2018 Abrogate Michigan Language Draft

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    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    Language is on the way to the BoE to gain Format Approval so we can get them printed out and put this thing to rest in Michigan, except for the Fight with the Feds...

    Who's in?

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    michtossawayq New Member

    tax? tim what happened? will review in a minute.

    this language isn't abrogate at all. it allows for regulations and control
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    michtossawayq New Member

    The agricultural, personal, recreational, medicinal, religious, research, development, commercial, and industrial use of the cannabis plant is the right of the people and thereby lawful activity.

    "or any other use"

    2) All prohibitions on the use of the cannabis plant are hereby rendered null and void and henceforth abrogated in Michigan.

    plant is not defined.

    prohibition is not defined.

    What about nulling and voiding regulations too?

    "2) All prohibitions, regulations, and any other limits , except as provided in this amendment, on the use of the cannabis plant are hereby rendered null and void and henceforth abrogated in Michigan."

    then later

    "4) No fines, no penalties, no regulations to diminish or prohibit cannabis use will be levied or legislated upon we the people."

    well then regulations to "control" cannabis are ok under this language. including more taxes. or more penalties for patients

    see? you changed it from the old abrogate language to "diminish in any way" to the intent of the law can't bee for diminishing. Which means intent of new laws can be for controlling or safety.

    edit; my suggested language was not good enoug. I don't have adequate time to write better language right now.

    (b) A use tax may be levied upon only retail-recreational marihuana sales and will not exceed 5% in total. Any use tax levied will first be expended as follows and thereafter, "

    this only limits "use" tax, not other kinds of tax.

    They are going to say marijuana is schedule 1, no medical benefit, so it's all recreational. write this better

    Your language is so contradictory, who did you get to review this? fire them. I'm just trying to help. forgot my password atm.
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    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    It only allows a possible 5% Capped excise tax on Retail-Recreational Only Sales.
    Which we the people will vote on, and have the ability to reduce or eliminate.
    The only thing Lansing and the State can do is offer we the people an option to change where the tax may be used, and by how much to reduce it or to fully rid ourselves of it. The Parents are in authority of their children.

    This is still full repeal. But we have to face some hard truths.
    A petition campaign needs Supporters to collect upwards of 500,000 signatures giving a 65% capture rate, and it needs to appeal to a Wide Enough demographic of Voters to be able to garner 3 million signatures, if 6 million come out and vote, which is not out of the question.

    Yes this is a lesser of evils issue.

    Ending the arrests, ending the prosecutions, ending the CPS Kidnappings because a parent may choose to use cannabis for any reason, including treating their own children's illness' with it, letting people out of jail which will be likely challenged, and destruction of cannabis only arrest records hopefully have more value to us cannabis users, even those of us altruistic types have to see the value in all of that, over not supporting a Sin Tax.

    Yes Taxation is Theft.
    But Prohibition is Murder.

    We can deal with getting rid of the Theft, but the damn Murder has GOT TO Come to an end.

    Besides, the voters are the ones that have authority over where the use tax goes, to reduce it, and even eliminate it at a General Election, which is every 2 yrs.

    I am against Taxes for sure. I am far more against Arrests, Kidnappings and Prosecutions.

    Ang generally speaking, a Use tax wil appeal to a Far wider Range of Advocates, Activists, that will get the signatures and put it on the ballot, and Voters once it is on the ballot.

    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    Besides, the first couple states that go full repeal, will have to defend Federal Challenge.

    It will be Much Easier to fend off the Federal Challenge if the State has Financial Investments it wants to 'protect'.
    A use Tax will help the State fight against more Federal Encroachment.

    3D chess requires game.

    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    Plant doesn't need to be defined, the cannabis plant means ALL Cannabis plants.

    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    Prohibition does not need to be defined. It has its definition in the Mariam Websters Dictionary as well as Blacks Law Dictionary.

    You can not buy tomatoes at Wwalmart, rope at home depot, or pants at Kmart that have not been somewhat regulated for the Retail Marketplace.

    The only difference in this year's language is release from Prison with destruction of pot only arrest records,

    And 5 % use tax may be applied to Retail-Recreational Only Pot sales in the entire state. Meaning it would remove any other Taxes on like Medical Marihuana as put in the MMFLA.

