MMMP & CPL -Who's got both cards?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by HydroRed, Jul 31, 2016.


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    So there's some logic there, you think?
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    This could either get challenged or spread.
    Sucks in any event

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    With this logic, nobody in Colorado can own a gun shop and nobody can buy guns.
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    Yes you can have both. I have multiple friends with both. Buying a gun is insanely easy if you can pass a background check. I highly do not recommend unless you really know what you are doing. It can be kind of a grey area. You're not supposed to have a gun if you have a controlled substance in your system. Since it stays in our system for so long it could be argued either way. It's all up to a judge in the end if you get in trouble. There was a guy a while back from downstate that beat the ATF in court though. The courts ruled he could in fact have both. You could probably find it on google. Never carry your firearm if you are high on any controlled substance or alcohol. Cops are not dumb they usually know. Remember on the net for these types of questions to take any answers with a grain of salt. RIU is full of false info like many other places on the net. Good luck and happy hunting!
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    Very likely you will not get denied. You take the course and pay the money, they want you to have it. These classes don't like to fail people. If anything, they should do whatever they can to help you.

    I never liked the open carry. Usually just people showing off. Plus it scares civilians that don't know the law. Sure you can walk around town legally. But expect cops getting called and getting stopped because of people that don't know better. Plus in a mugging situation you may not have time to grab that gun. With a concealed you can pretend to pull out your wallet and shoot the mugger dead.
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    All my friends actually got the MJ card first. They never been hassled but they also are law abiding and have no criminal records for the most part. Just don't tell anyone that you have both. I cant find that article where that guy got off on having both. It was a while ago. I'll post it if I find it. People legally prescribed to a controlled substance still get guns no problem. Where I live all the old folks are on pain killers and are big time hunters. Never seen any issues with anyone. Just have to be responsible with everything.

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    I have both cards. I'm not real concerned about it.
    Even had around 10 state police search through my grow house about 4-5 years ago. They had a felony arrest warrant for my brother. They wanted to see my cards and told me to sit there, about 20 mins later they said they where leaving and said my guns where on my bed with all the ammo taken out of them. Was worried they may come back but Its been years now. just my 2cents
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    I wasnt exactly raided, but I did get caught using mm on state land while camping (not a state camp ground) My old lady was being a smart ass to leo, so they wind up arresting both of us for disturbing the peace, they searched my 26ft camper, I had a few grams of mm, I had 3 mostly empty lil jars of oil (they called it black tar heroin lol) They found my .22 long gun loaded in my closet.. They originaly charged me with disturbing the peace (there was no one around for miles lol) and simple possesion, we both spent the night in jail, I got our on sat morning, she took till afternoon for me to get her out, on monday I went to the leo dept that took my gun and lil stash, I was given my .22 back along with my bullets in a lil sandwich bag, a few wks later I got all charges dropped w/o going into the court room, other than my arraingment!

    I have had another long gun 12 guage double barrel from the mid 1800's taken from me in a similar situation, I got both of my weapons back on the first business day after arrest and before hearings!

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    phaquetoo Well-Known Member

    When you go to jail for more than 30 days they automaticly stop your benny's whether they are state or fed ssdi!

    I got mine dropped for doing exactly 30 days, I had my benny's back within a month! dont give up or wait, take care of biz now and you may not get screwed, I didnt!


    nl5xsk1 Well-Known Member

    Oakland County, grow ops , (weapons in same dwelling), bad news, zero tolerance , no hand guns, rifles, you will go to jail!
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    captainmorgan Well-Known Member

    If you're growing and have a gun on the premises you better get a great attorney.

    phaquetoo Well-Known Member

    The main thing is not to tell any one!

    Loose Lips Sink Ships!

    If no one knows than leo dont know!

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    Sold my only firearm this last summer.

    Guns can save your life but they also can screw U over big time too.

    I live in nice area, I see guns as being more risky then with out guns. The cops can use your cell phone in your hand as an excuse to gun your ass down. So maybe I should not own a cell phone either, ha ha.

    Still i thought long and hard about it and decided guns aren't for me, not right now. One less thing i need to worry about. I be so sick if my gun ended up in the wrong hands. BTW I sold my gun at the Detroit police gun by back deal for $50, they were to melt it down. I could had gotten $80 but somebody else would own it by now, hopefully my old gun is now history.

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    Too many people talk too much.

    Cops love people who talk alot.

    When cops shout/yell at U, that means U are saying something they don't like and hope you will change your answer. It works lots of times too. Best to stick with the same answer that pissed the cop off.

    Never put yourself in a corner. I'm not sure. is a better answer then yes or no. But it depends, if they ask U did U have anything to drink tonight, of course saying "NO" is a better answer then "I'm not sure" or "I can't recall"

    Again, if U say an answer they don't wanna hear, often times the cops will shout the same question at U again, maybe phased a bit differently. Once U start giving different answers to the same questions, U are done for. The more U talk, the deeper U dig yourself in a hole.

    Be as nice as possible but stay firm and polite. "I'm sorry officer, I rather not answer any more questions right now" "Please understand"

    It sounds crony but chances are its on video and being taped. Pretend you are on TV and the whole world is watching U. U wanna be nice, polite, soft spoken even if the cops aren't being nice and are shouting at U. Keep your hands on the top of the steering wheel--least one hand always and the other hand up high and maybe out the side window. Never reach down, don't give them any excuse to use force. Follow all commands even if U feel they got no reason to ask U to do whatever they are asking U to do. U always can file a complaint later on....yeah little good it do but on the street is no place to argue with the cops.
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    Rrog Well-Known Member

    So... Lots of folks say if you have a plant, you better not also have a firearm.

    Does the same liability exist if you have a card that says OK to grow, but you get raided and have no grow running, and under 2 zips. And a gun.

    mrbungle79 Well-Known Member

    Laws say no gun for "users of". What if you're just a CG and not a patient?
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    Good Q

    I'm just imagining growing and having one piddly thing wrong, and getting my house seized.

    Intuitively, I wouldn't think there would be the police stink if they showed up and no grow op - only 2 zips and a licensed pistol

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    you think having one piddly thing wrong and magically the police will know about it?
    dont let anyone know about anything. dont bring friends in, strange girls, or neighbors, dont tell anyone anything
    and nobody knows shit.
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