Mephisto x zobbawabba(weddingcakexzkittlez)photo⁉️

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    What kind of seeds would you get if you took a regular photo wabbazabba (weddingcake x zkittelz) pollen and pollinated a Mephisto auto say the new port stallion?Would they be autos or mix or photo⁉️ Any ideas any info feel like talking or sharing your experiences ⁉️ Please do, appreciate it everyone‼️

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    I've been doing male photo x female auto for years . none will flower under 18 hours of light like a pure auto but they flower a lot earlier outdoors . in Australia if I plant them on the first of October I usually harvest them late December ,early January the pure photos will get harvested in April ,may. A photo x auto cross is only good for making very early flowering strains.
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    @jayblaze710 says: “You’d get photoperiod plants. The auto trait is determined by a recessive gene.”

    “You’d have to cross F1 siblings and 1/4 of the F2s will be autos. You’d then have to cross auto F2 siblings to get 100% auto seeds.”

    I’m gonna give it a shot but it’s gonna take a minute I’ve only got one spot/tent to experiment with!

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