws around the US as I'm hoping to move to maine soon

    hic Well-Known Member

    Them Mother Fuckers!!! I am in Michigan and that shit pisses me off that they would even attemp such a ordeal to the people of Montana. Twisted and Godless are their ways.
    george xxx

    george xxx Active Member

    There will be more such moves in other places. Too much money changing hands and the tax man has no reliable way to track the income they want to tax. With a mostly caregiver setup they get a better idea of true income from those paying for the caregiver service. The caregiver will in turn claim every possible deduction which leads to a better accounting and source of weed sales.

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    I think any politician that works against the will of the majority should be charged with treason and put to death. That might change their minds huh?

    Fucking bastards. It's going to come to a tipping point when we get fed up with this shit.

    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    And Montanans still haven't gotten their heads out of their butts. This happened because there is no override to keep legislators from tossing out a popularly passed amendment "just b-cuz" they "know" that this isn't what the voters intended.

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