    RMLA Is asking for 10 minimum and trying to use Vets to gain Votes...
    I am using a simple 5% use tax with funding for opioid ODs, and suicides to gain support of a Winning number of signatories and Votes

    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    They cant say that. They can not put words into a Constitution without the Vote of the People.

    They can not change it, they can not over write it, they can not do anything that would diminish or prohibit use.

    Ever read the Bill of RIghts? Constitution? The 1st 10 Amendments are one line sentences. maybe 2.
    Nearly all Constitutional Language is simple and easy to read and understand.
    The only time it gets More Wordy, is when Government is trying to take over.

    They can not say all use is recreational, the science, and the TRUTH Have Standing they can not deny.

    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Much better than the other bullshit, imo. I would sign it and vote for it. I am voting a big fat NO if the other one makes it.
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    TheMan13 Well-Known Member

    LANSING — The Board of State Canvassers gave approval Thursday to a new proposed ballot effort to amend the state constitution to fully legalize recreational use of marijuana without taxing the drug.

    The proposal from Abrogate Prohibition Michigan of Midland would nullify all laws prohibiting or regulating the use of marijuana and impose no fines, taxes or penalties on its use.

    "I call it the Second Amendment of cannabis," sponsor Timothy Locke told the Free Press, comparing it to the U.S. constitutional provision granting the right to bear arms.

    The Legislature would still have the power to tax and regulate cannabis, but no such measures would be required as part of his constitutional amendment, he said.

    The board voted 4-0 to approve only the form — but not the substance — of the petition, and not before one of the four board members questioned the organizers' intent.

    Colleen Pero, a Republican appointee to the board, questioned a provision that would make the change retroactive.

    "I don't understand what they're trying to do," Pero said. "I don't see how something can be retroactive of this magnitude."

    Locke was not able to attend Thursday's meeting and nobody else from the committee was there to address Pero's question.
    Locke told the Free Press the measure would be retroactive to about 1970, when he said cannabis was first criminalized at the state level. Anyone imprisoned only for state marijuana crimes would be subject to release and criminal records would be expunged, he said. The proposed amendment would have no effect on federal drug crimes, Locke said.

    An earlier marijuana legalization proposal, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, has already gathered more than 100,000 of the 252,523 signatures it needs to put the question on the November 2018 ballot, spokesman Josh Hovey told the Free Press in July.

    That earlier proposal would initiate state legislation, but not change the state constitution. The new proposal, OK’d on Thursday, would require 315,654 signatures, as a constitutional amendment.
    Hovey said Locke's proposal sounds irresponsible.

    "We just can't imagine Michigan voters supporting this proposal," Hovey said in an e-mail. "The public expects responsible marijuana regulation that includes licensing, quality control and assurances that minors will not be able to access it."

    Locke, a semi-retired laborer who has used marijuana to control back pain since 1980, said his plan would help Michigan's economy by generating business since cannabis can be used to make 50,000 different products.

    He said his effort will be a grassroots one without paid signature collectors and he hopes to start collecting signatures in about one week.

    Also, Thursday, the board approved a constitutional amendment petition organizers say isaimed at ending political gerrymandering in Michigan, and a legislative proposal, from a group called MI Time, which would require employers to provide paid sick leave to employees under certain conditions.

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    TheMan13 Well-Known Member

    buckaroo bonzai

    buckaroo bonzai Well-Known Member

    this is the ONLY thing that could possibly save whats left of pts/cgs rights and the mmj law here in michigan ...
    Wd be a big 'fk u' to all those that have the herded the pts into their box

    -cd u imagine a constitutional ammendment that wd repeal mj prohibition ...

