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    jayjay777 Well-Known Member

    So I read some information about Michigan having a new law for commercial growers allowing counts of 500, 1000 & 1500 depending on which class your license is. I believe the fees were between 10-50k depending on which license you went with.

    I ask because I’ve been doing this for about 5 years now indoors, but unfortunately I’m in an illegal state. I would love nothing more than to go legit. So I’m considering Buying some property out there I’m Michigan and applying. It’s only a few hours away from my home town. With The idea being that I would live there from April to October, thus being a resident of Michigan. Working Alot in the summer and taking the winter off

    The idea would be a transition for me, going from indoor to outdoor but I think I can manage that part of it.

    I guess what I’m wondering is how the process works. I imagine I would have to buy piece of property out there, old farmhouse at auction or something and then start a new business, LLC probably And then apply for the license right?

    If anyone has any information on this that they would like to share I would really appreciate it.

    Peace love n respect


    tyler.durden Well-Known Member

    The licenses that have been awarded, and the ones that are pending, looks like they're going to the big boys with big boy $. This article speaks of regulatory assessment fees of $48,000 for each license. Do you have investors or that kind of money? They also seem pretty picky, only considering 54 applications (of those 14 were denied outright) out of 594 submitted. Jeez...

    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    Maybe ask in the Michigan forum?
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    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    Ohio is like that as well, big $$$ "For example, larger cultivators paid a $20,000 nonrefundable application fee and will pay a $180,000 license fee if selected, renewable for $200,000 a year."

    Karah Well-Known Member

    1. You have to be a resident of Michigan.
    2. You have to have applied and have been accepted previously under the medical law in order to even be considered for growing commercially.
    3. The laws here are completely ass backwards and there’s a lot of gray area.
    3. The market here is already saturated as fuck. $1600 or less for a pound.

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    Uh, 3 doesn't come after 3... just sayin.

    But more to your point... yea, 1600 a pound is bullshit unless you're the one paying the 1600.
    If you have straight fire and can hustle small bags (oz is a small bag) for 200 (hard to get 200 an oz). It's the only way to get your return.


    Karah Well-Known Member

    I’m from Michigan, I can’t count past 3 :oops:

    My oz go for $160. It’s disgustingly hard to get $200 for an ounce. The laws are gray as fuck here right now and most dispensaries have shut down due to new regulations. Nickel and diming is the only way to make a decent return. I had to shut my grow down recently, for many reasons, but one is that I can’t make any $ from it around here.

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    160??? I'll drive up there and buy plenty lol. I could double that here. 50 an 8th all day every day. If i like you 10 a g.

    somedude584 Well-Known Member

    Man... ya'll complaining about $160 an ounce... struggle to get $120 where I'm at. Just wait, you'll have legit reason to complain within a year.

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