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    too larry

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    I was out walking in the big woods today, looking for blowdowns. I carry one of those 10 inch {20 dollar} Corona folding pruning saws. I marked a few Holly's for ringing later.

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    I watch the hunting channels a lot..and they are always advertising an electric telescoping saw called a Hooyman I think.. something close to that name...I borrowed a friend's saw that was just like it and it worked really a tiny light chainsaw...I'm sure the one advertised on the hunting channel is expensive.iv never checked...if I didn't have it hid in the woods about two miles away I'd post a pic of my homemade's just a folding Gerber saw like the one posted above but I attached an old dry solid stick to it ..I didn't permanently attach it so I can use it by itself ..but iv literally cut down trees that were longer than the blade by quite a bit..took quite awhile but I was in a spot where I couldn't bring a saw and make noise...the one I borrowed from my friend was super quiet and it cut a lot better than I figured it would...idk if anyone is as paranoid as I am but when you're up in the middle of nowhere..and you don't have someone to be a lookout...and even if you do...I don't like making never know when someone is gonna walk up on yo and there you are..after you found the spot..maybe did a little or a lot of work to the area...and someone sees you clearing limbs from a tree in the middle of the woods...I guess you could say you were clearing a shooting lane ffor a tree stand if that's possible but imo once someone sees me in a spot I was thinking of growing in I'm done with it...
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    I try to be quiet too. Damn if there isn't getting to be walkers and joggers around the farm, and some of my patches are within hearing distance of roads. Buckets bumping trees, water sloshing, me sneezing or talking to myself is the most common noises I have to deal with.
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    its amazing how loud those bucket sound when ya trying to be quite, just the handle flopping around wake the dead:lol:
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    Omg i know... I actuall made rope handles on mine... At when a twig kr sapling flips up and hits the bucket... THUD... lol...itw crazy to realize how much noise can be heard... Especially when you hear someone else walking up on your patch when youre in it... Or close by... Makes you realize how loud you are really being... I was in the mouth of a holler once and people lived in the holler leading up to it... But it was nothing but briers in the mouth where i was at... And one day i was sitting at my patch and i could hear the peoples phone ringing from inside the house... I could make out there convos when they were outside... I guess the echo from the way the holler ran made it that way... But i knew to be super quiet from then on

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