    MI wd b the 1st state in the nation let alone the world that repealed pot laws

    this is the real ""legalize for pts"" effort and the only 1 any w half a brain and for mj shd b behind

    MI legalize is legal-lies [ruse]

    good job tim:clap:i hope the whole state gets behind this

    it would be history making not some legal-lies con job for the lawyers
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    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    I support this. How can we help? Its going to be tough with all the opposition media or lack of without paid petitioners etc.
    Chip Green

    Chip Green Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ This....
    In my neck of the woods(literally), The U.P. , the population is small, but every drop in the bucket will be needed.
    I moved away from my roots for a long time, but recently returned to my hometown to aid in the care of my aging parents, and to reclaim the slice of the simple life I had in my childhood. I've always fancied myself as the type to get involved in community action, has the time has come to take that action? I believe in solutions over excuses.
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    Timmahh Well-Known Member


    Here is the Langauge. It is Different that what is at the top of this page.
    Abrogate makes ALL Use of Cannabis LAWFUL with NO FInes, No Penalties, No limits, No Jail, No Arrest, No Bail, No Attorney, No Prison, No Parole, No MIsdemeanor, No Felony so long as you make NO ACTUAL Victim.

    Parents get the Authority of their minor children, and the "Retroactive" part would put go back all the way to 1936.

    I call it the 2nd Amendment of Cannabis Legalization.

    Are Guns Taxes?
    Are Guns Regulated
    Can Children Buy Guns?

    That is how Cannabis will be treated, by product type.
    The STATE just does not get "SIN TAXES" pot stuffs.
    But the state will get sales tax, Business Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Product tax for the operations of these new businesses, Business Fees & Licence cost.

    In 5 year the State will be bringing in Billions if not 10's of billions.

    We will have to fight the Feral Federal Government though.
    This is the REAL Babystep.

    MPP and MiLegalize Coalititon to Screw Michgan, err to Regulate Marihuana Like Alcohol will just further confuse the alreadymassively confused LEO, ATTORNEYS, and Judges.
    Cops don't make the law, they let the JUDGE figure it out.

    So riddle me this. How are LEO going to know WHICH Law to arrest you under?
    Do you think they are just going to give you a citation and let you go?
    Or are they going to let the "JUDGE" figure it out and take that 500.00 spliff for your arrest
    (FYI, a spliff is a term used for compensation for employees or agents who get "Added On Sales" at their job.)

    Gee, let me ponder the

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    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    That language is simple enough. I dont see how ANY pro cannabis individual could not support it. Its the state and big business, especially those who have already invested millions that will be the worry.
    I encountered a lady at the sos office yesterday, gathering signatures for i think milegalize bill, and legislation to make congress part time. I passed on both..she got MAD.
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    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    We will be Dropping the PDF for People to download and Print the Petitions.

    We need funding to print and distribute 50,000 peititons as well
    Meetings around the state, Fundraisers, travel expenses, campaign expenses etc.
    So if you can Donate we could use it.
    I have some shirts for sale, and when they are sold, I will be ordering more with the logo in my profile.

    We mostly need Volunteer to help Petition for Signatures and be County and Regional Organizers to help in all across the state.

    As a CA, we need to turn in 500,000 signatures and they need to be gathered in the 180 days. So we need all hands on deck.
    500 Hard Core Petitioners means 1000 signatures in the 180 days. that is 5.5 signatures per day for 180 days.

    If we have just 1000 hardcore dedicated Petitioners that are pushing the Abrogate Amendment, That is only 50 signatures each in the 180 days.

    There are 250,000 Pts and CGs. If they and 2 others each signed, that is 750,000 signatures.

    Together, putting our other differences aside, we can do this.
    Otherwise, we will all suffer under Regulating Pot Like Booze.

    Last time I checked, Booze was Legal, right up until you were under arrest and calling an ATTORNEY for BAIL.

    Abrogate Michigan
    Right for Michiganders
    Right for Michigan.

    If you do fakebook www.facebook.com/groups/dm2016bmlcmc

    Fakebook Community page for followers

    And at our Abrogate Brigade Online web forum at www.michican.us

    The www.abrogate.org url will work but is not currently active, so use the Michican.us url.

    Can We Repeal Prohibition in Michigan?
    Why Yes We Cannabis!
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    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    Interesting the MPP/MiLegalize Sellouts are saying You All WANT MORE LEO in your POT Gardens.

    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    That is certainly not what i want. She may have been a little peed off, when i started talking to the other ppl she had standing around, explaining what the bill would actually do.
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    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    I can see about getting petitions up at the local hydro shops around here. I know at least two, that im good friends with, wouldnt have an issue with it.
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